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Language student, residing in the wonderfully bleak UK! Occasionally I write horsey things.

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Seasonal Salutations to All · 5:04pm Dec 25th, 2015

Hey everyone,

So, I am in fact alive, but recent events have drawn me away from my life on this site. For example, I've finally started university! Not only that, but it's the University of Warwick, one of the best in the UK!

The new year will be busy, without a doubt. But I'll endeavour to bring you new content. Maybe even a slightly cloppy episode between Double Diamond and Party Favour...

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So uh, when might there be a sequel to Detention? If one at all...?

hey just wondering..... when are the new chapters of Hurricane Force Winds coming out!!!!!!!?????:pinkiegasp:

Please update a Thousand Winters. It would make my life close to being complete please.:fluttercry::fluttershysad::pinkiehappy:

914940 You are very welcome. I'm excited to see what happens :rainbowkiss:

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