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In love with adventure fics


A traveler and his team explores the widely know and mysterious Bermuda Triangle and finds even stranger events occurring to them.

Chapters (2)
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With a little polish this will be great.


thank you! I will update the story with all the fixes tomorrow.

It seems, gravity has something against you. I like it. A few little errors, but nothing that would destroy the story so far.

What is the estimated word count fpr this? I've read other human-to-filly/colt stories and they either hiatus forever or just discontinued them. I like these stories, they're funny, but I'd rather not be dragged out and disappointed. Other than that, great fic!


planing on going to about 30k words but only about 3k now next chapter at 600 words at minute.


Don't forget the next one "An Awkward Family" ;)

So he (now she) needs a new name any ideas?

5919996 an awkward family?....
the only thing awkward about light's family is the mother fucker himself......

To those that think the story feels rushed, i understand where you are coming from. the story is constantly being worked on and the previous chapters are also being worked on often.:derpytongue2:

You know, I keep wondering how different the story would've been if Sam and Jack couldn't understand each other, I.E. one of them ended up getting their knowledge of English replaced by the Equestrian language while the other didn't.

I could help you with proof-reading / fixing any mistakes too, if you wish. :twilightsmile:


So sorry I haven't updated I feel like a failure here Warhawk I really on the edge of my seat for your next chapter though!


So sorry I haven't updated I feel like a failure here

It's fine, I read your blog post about your laptop having died, so at least you have an excuse for not having updated much.

If anything, I'm the one who should be feeling terrible for making so many people wait for as long as they have...


That reminds me I need to keep doing those blogs

There are many proper nouns that need capitalization. The amount of description could be increased in this chapter, maybe some things about the scenery. Putting the journal entires in italics would help separate it from all the other text.

8043097 was written in notepad years ago lol

I really would love to see this continued. It shows real promise, and isn’t that badly writen either.

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