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This story is a sequel to Sharing Beat Up Stories

Sunset Shimmer has had a busy month.

From an admittedly stupid cyberbullying attempt that somehow worked to her friends equestrian counterparts coming over to kick their own butts. Even finding someone from the human world stranded in Equestria to Twilight's counterpart ripping several holes in reality and probably leaking magic like no tomorrow into her homeworld.

All within the span of four weeks!

That being said, she's ready for a break. So, after a moment of nostalgia and reflection alongside her friends, she decides that their idea for her to take a vacation back home for a spell might be a good idea. She could even check to see how her dad was doing! After all, she did vanish quite a few years ago, so he probably would like to know she was at least okay.

So why did she have this foreboding feeling about it all?

And this is where we diverge from the canon story of SunShim's adventures. Does this mean Camp Everfree is a no go? No, it still will be a thing for Sunbutt Jr. to face later. There's just going to be this story between then and the last story's events before it swings back into the right lane. (probably the only reason there's no AU tag on this yet.) It may be a good idea to read the prior stories first, but I will try my best to make it not required to understand all of this.

That being said, please enjoy!


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It started off as a normal morning for Sunset. Get up, shower, get dressed, eat cheap discount cereal from the bargain store, and head to the Sugar Cube Cafe to hang out with her friends. Yet as she did so, there was this overbearing feeling of someone watching her. Maybe she could ask Pinkie about it since she’s conveniently bolting down the road towards her.

Sex and Profanity tags are just for insurance, as the joke of the story is kinda mature.

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After her confrontation with her mother, Diamond Tiara's life outside of the home has been much easier. She's made friends with her classmates, got some respect from the town, and got Silver Spoon's friendship back. Unfortunately, her mother, Spoiled Rich, is still as snobbish as ever. After meeting up with the CMC and overhearing about one of Applebloom's potion experiments, she gets an idea of how to solve some of her problems.

It certainly helps that her Mom's birthday is coming up.

This story was written by request of superfun, and the main plot is their idea. They have, however, given me free reign over how it all goes, as long as certain details that shall remain undisclosed are met. I would also like to warn that there will be a bit of a delay before the next chapter can be posted, due to life kicking my butt. So please, enjoy the story as it updates in a hopefully on time fashion, and have a wonderful day.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Terrifying Traps

A week has passed since all of their counterparts came over from the other side of the portal, and Sunset's friends are starting to get back to a more relative state of normal. It's not perfect, but then again, neither is life. However, an off comment from one of Sunset's friends prompts her to ask Twilight to help her set up something special to help their friends with getting past the events and the consequences thereof.

Who knows what they'll do after though. If it goes over well enough, she might even have some others meet with themselves.

And here we are, adding another addition to the story I never thought would actually be turned into a series that you can find (HERE). I know it is stated in the previous story's description that I was going to release a collection of short stories, but I realized that it would be better to tie them all into a third installment instead and add a little more to the plot while I'm at it.

I know, hard to believe. This is me after all.

But worry not! This little story is designed (and hopefully won't fail) to answer a lot of the little questions that popped up in the comments of the prior two. That being said, I would recommend reading them first, as it would probably aid in understanding what the ever living Tartarus is going on.

Please enjoy the story and remember,
May comedy guide you.

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This story is a sequel to Beating Yourself Up Over It

When Twilight’s friends had gone through the portal to ‘talk’ with their counterparts, things ended up going in a direction that was not quite what they had intended. Okay, it went mostly the way some of them had expected, but there were exceptions in a few cases.

They thought that it was all planned out perfectly. Twilight gets distracted by, as Rainbow put it, the super nerd project of the century. Then, they sneak over, teach them a lesson, and sneak back before she’s ever done having the time of her life, and they sit there as she says words that would fly entirely over their heads in her excitement. They even timed it so that it was during a time Twilight would be preoccupied with princess work and would want to jump into the project even more.

As they came back through one by one, however, her friend's all soon learned that they weren’t as sneaky going into the portal as the five thought they were.

This little story was written as a Sequel/Side Story to "Beating Yourself Up Over It," and originally intended only to be a single chapter. However, I found that putting all of them into just one section would make a massive info dump. Not wanting to intimidate anyone who likes to read casually, or dwarf the other side chapters I planned on writing, I decided to move them to a separate story entirely. I still plan on releasing that collection at a later date, and it will probably have a similar title to the original.

So please, enjoy the side of the story taking place on the other side of the portal, and this one as well.

And remember, comments usually fuel my writing.

5/24/18 Edit: I thought I finally escaped you Feature Box... but no, you have claimed yet another story of mine.

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Anon-A-Miss. They happened, people were hurt, the mess was cleaned up, people are begrudgingly forgiving the trio responsible, if only for Sunset, and everyone in the school is starting to become friends again. The problem was solved, right?

Not if you ask Rainbow Dash. She's still pretty mad at herself about it, after getting all the details shown to her. So are her friends, just slightly less so than her.

Yes, this is another Anon-A-Miss story, but at least it doesn't happen during the fiasco like nearly every other one I've read. I was considering a way I could write a story about the entire thing that wasn't done to death. Then I realized there weren't many stories that followed this particular line of thought, so I went with it to see what would happen when it was filtered through my brain.

Edit 2: Now has a Bookshelf to keep track of all the stories related to this one. TADAAAA!

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Strange Brew. A stallion who despite his inability to hold a rational train of thought, cares deeply for any he sees as a friend.

It's a shame he forgot it's one of their birthdays today.

Done as a birthday present to my buddy Seeking Dusk, cause I learned only just today that it was his birthday and I feel like a doofus for not getting anything for him.

Sex Tag's only there for a little bit of something implied at the end for the sake of comedy, and to ensure I pass moderation.

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A human invites Twilight to talk about some recent affairs. He even made dinner to talk over. If only the topic at had were just as pleasant.

If the tags need adjusting, let me know. This is the first time I've tried making a oneshot so I'm not sure if I got them right.

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On a trip to Baltimare, Twilight and friends discovered a small metal orb that was beeping. Unable to identify it, Twilight takes it back with her to the castle and studies it. On the third day, however, the orb makes its purpose known.

Thankfully for her, it doesn't do so to her directly.

Unthankfully for Chris, it does.

Added the Sex tag because of Chapter 5 and the problems that arise due to what happens in that chapter. Don't worry, there's nobody doin' the snoo-snoo.

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Everything was fine for Tyler Herg when it came to where he wanted to go in life. He just finished getting an Associates Degree in engineering, he had a part time job at a local dealership, and he was more then ready to take those vacation days and use them. Of course like most things in life, we tend to have something come and put a small hiccup in plans.

Though, calling the entire continent being turned into magical pastel ponies is not exactly what Tyler would call a "small hiccup".

Now turned into an Earth Pony, Tyler finds himself in a more precarious situation then he thought he'd ever be in. Having to help his sister raise seven children after the madness settled down in his home. With various new problems in the world and a newly revealed organization looming over their heads, Tyler just hopes that he'll be up to the task.

An aftermath/side story to the ever popular Trilogy "Cool Story Bro... Needs more Ponies."
Rated Teen for Language.

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