• Published 15th Jan 2020
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In From The Cold - Cackling Moron

Twilight's prized pupil finds something in space.

  • ...


Author's Note:

Wrapping up, one imagines very unsatisfactorily for some but such is life.

This happened. Did it happen? Who can say.

But better to have something to read than nothing, that's my position.

It took some time for anything to actually happen.

Twilight did hang around for a few days (more than two, in the event) but did eventually have to leave if there was any hope of any progress being made. Swearing up and down that she would come back no matter what she peeled Jack off of her, had some brief words with Nova to the effect of ‘Keep taking samples, keep an eye on Jack’ and departed at speed.

Jack proceeded to bend Nova’s ear almost daily about his glee at the prospect of having people moving in, going on at length about how delighted he was knowing that, maybe soon, there would be actual, proper plants around and other stuff that he hadn’t been able to manage and also people to talk to and food and so on and so forth.

Generally Nova just went ‘hmm’ and ‘oh’ in all the right places, which worked.

The Hegemony - true to form - took Twilight at her word when she reported what had been found and were - again, true to form - more than happy to let the residents of her habitat transfer to the planet if that’s what they wanted. The planet in question was, after all, fairly far outside the Hegemony’s nominal area of control so they could do what they liked.

A small, impartial group of various other member species was dispatched of course and did submit a report of their own but it was by-and-large supportive, if bewildered by the planet and in particular by Jack.

Things moved ahead.

The process of moving everything and everyone over was enormous and is indeed still ongoing. Little by little. The early and opening stages - and where the process is presently - largely focused on trying to get Jack’s rather amateur faux-ecosystem more towards something resembling something that actually, you know, worked.

Which wasn’t hard, it was just time-consuming. And Jack did help, bless him, as best he could.

For her part - and much to her consternation, given she was seeing history in the making - Nova eventually had to leave continue exploring the galaxy. She was the captain of a science vessel, after all, and so it was technically her job.

Twilight moved permanently on-planet after perhaps a year or two, once sufficient progress had been made that actually living on the surface for any extended period was possible (the water was potable and atmosphere wouldn’t kill you, yes, but Jack’s utter inability to have made anything especially nutritious might get to you after a while) and a fair number of bold early-adopters had set up.

More coming every day, too! The thrill of knowing they have an actual, bonafide planet to settle on and work on and make their own - and which was and had been their own, no less, now returned to them! - wasn’t something any of them had honestly ever expected.

Twilight’s new office isn’t quite as magnificent or shiny or tall as the last one, and the view isn’t quite as grand or sweeping. She’d picked the spot on a hill that overlooked the two mountains.

Not the same hill that Jack and her had been on. This one was further along, closer to a river so that a settlement could be built there. The view remained good though, and the different angle had the unexpected benefit of making it so that, when the sun set, it set right between the peaks.

It later transpired that Jack might have had a hand in that. A cheap trick he would be the first to admit, but also something he would fully admit to rather enjoying seeing however many times.

Other than that the view wasn’t quite as impressive or flashy as it used to be, admittedly.

But she likes it more.

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Comments ( 67 )

What's this? A fic from Cackling Moron that isn't about a semi-clueless human and general fluffiness?

Who are you and what have you done with Cackling Moron? :P

I have RANGE!

Also you can't have possibly read it all yet so hmm...who knows...

Verily, the voracious verbosity viewed vetoes a void-filled vocabulary, vouchsafing a verigation of verbs!

Don't mind me, I get strange when I'm tired.

...yeah, what you said.

Thank you for this.

I knew what this was as soon as I read the description, super happy to see more of this.

To Find this is a pretty happy ending to a pretty tragic story I thought was over, is a really nice surprise.

I'm not crying, you are crying.

I actually teared up with Jack's heart wrenching pleas for Twilight not to leave him again.

Should have spaced uploads out at least to one or two a day

Why is there a door in the first place?!

This is poor design!

Course, now I'm thinking of this.

One for the OG's. Or something.

Many years ago I did something - non-pony - that ended on such a dour note my wife compelled me to write an followup with a happier ending.

Kind of happened again, kind of...

Emotions. Sometimes, I can near to them.

Without a question.


Why is there a door in the first place?!

This is poor design!

Course, now I'm thinking of this.

Naturally, I had this in mind, but yours works, too. Both were damned great fantastic scenes. :trollestia:

I feel like I'm going to cry, I'm sick and delirious but so so so very happy.

To be more or less visible?

I just figured people would want to read the thing. Assuming they cared, of course.

Quite a bit saner version of Ego (or eQ̅o), but still. :trollestia:

Also, a bit sad, and perhaps bittersweet, but good nonetheless.:fluttershysad:

What's not to like?:pinkiesmile:

BTW, did you know this is Featured? :ajsmug:

Son of a bitch, you actually did it.

This is precisely the kind of self-indulgence I adore indulging in with you. I'm so satisfied by this conclusion. And I approve of your stab at trickeration.

You absolute hero, you followed up on that story. I'm probably just a sucker for the triumph of, well, love (philo, eros, philia, whatever Jack and Twilight have, doesn't matter), but this feels pretty conclusive, in a good way.

Thank you.

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere,
I'm all alone, more or less.
Let me fly, far away from here,
Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun.

I now imagine Jack's representation with a H on his forehead

Really the only way it could have gone.

I was giggling wildly to myself at the crass subterfuge, but I'm easily amused.

Like to think it brought to a slightly nicer end than last time...

Kinda undercuttin' the drama of the moment there.

...pretty funny to imagine though, now you mention it.

You know, the Ego comparisons only occurred to me after I'd had the idea...

And I did notice, yes. Got two in there somehow!

I haven't thought of Sphere in, like, a million years, wow


DisQord, I bet.

Or maybe not. I hadn't been paying attention to one of the OCs of your other stories, sorry. :pinkiesad2:
Of course, that does raise question of what did happen to DisQord? :fluttercry:
Also, did he create Mount Celestia and Mount Luna over their graves, or is his real body sleeping on their graves? (and maybe over the territory that used to be Canterlot & Ponyville?? :twilightoops:



Discord has only ever shown up once in anything I've done (for whatever reason) and his influence is restricted wholly to that story. Here he's just...not mentioned at all. Because meh.

As for bodies...not really especially important but I did idly think about it as I was writing this and so: Celestia and Luna's actual bodies are long, long gone. Jack just pulled down the moon and whatever was left of the sun at some random spot and made mountains there. Likewise, his real body is just wherever he happened to be lying whenever he went to sleep for the last time. If there's any trace of anything from before, it's buried real, real deep. Likely there's nothing left at all. In my mind at least.

Again, none of this is important per se, but it did cross my mind.

"Dour" is undercutting it. More like a mix between heart-wrenching and nightmare fuel.

They'd be more likely to read it if they know it exists. Staggering uploads puts it back on the "new update" list on the front page, if it makes it into the feature box it'll go back into the bottom three slots when it's updated.

Ah I see. Well I'm not overly concerned with being visible, as my appalling use of tags can attest to. Thanks for the sage advice all the same.

I'm sure anyone interested will come upon it eventually.

I kinda thought it was amusing...

But that's me.

I love this ending for jack. Instead of becoming a body floating the void alone forever he is now with his friend atleast.

Do wish we'd heard Cadance's take at least a little.

i'm glad he finally got a happy ending. i didn't think he would see her again.

Finally got the spare time to read through it... I didn't twig until he said his name (should have got it from his antics in the stuff leading up to the reveal though).

*shakes fist in the air*


Muwhahahaha! I played you like a fiddle!

I perform best in an Open-G tuning, but I can pull off a respectable Dead-Man's tuning too.

But please, do not try to cross-tune me, that doesn't end well for anyone.

I was gonna do a Spinal Tap and just play you with another fiddle or a guitar or something.



Sorry! Sorry! I didn't mean to!! :fluttershyouch:
So many stories and so many authors to keep track of, after all. Hell, it's hard to keep track of my own stories. :derpytongue2:
I really need to get around updating WTNNNTW someday :facehoof:

At the very least though, without a sun to provide heat for keeping the weather going, the atmosphere would've frozen out. Techtonic activity could keep going for a while, but even after millions of years, most things (non-living landmarks) should literally be frozen from where the ponies left the world. Canterlot might be at the bottom of the mountain it used to be on, but the ruins at least should still be there.

In my head there was a gap between him going to sleep at the end of last one out and Celestia popping her clogs, during which most things just fell apart, and then many years of cold darkness, then the force of having the whole planet dragged through space.

Or, to put it another way, *waves hands around*.

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