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This story is a sequel to Sharing Beat Up Stories

Sunset Shimmer has had a busy month.

From an admittedly stupid cyberbullying attempt that somehow worked to her friends equestrian counterparts coming over to kick their own butts. Even finding someone from the human world stranded in Equestria to Twilight's counterpart ripping several holes in reality and probably leaking magic like no tomorrow into her homeworld.

All within the span of four weeks!

That being said, she's ready for a break. So, after a moment of nostalgia and reflection alongside her friends, she decides that their idea for her to take a vacation back home for a spell might be a good idea. She could even check to see how her dad was doing! After all, she did vanish quite a few years ago, so he probably would like to know she was at least okay.

So why did she have this foreboding feeling about it all?

And this is where we diverge from the canon story of SunShim's adventures. Does this mean Camp Everfree is a no go? No, it still will be a thing for Sunbutt Jr. to face later. There's just going to be this story between then and the last story's events before it swings back into the right lane. (probably the only reason there's no AU tag on this yet.) It may be a good idea to read the prior stories first, but I will try my best to make it not required to understand all of this.

That being said, please enjoy!


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Not sure what to think of cookie-gorging Luna, but I do like the dynamic between Sunset and the princessipals. Interwsting detail with Mr. Shy's sense of humor as well.

As for Sunset's mother, I get the sense her father might not have just been being euphemistic. There are a lot of ways that someone can be lost without dying, after all.

In any case, looking forward to more.

Looks like a good start so far. ^_^ I'll be interested to see where this goes.

Chances seem unlikely that those wisps are going to be positive.

If any of them had stayed behind, they might have caught the few wisps of magic floating from the statue’s base.

Oh I see, bad magic rising
I see, trouble on the way

.....unlike seeing this on the way. ....can already tell it gonna be good though.

I see the Anon-a-miss incident is still fresh in their minds. The fact that Sunset still trusts them says more about her than them. No wonder they all felt so awkward afterward.

Welp. This is going to be about twelve kinds of awkward. Hopefully the Pink Collective has a solution in mind. Also, Dash doesn't seem to have any plans at all beyond avoiding Zephyr, which is really more of an implicit entry in her every agenda.

It’s been years since I’ve seen my dad, longer than my time here in this world to be honest.

Well, it'd have to be, unless she saw him the moment she left Equestria. Or is that excluding time spent in the human world?

Don't go out tonight.
It's bound to take your life.
There's a bathroom on the right.

(I know it's not the official lyrics, but that's what he's saying, and that one actually rhymes. :derpytongue2:)

If any of them had stayed behind, they might have caught the few wisps of magic floating from the statue’s base.


Sunset's reaction to the news of Flurry Heart made me laugh.

Though I'm feeling pretty anxious about her eventual meeting with her father. What on earth is going to happen there?

Sunny Days huh? Why does that worry me... other than the fact that that's one of the usual aliases the Fandom gives to Celestia :twilightsheepish:

Not to mention the sun related cutiemark and supposedly brighter colours.

Calling it now Celestia is Sunset's Mom :trollestia: ☀ = 🔥

If this is going the way I think it's going, Sunset is not going to take it well.

Nor are Luna or Twilight.

Okay so Sunset’s mom is either Celestia, or Red Herring.

Mom was an earth pony named Sunny Days.


I do know her cutie mark was something involving a sun, kinda like mine


Of course, I'm far from the first person to connect these dots, but still, suspicions raised.

And yeah, the unknowable arcana of Cadence's eldritch womb raise quite a few questions.

A Red Herring: something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting

Also can refer to a vaguely obnoxious ginger who is constantly referenced in parlor room scenes by Fred.

You need to watch more cartoons :P

Haven't had much time to. Lot of school, lot of work, and writing.

Nicely done. Kind of a downbeat chapter, but it fits with the subject matter here. And it's a billion times better than many other stories about the Rainbooms' guilt over Anon-a-Miss as well.

I look forward to finding out what'll happen with that magic and what it's up to...

Ah, guilt. A dangerous and potent force indeed. Let's just hope it doesn't build up to excessively calamitous levels before Sunset gets back, especially with six out of seven magical defenders questioning whether they deserve any of what they've earned.

Sunset is going to return to find everything actively on fire.

I guess even though they're forgiven, the guilt still remained within them. :ajsleepy:

And what's up with all the mysterious magic appeared to each person? I hope they don't lead them to trouble! :rainbowderp:

Yeah, she’ll be lucky if that’s all she finds.

Wait a minute.

If this whole 'Sunset sent Sunny Days who has the cutie mark of a sun away somehow' is implying what I think it's implying, then oh my gosh this story is going to be both amazing and a train wreck.

And also it begs the question: if they aren't related, then why act like they are? Adoption, or surrogacy?

“So I’ve been told.” Sunset sighed and rolled her eyes. “Mom was an earth pony named Sunny Days. I... never got to meet her, and unfortunately, the only picture we have left of her is in sepia, so I don’t know what color her coat or mane was. I at least know they’re brighter colors, but that’s about it. I do know her cutie mark was something involving a sun, kinda like mine, but I only could see half of it, so I’m not sure.”

Hmm Sunny Days huh that sounds awfully familiar

...that ending worries me.

I think we are going to be finding out some difficult truths here.

Yeah, if Celestia somehow isn't Sunset's mother, I will be completely gobsmacked. I just hope the next chapter isn't set entirely on the human world.

Sunset hesitantly looked at the door for a moment. “Yeah. Dad always did like the color white. He’ll never admit he likes pink more though.”

So he likes Celestria's current coat color, but prefers her original...

Also, poor Air.


I'm pretty sure you haven't checked the overall quality of fics on the site lately. If you remove all the gore/rape/death/AU/self insert fics, it pretty much boils down to, well, your fic. I'm guessing people like to read stuff like yours more than grimdarkness in their happy pony world. Who would have thought?

Also you're a good writer. That helps too.

This won't end well, I know it.

This is going to end poorly or you are trolling the holy hell out of us with the hints at Sunset's mother.

Wonder what hurt him though. His name really hints at a boiler blowing. But it could have been a Daybraker flare up.

It would explain just why Celestia has been so standoffish about all this. She is friggin terrified of hurting anyone again.


actually it's because it is really easy to see that our writer actually loves what he/she's writing, and it's really easy to tell when someone else is just phoning it in or simply writing to get that 'shock' value.

That is also very true. He does seem to like what he's doing and that makes even me happy when I read. I also checked his other fics out and read a few, marked some others to read later, and that also makes me happy.

I just really worry about the folk who genuinely like the sort of story I mentioned and don't just upvote them for SNG, ironically or just to shitpost.

9249859 Now you're just milking compassion out of us. Stop it. I won't give you any more until you write another fic. Now shoo.

Why does every individual holding out on selling property always have a foot/hoof/appendage in the grave? Having a businesspony want your land is as likely to kill you as being two weeks from retirement.

There may also be explosions she can walk away from.:trixieshiftright:

Damn. Twice in the same chapter you pulled the rug out from under me. At first I was afraid that Hot Air was going to be gruff with Twilight, and then the subversion there was hilarious.

And then the second twist thrown in here was just - ouch. Poor Hot Air. And poor Sunset too. :fluttershysad:


I think you are far too modest, Graglithan. You are certainly a good writer; never doubt that.

“Zypher made a mess of the house.

In an earlier chapter, it was "Zepher" (followed later on in the same chapter by the correct "Zephyr"), now it's "Zypher"?
Makes no sense.

And suddenly I'm thinking Sunset's mom was human...

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