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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Terrifying Traps

A week has passed since all of their counterparts came over from the other side of the portal, and Sunset's friends are starting to get back to a more relative state of normal. It's not perfect, but then again, neither is life. However, an off comment from one of Sunset's friends prompts her to ask Twilight to help her set up something special to help their friends with getting past the events and the consequences thereof.

Who knows what they'll do after though. If it goes over well enough, she might even have some others meet with themselves.

And here we are, adding another addition to the story I never thought would actually be turned into a series that you can find (HERE). I know it is stated in the previous story's description that I was going to release a collection of short stories, but I realized that it would be better to tie them all into a third installment instead and add a little more to the plot while I'm at it.

I know, hard to believe. This is me after all.

But worry not! This little story is designed (and hopefully won't fail) to answer a lot of the little questions that popped up in the comments of the prior two. That being said, I would recommend reading them first, as it would probably aid in understanding what the ever living Tartarus is going on.

Please enjoy the story and remember,
May comedy guide you.

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OK seriously what was with Rainbow Dash and the excessive number of belts, it stuck me as NOT in any way suiting Rainbow, a outfit consisting of a flight suit, goggles and leather bomber jacket makes much more sense than emo chick with belt fetish. Really every other pony had an outfit that suited them, Rainbow's made no sense.

Oh awesome, the third story of the series!

I'm so tracking this! :pinkiehappy:

Ooh, I can't wait to see where this goes from here!

Reference to Otakushy.....and her apparently having a good hook when startled.....more SunShyne teasing (Rainbow might get jealous at this rate) AND it's a third installment? .....yeah, I already hit "tracking" before making this post.

You'd better believe I'll be tracking this. Let the interdimensional shenanigans commence!

I think it was supposed to be an RPG costume. That's the feel I get from it at least.

8958647 Agreed.
I mean, she's a member of what is essentially Equestria's version of the US Navy's Blue Angels (right down to the same squadron colors), so you would think that she'd have been wearing something along the lines of what you said.

Hopefully that's what she'll be wearing when next she and CHS Dash meet.
(Makes big puppy eyes at the author for just that.)

Notice also what 3 prices of clothes came with her Wonderbolt membership. A Flight suit, Goggles and a bomber jacket.

8959674 8959647
The portal likes to take one's intentions into account when giving out attire. Hence, her "Adventure Gear" when she went through on a mission to kick butt. Now that she's mellowed out, and gotten a bit of discipline smacked into her head via a metaphorical 2x4, you'll have to wait to see.:twilightsmile:

8959674 Yup.

8959733 Okay, good point.
Very quirky, is that portal.
And I can't wait to find out!
So I hope we get Chapter 2 soon.

you know dash's personality.... and how much she reads daring doo. think square enix style outfit from final fantasy or kingdom hearts.

8959972 It’s cool and all, but all those belts will seriously slow her down, especially if RD decides to go airborne.

And now pony Shy can see how bad she scared her human self. I can just imagine human Shy sitting in her bed all night with a knife held close to her chest looking frantically around her room.

Not happy with Sweetie Bell hope she gets what coming to her.

also hope really hope the two Fluttershys sitting on either side of Sunset together in a chapter!!:trixieshiftright::pinkiehappy:

Dang, talk about hectic issues.

I’m going to laugh if for no reason Rarity ends up wrapped in belts after going through the mirror. It probably won’t happen but I can dream.

I still think Twilight went too far, the other girls were asking fr it, they got the least worst aftermath of Anon A Miss.

You know how inspiration comes out of nowhere sometimes and just kicks you right between the legs despite it being midnight and you're wanting to sleep?

Uhhh......no? Don't think pain from that area has ever been caused by inspiration.

Seeing the apprehension still on her friend’s face, Sunset smiled and put her hand out, placing it on Fluttershy’s in a totally-not-romantic way. “Fluttershy, you don’t have to worry about Discord coming over from the other side. Apparently, he took a vacation when he learned that their world’s Fluttershyactuallybroke the law.” Sunset frowned as she leaned to the side for a moment to reread some stuff from the journal. “Something about wondering if he actually managed to corrupt her and finding penance for making her do something out of character?”

The timid girl looked at Sunset curiously, parting her bangs with her free hand. “Really?”

Despite the small heart attack, the fire-haired girl was experiencing from the sight, she nodded as softly as she could. “Really.”

“Um, then if it’s alright with you, can I go over there with Rarity?” She blushed and scuffed her shoe against the tile, looking even more adorable, and Sunset was most certainlynotblushing she swears!

.....lord knows how Discord would've felt if he learned his Fluttershy actually harmed another Fluttershy physically; he might've tried executing himself. :rainbowhuh:

Sunset's also probably grateful that her Flutters is crossing over as oppose to the other way 'round.



.....lord knows how Discord would've felt if he learned his Fluttershy actuallyharmedanother Fluttershyphysically; he might've tried executing himself.:rainbowhuh:

Alternatively, he'd ask her to marry him.

Good setup stuff here. But now, we're going to be heading into the counterparts' meeting up (in better circumstances, hopefully) soon!

These will be fun meetings!

Oh, damn it, that last paragraph... :rainbowlaugh: THAT's how this whole thing is going to go off the rails, isn't it? XD

9000017 Probably.

And neither Twi or Sunset said anything (I don't think) to tempt fate.
Or Murphy.

Guess we'll just have to see how this all plays out, now that a certain bespectacled Crystal Prep student has been added to the mix.

So Dash pretty much wonderbolts branded Blue Angels uniform and Aj cosplaying as Megan Williams from G1?

Hallucinations don’t kick in until day three of losing sleep (usually) so I hope she rests soon.

They were unaware of the pair of purple eyes watching them from the bushes across the street. Their owner lowered the binoculars from her glasses and stared dumbfounded at the sight, before shaking her head and looking at the time. “Wow.... I have been up way too long. I saw completely impossible hallucinations.”

I'm going to need more popcorn.

“What if it malfunctions and half of our friends are stuck as the wrong species forever!? What if the mirror closes or breaks and they’re trapped on the wrong side!?What if it shrinks them!?


I see what you did there....and there....and there....

.....I sense I forgot that whole Anon-A-Miss ish happened before a certain threequel and.....how hard are you potentially about to twist the EQG timeline?

This story was already enjoyable. Throwing in Sci-Twi has made it deeply intriguing. Also, interesting use of the pony Shadowbolts as Twilight's guards. Don't think I've ever seen that before.

That being said, you really need to address your Lavender Unicorn Syndrome. All of these epithets don't add to the story; they distract from it. Using a character's name every paragraph isn't a crime.

In any case, looking forward to more.

9001060 The only one of those two gentlemen that I'm familiar with is the latter one.

Rainbow’s counterpart looked to be in a blue, military grade flight suit, with her trademark rainbow bolt sewn into the breast pocket, along with a few medals and a single gold, winged lighting bolt pin, and a flight helmet on her head.

What? No bomber-type jacket for Pony! Dash?
Like this:

TFW you notice an author you like just gave you constructive criticism:

Also, I apologize for my LUS. I recently moved into a new apartment and have been a bit focused on the first week of "Oh no! I need this!" moments.

This’ll be an interesting discussion and I like the intent/image relation for the portal.

“Or staying up for more than twenty-four hours on research binges. Thank you for reminding me, Spike.”

Sounds like everyone's favourite purple-skinned nerd's gonna get a lot more data than in canon.
...Or she's gonna do an incredibly foolhardy move and dive straight into the portal. *Headshake*

Oh great, now the CMC are on the loose. Question is, did the equestrian ones come to humanland or did the humans go to Equestria?

I will say, I had a hard time following which AJ the narrative was talking about during that scene.

To be honest, I myself was losing track. Just... so many apples. I'll be doing an edit to that later today since it got brought up.

Holy hayseeds, that was awesome! Just one question though: how did pony AJ get so proficient at rope tricks with hands?

Hmmm.....okay then. The human CMC either went to Equestria or the pony CMC somehow managed to sneak past Twilight (who seems to be bloody oblivious as to people getting into her castle) and came to the human world.

Also, missing poster for Starlight???? Did I blink and miss something or will that bit be explained in the next chapter?

Either way, this looks to be getting interesting.

.....what are you planning with the CMC and Twilight's student?

That’s the danger of actually starting a fight with your best. Nowhere near as awesome a story. Though you do tend to look smarter.

Something really well thought out and totally not me pulling reasons out of my butt for the sake of keeping a cool fight sequence?

“Ain’t bad yourself.” Struggling against the grip of the Equestrian, Applejack looked over and saw Applebloom still watching. “BLOOM! Remember how I said not to jump in?” The younger apple nodded while Applejack felt the hold tighten against her struggle. “Forget that! Ah need ya ta jump in! Like right now!”

why does this sound like red vs blue season 8 episode 11 with tucker and caboose

Because I love that series, and agent Texas will always be my favourite freelancer.

Tex has always been my favorite freelancer and always will be my favorite freelancer

I'm a bit disappointed that pony Dash didn't make a disparaging comment about the local Weather Patrol. That could've led to an interesting and confusing conversation on both ends.
Also, now I find myself windering what pony Windy Whistles got up to in her youth...

I also wonder how zap apple cultivation might go on Earth. Probably not enough magic to get them to germinate, but it's still an intriguing question. I just hope the jam doesn't act as a catalyst for yet another case of Equestrian magic abuse...

Took me a moment to determine the correct form of "Me and Me." Parallel universes, like time travel, lead to some novel grammar.

Seriously, why did ah even think that was a good idea, to begin with!?

Because someone thought a Christmas special was the perfect place to put a cyberbullying PSA. :trixieshiftright:

The AJ fight was pretty darn awesome, though I'm more concerned with six Crusaders in one universe. This may end in tree sap.

Aaaahhhh, buck. Things just got inferno mode again with Teilight.

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