• Published 31st May 2018
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Sharing Beat Up Stories - Graglithan The Greater

In the story of Beating Yourself Up Over It, some events were left unsaid. These are those events, and then some.

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Setting up a Meeting

A week had passed since Rainbow got an ultra-kick to her stomach during the Diabolical Doppelganger Disaster, and the school was functioning about as well as it usually did. Not much was of concern to many of the students, aside from figuring out the literature club’s seemingly cancerous use of alliterations in describing everything and naming events. The majority were just happy that it was a Friday and they would be free to run away from their prison of paper and assignments.

There was the bonus that The Friendship Games were supposed to be happening in about a month, however, and a handful of students were wondering if some more magical shenanigans would ensue.

Across a multitude of dimensions, people and ponies all laughed or felt sorry for the poor fools.

Neither of these was Sunset’s direct concerns, however, as she sat amongst her friends during lunch. The issue wasn’t that the food was terrible; Granny Smith did a superb job as usual for a woman with her age and experience. It also wasn’t that people were falling back into Anon-A-Miss mode and blaming her for things; granted if they did she’d probably punch someone. No, the issue was also what caused their current seating arrangements to be different from usual.

Eating on the roof of the school was not as comfortable or cute as Fluttershy’s anime collection made it out to be.

Rainbow was occasionally shooting glares down at the students walking around the sports fields between bites as she devoured her hamburger. She could see a handful of different groups snickering as they walked — namely the gaming club and the soccer team. Sunset pondered for a moment how it was relating to the ice pack the soccer star was sitting on.

Applejack was muttering to herself as she nibbled away at an apple, too focused on what was on her mind to dig in. One foot was tapping away as she leaned against the small ridge along the roof. Sunset also noted that she was avoiding the school’s library like the plague, and was being rather touchy about some subjects as of late.

Rarity had the most elaborate outfit she could be allowed to wear to school, a full dress that ended at her ankles, wide-brimmed sun hat, and over-the-top sunglasses, and was trying her best not to ruin it with her food. Ever since her counterpart had nearly torn her clothes apart in the school, she’d been getting looks from some of the boys that she would rather not, and the heated looks of their girlfriends.

Fluttershy kept sneaking glances at the door to the roof as she ate her salad. It was like she was afraid that someone was out to get her and was always on guard. Sunset even almost got slugged by the girl earlier, because she accidentally startled her. The amount of force from the punch, despite that it missed, legitimately terrified the former unicorn. She would never have expected Fluttershy of all people to have a hook like that.

Finally, Pinkie was laying down on her back with a party blower in her mouth, meal already finished, occasionally blowing it up into the air. The only thing Sunset could label the look on her face with was boredom incarnate. Sunset couldn’t blame her though, seeing as that girl’s whole life centered on parties, and Vice-Principal Luna had banned her from throwing any on school grounds until after this week had ended.

The student council's party planer really should have thought twice about putting a small sprinkle cannon in the office as a prank.

Putting her tray to the side, Sunset rubbed her face with a sigh and got all of their attention. “Okay, that’s it. I can’t take this.” She looked up at all of them and frowned. “Why are we all eating up here? There’s a perfectly good lunch table downstairs with seats that don’t eat away at my backside.”

Rarity frowned a bit and huffed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a lovely day, and I thought that it’d be nice for all of us to spend it outside.”

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “On an uncomfortable rooftop?”

Applejack adjusted her hat and turned her head away, eyes darting around. “Yep. Nothing like sitting up here and eating lunch with your friends.”

Deadpanning at the two, Sunset crossed her arms. “This is about last week, isn’t it?”

Rainbow grumped as she put her hands on her knees, burger finally devoured. “How could you tell?”

“It was kinda obvious Sargent Sarcasm.” Sunset sniped back, before sighing. “Look, I get it, it’s been hard on you guys since your counterparts pulled that stunt, but it can’t be anywhere near as bad as you’re all making it out.”

“I haven’t been able to walk down the hallway without someone asking me to wear that Chinese dress they saw her in for a week. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been able to get Sweetie to help me lately. I can’t believe she recorded that entire scandal!” The over-fashioned young woman remarked, her gaze being felt even through the shades on her face. “And I swear if I get one more request from Photo Finish for a private photoshoot, I’ll rip her head off.”

Fluttershy blinked a bit before raising an eyebrow. “But don’t you want to advertise your skills as a dressmaker?”

Rarity looked over her shades at the meek animal caretaker. “Not that kind of photoshoot, darling.”

Blushes spread all around after that comment, drawing a meek “oh” from the shy girl.

The farmer of the group rubbed the back of her head, sat up, and cleared her throat. “Anyways. As for me, Ah can’t even go into the library without getting looks from the staff. Most of ‘em are amused, but there’s more than a few who are still a mite sore with Bloom and me.”

The soccer player of the group glanced at the soccer field and grumbled. “I finally get back on the field, and I keep getting soccer balls kicked at me by that jerk Lightning Dust. I wouldn’t even need another ice pack right now if it wasn’t for her!” She adjusted a pack that was under her rear before grumbling. “That, and I keep finding belts and magazines about belts in my locker. Seriously, what is with all the belts!?”

Sunset frowned and glared at the soccer field herself this time. “Shouldn’t Lightning be kicked off the team for that?”

Shaking her head, the prismatic Sportsgirl sighed. “No, it's the first offense. She got let off with a warning. She does it again though, and I’m kicking her butt with a soccer ball!”

The fiery-haired girl nodded and offered a fist. “I don’t condone the violence, but I agree with the feelings.” The two shared a quick fist bump before Sunset turned to the next in line. “And you, Fluttershy?”

“Oh um...” The shy girl hid behind her hair a bit and started fidgeting with a strand. “I haven’t been able to find the janitor anywhere, and with what my counterpart said, it’s been somewhat terrifying.”

Sunset raised a hand, before pausing and nodding her head. “Okay, considering who his counterpart is, that’s understandable.”

Rainbow looked conflicted as she glanced at the Wondercolt statue. “Seriously though, Sunset, he’s a God of Chaos on that side?”

Rarity smirked a bit and snickered. “Though, that would explain why you were so afraid of him when he got hired.”

The orange girl frowned and crossed her arms, letting her pout be known. “I may have been a jerk, but I wasn’t going to mess with chaos gods. That would just be detrimental to my continued well being and sanity, even if he only appears as a janitor right now.”

Applejack raised an eyebrow as a small frown graced her face. “Appears?”

“I’m not chancing it. Chaos gods are known for trickery, shenanigans, and driving people insane when they least expect it.” Fluttershy slowly slid herself to sit on the opposite side of Sunset from the door, getting a bit closer to the fire-haired girl then would be platonically acceptable.

Not that Sunset minded, though she would never admit to that. At least not in public. Or to herself. Was she staring off into space? Certainly not. She totally wasn’t blushing either by the way. Anyone who said otherwise was crazy.

To Sunset’s immediate rescue from the narrowing eyes growing on a smirking Rarity’s face, Pinkie bounced up from the ground and groaned. “I need to throw a party soon. All of this no party nonsense is driving me loco in the cocoa!”

Rainbow perked up and smiled as a thought came to her. “Sleepover at Sunsets?”

The former unicorn grimaced. “Dash, I don’t think my landlord would allow that.”

Applejack sighed as she stood up, getting all of their attention. “Sorry Pinkie, but ah don’t exactly feel up for a party right now. Too much on my mind.”

Rarity soon joined the farmer as she picked up what remained of her food. “I’m afraid I’m with Applejack on this one, darling. I can’t seem to focus on anything right now and wouldn’t want to ruin the night for any of you.”

Rainbow groaned and put a hand on her knee. “Oh come on! It’s not like a party would kill either of you!”

The farmer shook her head and started for the door. “Dash this ain’t something I can just let go of right now. Ah’m already having a hard enough time getting everyone’s trust back after what Bloom and her friends did, and that brawl only made it worse.”

Rainbow Dash sighed as she got up too; most of their friend group following suit if they weren’t standing already. “Yeah, yeah, I get ya there.” She picked up her ice pack and started for the door with everyone. “But it’s not like we can just ask them to come over whenever we want to talk about it. They’re probably still doing whatever Twilight punished them with.”

The butter-skinned caretaker bit her lip a bit and frowned. “I hope she’s not going too hard on them...”

Sunset put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ve been talking with Twilight about it all, and their punishments should all be served in a few days or so, if not already.” She gave her bag a quick pat as they all started down the stairs. “She didn’t give me any details, seeing as this is a bit of a legal matter over there, but I’m pretty sure that they’re all being treated fairly.”

The bell for class rang as they were halfway down the stairwell, and the group shared a quick nod before departing for their classes with some quick farewells and promises to hang out after school. Despite that, Sunset found herself focusing on one thought in particular as the day went on. It echoed in her head, repeating like a broken record.

“But it’s not like we can just ask them to come over whenever we want to talk about it.”

She frowned as she let the thought continue while she breezed through her math work. A smile slowly grew as the thought turned into an idea, and then into a plan. When her math class ended, she pulled out her journal and quickly started writing.

Hopefully, her friends were all free on Sunday.