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On a trip to Baltimare, Twilight and friends discovered a small metal orb that was beeping. Unable to identify it, Twilight takes it back with her to the castle and studies it. On the third day, however, the orb makes its purpose known.

Thankfully for her, it doesn't do so to her directly.

Unthankfully for Chris, it does.

Added the Sex tag because of Chapter 5 and the problems that arise due to what happens in that chapter. Don't worry, there's nobody doin' the snoo-snoo.

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Hmm, an interesting start to a new story. Interesting that you had Twilight recognize the other as human-like, even if for a moment.

Ooo. Nice start. No clue what will come next. Those orbs obviously have specific purposes, ones that don't seem directly malicious. Just... blunt and direct. I do have to wonder how he could still hear when it broke down his organs, and why they decided to leave the nerves intact enough to feel it all, but that's just my inner biologist musing.

And the interesting bit, to me anyway, you might miss. Alicorns are apparently more than just DNA considering Chris is a unicorn twilight.

This has piqued my interest...


Huge tangent coming, I don't mean anything of it except The More You Know angle:

Technically most animals are more than just DNA. Each cell of animal (and plant) life contains mitochondria inside them, which has their own DNA and life-cycle independent of the host cell's. The DNA in the host cell nucleus doesn't contain the mitochondria DNA, instead it's passed down from parent to child, going back to the very first cell that had mitochondria as we recognize it, however many hundreds of millions of years again.

For animals in particular, their bodies also are host to bacteria strains that aid in digestion, among other functions. Even in the wrong parts of your body it could cause fatal infections, but they are absolutely necessary to the body to function properly, and without them our lives would waste away, crippled from an inability to break down what we eat into the necessary nutrients. These are also not included in your DNA, but are instead passed from parent to child, and are just as necessary as the instructions of how to construct any organ to function properly.

On a separate note, gene expression is a thing. Those are genes that are activated or deactivated based on environmental stimulus, and are the reason why twins can develop differently even if they have the same DNA. Alicorns might be an expressed gene, maybe, that only activates under certain conditions...?

7813427 To sort of loop the tangent back, the bacteria and mitochondria don't affect your physical form and appearance as your own DNA does. It does affect how well your body functions. Of course, it does raise the question: did the spheres include starter cultures of bacteria in Twistopher's new build?

This was beautiful. As a technological fanatic this happens to be my favorite transformation scene (by use of tech) on this site. I want more chapters. Pls

I think set up you have going here. Let's see how Christopher handles not only his gender change but the general craziness that is Ponyville.

Now that first question is going to be a doozy. I wonder how he will handle this highly unexpected transformation?

It's not clear if the doctor said something that he couldn't recognize as speech, or if he can now speak the same language. Both would be difficult. Can't even imagine how the protagonist would develop from here. I mean, he had seen Twilight before everything went to crap, so seeing her again... could be a good sign, or a really bad sign if he suffers from trauma from the transformation, since it was seeing her the first time that sparked it.

Next to him, he could hear what could only have been a heart monitor going ninety miles per hour.

So he heard a loud 'vroom' sound paired with beeping?

So, if ninety miles an hour equals just over 40 metres a second, how fast was the beeping? Taking into account the fact that I don't think the heart monitor was moving, otherwise it wouldn't serve its purpose very well.

I am only slightly disappointed in the fact Christopher will not be an Alicorn. I suppose that makes sense with Twilight not originally being one of course. I would have thought that her DNA would have changed with her ascension but that obviously is not the case here.

Don't worry mister author this is not a knock on your work. So far so good. Keep it up. Besides maybe it has a role to play later? If so it would be amazing. But if not... Meh. It's magic dude.:pinkiehappy:

8000528 True. Although it should be considered that his brain was supposedly (mostly?) untouched during the majority of the remaking process. Then again he is also in less pain than before if such a brain was adapting. I would also imagine that his horn would need more than than his spinal cord to integrate into the body as a whole.

But then again I suppose I could go into the more minor details such as immune responses, difference in hormones, nerve responses and such while assuming the orb took car of it all.

Meh. Magic makes us smart and dumb. Magnets how do they work? Haha.

I somehow forgot to add this to my shelves. Thankfully someone added it to a group I'm in! Nice transition chapter. Post transformation and Pre-awakening can be awkward.

Ah, Chris awakes and all the juicy answers will have to wait until the next chapter. You aren't the only one with a full course of questions, Chris.

Dr. Home is funny. And makes sense. And I notice she's hitting the right reasons. I think we can trust her with it.

This is great, I am excited to see this continued.

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8000764 More like beeping so rapid it might as well have been an engine sitting next to him.

8002476 If you think this was upsetting me, don't worry. I actually like it when I get comments that point out little details like this. It means that you didn't simply put something down without thought, and took the time to read my work. As for the question, don't worry, there is an answer to this that will be revealed in time.

8002682 Ah yes, yes they will. As for Doctor Home, I have a small quip to let you know what inspired her. "A house is not a home." :trollestia:

8002890 It's mostly for the initial transformation, and some planned scenes later. It's not too bad, but when you picture it in your head, the more body horror moments may make your stomach churn. This is my own opinion on body horror though, as it has always left a feeling of dread when I ever find it. If BH is good with you, feel free to dive in.

Interesting. Very interesting. :moustache: This is me pretending to know what to say. :derpytongue2: I'll be tracking this. :pinkiehappy:

8002476 There is most likely a supernatural component to Alicorns. Twi's DNA being the same makes sense, due to the ascension being a spiritual one. Alicorn soul if you will.

Twilight stared at a near perfect of herself

Interesting premise. Multidimensional alien artifacts, screwing with both humans and ponies.


Ah, yes the process has removed all original matter from his body and replaced it with questionium.

Twilight seems to not be dealing with this very well. At least Chris seems relatively lucid, so Twilight can get some closure over the whole "being accessory to a ludicrously painful transformation," by talking to her and finding out that she's... relatively alright.

Well, this is new and interesting.

One question at this point... is there a language barrier still in place, as was hinted at in the first chapter?

Yes! A new update. I was wondering what had happened to this just yesterday.

Yay... I almost forgot this fic I was following... better late than never I guess

Yea! The story continues now I wonder how the language barrier will be breached? I wonder how Chris is going to react when he finds out about Equestria where the laws of physics can greatly differ from what he knows and expects.

Good to read more of this story again, Not much content in it but it looks promising at least. I hope to see more again


Yes! This story isn't dead! :pinkiehappy: Kind of a shame that it took so long for such a short chapter though. I really hope you plan on being at least a little more consistent in uploading. :twilightsheepish:

I'm glad to see this story continuing. It's kind of ironic that the proposed method of interaction specifically excludes the one pony who would probably be able to really help Chris, though.

 Chris does not notice her gender had changed..

Tiny correction: Chris doesn't notice his gender changed.

Since aurthor seems to be going for a realistic feel with this there's obviously going to be some extreme dysphoria with his current situation as with anyone in their right mind. He just lost everything which includes his face, home, family, friends, world, and very identity so it's most likely guranteed he'll want nothing to do with his new gender or body and will cling to what small pieces he can for comfort.. basically hes going to say "Screw everyone, im not a girl so im not going to live like one". Wouldn't even be transgender either since he is guy who was physically twisted into a mares body so who can honestly fault him for wanting to be himself?

I'm actually glad you noticed that. Originally, I had a 'realistic' idea when I started, but I got a new perspective on just what this kind of stuff can do to a person's mind, when I looked into a book I'd found called "Self Made Man". The author, one Norah Vincent, when talking about the experience of being disguised as a man for so long, said that it had left her severely depressed and with identity issues for a while. That was just from acting and makeup to make her look like a guy for 18 months. So having literally everything changed on a much more permanent scale, in my mind anyways, should and would be so much more traumatizing. It was actually finding that book that also helped me get back that spark that started this.

Not many fanfic writers go for the realistic HiE approach and what it would do to a persons mind if they lose their old body. That alone caught my attention and got me interested in this since you not only are doing that but its also well written so far.
Due to years of reading fanfics it takes quite a bit to get me hooked and this one did just that so awesome job :ajsmug:

Eeeeeeee I forgot she can't speak the same language! :rainbowkiss: That is so hard to do but it sounds like so much fun to write.

They can totally talk about her and she'll never know it!

They could have beautiful and strange names that make sense in their language.

They could speak only in nose whistles!

Heh, and she doesn't realize she's a she yet. Oh that's gonna go over well. Definitely going to be writing a letter of complaint to VolcanoLabs Inc, "Regarding my recent purchase of a cross dimensional teleportalizer, the bio-adaptivity feature has some serious bugs in it. GIVE ME BACK MY PENIS"

Since it takes a couple months for each chapter im guessing we can look forward to a new one soon?

Still hope you're writing this. I'm looking forward to the next update!

well seven months without an update has made this look rather like a corpse.

Author's Note:

Seeing as my creativity has been fluctuating like a madman on a cruise ship's experimental rollercoaster, I thought I'd try to write something to get my head and hand going

What do you do with a drunken sailor? Don't let him near the oil tanker.

Finding herself with this, she decided to ditch verbal communication for the time being, and instead was holding a hoof towards the mare, trying to pull her attention to her and get her to breathe. Pushing and pulling her hoof from her chest and letting out a few breaths, Dr. Home tried to get the mare in her care to look over at her. Purple eyes soon honed in on the doctor, and danced over every detail before the mare slowly started to follow suit with her own breaths. Slowly but surely, her heart rate had finally dropped back down. Careful not to startle them, Dr. Home calmly moved over to the monitor and turned it off, before looking to the mare once more.


Also, Fluffernutter

Also also, blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

His transformation might have changed that.

I hope not. A failurento communicate allows for some conflict in the story. It allows little understanding, to possibly wrong understandings. Skipping over that barrier by means of magic somehow feels... cheap, and taking the easy way out.

I like that barrier and the way it’s breached.

Sorry it took me so long to comment, I hadn't realized this is been updated!
Overall I don't think I'm quite qualified to really rate this or point out any spelling errors, however I found this quite enjoyable!
I also find the thing where you made him feel other people's emotions fascinating. Perhaps he's some kind of changeling or mabie empathic because of the device?

In anycase I can't wait to see more from this thank you for posting:twilightsmile:

Well now I wonder what is up with our doctor? I get the feeling that the girls aren’t going to like the gender change when they finally find out.

Cool, see you guys next year!:twilightsmile:

While it may not have been the same table, they usually gathered around

Unnecessary comma.

He was just happy that the doorknobs weren’t too troublesome to operate with is teeth.


he's a changeling? sorry it's been awhile since I read the earlier chapters so I don't recall, could have sworn he came into Equestria in twilight form

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