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This story is a sequel to From Dust

Twilight Sparkle is many things, but above all else, she is a friend. Her most recent acquaintance is, however, a most unusual sort.

Never before has Equestria played host to a traitor space marine of the Adeptus Astartes.

As an armor-bound soul with a body burned to naught but ash and dust, how will this former being of war fit into the love and harmony of the pony domains?

Surprisingly well, all things considered.

A Warhammer 40,000 crossover.

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kind sir may i have another chapter

I'm attempting to get the motivation and time back to make that happen :twilightsheepish: Always seem to have one but not the other...

Luckily I've done a bit of juggling to try and get things moving again.

died at the last part then asked myself

is the rubricae stronger then a searing sun goddess

6413545 The better question is, even facing a sun goddess, would an astartes, especially an undead one, let that phase him? :derpytongue2:

you got me there, take this its dangerous to go along
*gives like

and while I'm at it

*new companion unlocked

you have my follow(and an axe or two)

6414612 in prep for fallout 4, I've been playing New Vegas a little too much lately, so I have to ask; what companion perk do you come with?

6592624 At least in my case, diverse and diverging conversation options with an excellent grasp of linguistic capabilities and open minded acceptance of your chosen level of karma.

However, please avoid nuking me for your sake. I react poorly to hostile intentions. [sound of numerous firearms loading]

I um... Have a magic bag so as to limitlessly carry what you need

I can also self destruct myself for a large explosion and then restruct myself together next to you, both the explosion and reconstruction can be timed and activated at will, the item bag being magical can not be destroyed however as long as I've been blown up the bag can not be accessed until I've been restored, this ability can only be used once per day and no matter the distance my reconstruction will be done right next to you, the explosion can also be scaled however the larger the explosion the more time will have to pass before I can be restructured.

Leveling meup will allow me to switch places with you in an instant no matter our locations, this can only be done once every week, however charges stack, no use for multiple weeks means you can use multiple charges in a week.

we will be watching with great interest

Woot woot it updated, this was good chapter, you should write more

6704716 I've been working on that. Fear not, the next chapter is already in the first stages and the things to come further along will be a doozy. :raritywink:

6705787 Hard to receive a higher honor on a 40k fic than that [affixes seal to armor]

In the 41st millenium there is only war... now with nonlethal firepower

i think it's a crying shame that the best story on this entire site is has been overlooked like this! vermillion, you are the best author, even if you're name is misspelled

6728319 A, that's surprisingly high praise, thanks a ton! and B, I spelled it this way intentionally, and given it's a name and not just the term, I can get away with it :rainbowwild:

You've done the impossible and turned Warhammer 40k warfare into a cute and cuddly game for ponies.

I salute you good sir!

6733608 [bows] The absurd is simply one of my favorite tastes, one I'd love to share. This just happens to be the most entertaining way here.

this is pretty much the only story on this site that updates more frequently than the frequency of which a snail can circle the earth

A comedy with a Traitor Marine? Color me intrigued. I look forward for more.

-Riot of The Midnight Channel

a few tons of broken weapons? and ruptured plasma weapons leaking their deadly contents? what ever will they find or just a ruined pile of scrap from melta bombs going off.

i like that you gave an actual reasonable explanation to the whole apple bucking thing rather than it just being cartoon physics

6782127 That's the fun of having such a unique perspective to explore through a rubric marine

It's an interesting story so far, I like the way you keep things ambiguous making things feel like it's a hazy dream of sorts.

6824966 The story has definitely grown into a way larger project than I originally intended, but the reception of From Dust was so positive, and I enjoyed writing it so much, it exploded into a much more drawn out sequel. :trollestia:

The whole idea was to express more with less, and I'd like to say I've been hitting that mark, even if this one keeps expanding! :twilightsheepish:

A simple but refined mahogany desk was the only vanity he had allowed


:rainbowlaugh: We can only imagine the look on Twilights face.

its soo good you are making this sequel,
from dust was one of my first fic i red here, and i still thinks its one of the best ones.

6862205 Awesome! Glad it could be a solid early impression for you :twilightsmile: I'm a little behind posting more of this one, but that's very much because I'm working out how to get from where it's at to the next, highly amusing step :trollestia:

great, i m looking forward to it ;)

Woooow, that escalated quickly, hahaha 10/10 :D

That's a great story you have here, I loved how it happend Rubricae befriended Twilight, and the whole exchange of thoughts between them. It is rational and highly possible for me that characters will act just as they do, in From Dust and Forged Anew alike. I just ask you kindly - when will be a new chapter here? :) Not to put pressure on you, I know that life can be goddamn busy and you just do us a great favour offering such a enjoyable reading, just to let us know. And about your writing style - personally I'd appreciate more. Just more of everything, because you can soak it with a lot more characters thoughts, dialogues and events description, you have a lot of space between plot main points. Either way, you possibly said before that it's the writing style you are into, and its very good, but lefts us, readers, hungry for more :D Of course you will do as you like, and so is your right as an author and I suppose you dont feel in need/dont have time to add more backline plots or whaterever I shall call them. :D Again - big thumbs up and go on, it's fascinating ;)

DIscord truly is one of a kind.

discord may be powerful, but the god emperor could annihilate him with a thought! don't disrespect the emperor, discord, or the inquisition shall come for you!

Oh gods, they found the armory.
Welp, all nations, prepare for Equestrian dominance in the arena of war!

I can honestly say that I'm very much enjoying the story.
Your style of writing is quite different from other writers I've read and I think you do a great job of it. Forgoing much of the dialogue that a story like this would need, only using writen speech in necessary areas, is pleasantly surprising on how well it flows.
Keep up the good work! I'm definitely going to be following this. ^^

hmm i wonder who the new space marine is?

well that took slightly longer than usual. then again, it was slightly longer than usual

7025533 The past few weeks have been less than ideal :ajsleepy: but I did promise more, and this was honestly the biggest obstacle to crest to keep things rolling.

...No I'm not over here wringing my hooves like a villain plotting something, why do you ask?

7023691 Judging from the color of his power armor (viridian is blue-green), he's probably Alpha Legion.

Things just got interesting people.

*Finishes Chapter*

*Goes to click the next button*

*No next button*


Twilight. You shouldn't be so eager to go poking around the insides of a Space Marine.

You don't know what's in there. It probably bites.

Now we have a Salamander and a Rubicae, this will be interesting.

so short...:pinkiesad2:

7109336 at least it's not a Dark Angel and a Space Wolf

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