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All I wanted was to do art. That's it! Now for some god forsaken reason, I'm slowly turning into a (rather annoying) pony that got stuck in my head after I had dreamed of it for awhile. Could someone please send me a memo or something? Cause I'm completely lost here about everything and keep getting flashes involving more ponies.

This story is a Canon part of the OTVerse.

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I really wanna do a story for this now

Gonna watch the fuck out of this! :heart:

Come on and make another chapter please

Augh... finally found this after it got lost in the reorganization of the reorganization of my bookshelves... I need a better system.

Anyway; I'm loving Emi (though for some reason I'm picturing Maximato has a cute and somewhat chubby filly with far too much energy for anyone's good). Emi for Best Brony! Um... Pegasister?

And [redacted] got a cameo~

5347968 Oh god that picture describes every road trip their family has ever been on. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm, this looks interesting.... :rainbowhuh: I'm gonna follow this story to see where it goes. (upvotes it, faves it, tracks the story, and places it in my bookshelf)

Now please write more. :pinkiehappy: Emi has become my favorite character in the story. I hope it's just as good as the first "human-turned-pony" fanfic I read, which is called "Cool Story, Bro. But It Needs More...Ponies?"

Ooooh, I am LIKING this!

Ooo! Such beautiful wings! You handled the 'Telling the Parent' nicely. To be honest, it's given me a block that seems to have extended to all my authorial allotments and frustrates me to no end... But your chapter also motivated me. (Also need to update the timeline.)

Pinkie makes a semi-decent early warning system. If Pinkie is a-twitching, you'd between be running.

Stuff to say after reading the chapter:

-Oh, Emilia. You and your wacky plan to explain the whole situation to your mom. I like her so much.

There are just some days I hate the fact that my mom goes out of her way for every coupon she can get a deal off of.

-My mom is totally like that.

When she came back, she was wearing a comically over-sized pirate hat on her head. “My disguise is flawless.” I just gave her a deadpan stare before facepalming.


-You can't beat your own mind, Grent. It knows your every thoughts and how screwed you are.
-Wow. Glad Grent and Emi just went straight to the point and showed off their pony parts right in front of their mom. Glad to see that happening.
-If I were Grent, I would totally be terrified about the fact that I am slowly changing into a pony. There is no telling if the transformation's temporary or permanent, so there is tons of worrying and a lot of fear involved in the situation. Adjusting to a new life as a pony is also easier said than done.

Congratulations, AnthroGrent leveled up! AnthroGrent learned Fly!


I don’t know why, but it felt like that was the last time I’d ever see my Mom again.

Will this mean that Grent will never see the human world ever again as well? :fluttercry: That last quote broke my heart a little.

Anyways, keep it up! I love this story! Emi so freaking hilarious! Time to see how Grent and Emi's adventures will unfold after this chapter.

SHOOP DA WOOP DA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used pinkie having a doozy as my cut to equestria in the one I'm working on:rainbowlaugh:

If you do not have a pre-prepared plan to acquire a squid and make a dress from English flags within ten minutes of any situation, then you are just not living right.


I don’t know why, but it felt like that was the last time I’d ever see my Mom again.

Will this mean that Grent will never see the human world ever again as well? :fluttercry: That last quote broke my heart a little.

His mom gets to Equestria.
As Toms brother.

:rainbowkiss: :ajsmug: :rainbowwild: :derpytongue2:

is this a five score sidefic? im on the fence with deciding. humans changing into ponies. something about Chicago. what makes me confused is the fact that all ponies are still in equestria in those POV swaps to ponyville. no mention of discord. Is this a sidefic? or an alternate dimension sidefic?

5442002 None of that is accurate. This story is part of the OTVerse, which there is a link to in the description if you want to know more about it. Though, this is a side fic to the that universe. I'm pretty sure that the Admins had banned any more Five Score fics from being made when the flood got to big. I remember seeing a site post about that a while ago.

So Damien's turning into either a griffin or a hippogriff... Neat :pinkiehappy:

Now all we need is earth pony and then yours, mine, and grey's fics have all the big races covered:derpytongue2:

Pinkie popped out from under the table and picked up the frame. “Oh~ Fancy painting. Though I have no idea what this is.”

-Well, this is getting interesting. I wonder what the princesses think about it?

“..... Damien? What the heck are you doing out here wearing boxing gloves?”

-Maybe he was playing boxing with someone and accidentally punched someone.

Instead of his old hands, he had large, incredibly sharp looking avian talons.

-...or maybe not. So that means Damien is turning into a griffon?

He has her number numbnuts. Sorry dude, best bro beat ya too the hot chick.

-Grent's brain strikes again! :rainbowwild:

Along with the tail I knew she had, her hair had changed to a long dull blue mane. Her skin was also incredibly lackluster, to the point it was almost rock like in appearance, yet still holding the flexibility it should.

It was around then that I noticed her hair had also turned to the same green as her tail, and that she was a bit smaller than she used to be.

-So the changes are starting to affect the characters' sizes and skin, too. :rainbowderp:

I took a glance at the mirror, noticing that I had some gold hairs going down the side of my head, and that my hair was turning a mix of silver and green.

-Three chapters, three stages of transformations. I wonder what the fourth stage will be like? And I wonder...ack! :pinkiecrazy: So many thoughts swimming in my head!

So now we have all four of the characters gathered up: Grent, Emi, Damien, and Crystina. We know that Grent's turning into a pegasus, Emi's turning into a unicorn, and Damien's turning into a griffon or a hippogriff. So will Crystina turn into an earth pony? Hmm.... I'm still excited to see how the story will progress in the upcoming chapters. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

YAS MAH NIGGA YOU FINALLY UPDATED!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

He ended up wincing and pulling it away a moment later, and I noticed a small set of pricks on this temple that were letting a small drops of blood out of his head.

The woes of a new anatomy.

Im pissed now that the chapter is over. IT was so good i didnt want it to end!! meow...

5442063 Actually, it was just restricted. I think it was something like complete or >50,000 words, but I could be off with the num8er.

EDIT: 5444494 has told me that it is actually 30,000 words.

~Vriska Serket

This story is simply amazing. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

I knew she was a crystal pony:rainbowlaugh:

Just need an earth pony

5476558 Hah! Totally called it! I should have bet you money!


How we just need a regular earth pony

Thoughts about chapter 4:

-Glad to see Grent and Damien discuss shortly about watching MLP and liking it.

-The whole world knows about the transformation. Oh crap. This is definitely not gonna go well.

If she'd stayed a little longer, she'd have noticed the small change to the portrait's subjects.


HA! She stole your soda!


“Dude, you have a snout.” Ah Damien, could you have been any more blunt?

Grent has grown: ears, wings, mane, and a muzzle. Yeah, it's gonna be hard covering up the last part if Grent tries to wander around.

Damien looked himself over before reaching behind him and grabbing a long tail with a tuft of fur on the end.

So Damien's turning into a griffon. Interesting.

She dramaticly pointed over at Crystina. “She iz.... Da Crystal Pony!”

And just like that, Crystina fainted. Way to go Emi. Way to go.

Ah! So that's what Crystina is turning into! I should've known that sooner based on her name. The way Emi said that part made me laugh as well. :rainbowlaugh:

So we have:

Grent- Pegasus pony
Damien- Griffon
Emi- Unicorn pony
Crystina- Crystal pony

I'm so glad I'm following this fanfic. The humor, the mystery behind the transformation, and the way the characters deal with it is what entices me.

Loving this story so far! "Patiently" waiting for next update. :twilightsmile:

5476571 We do... maybe I could write something? But I only have 2 OC and they are an unicorn and a pegasus.


We have a zebra and a crystal pony with mine and this fic but no garden variety earthpony

Ok, to do list-
1. Argrily say "lucky!"
2. next chapter
3. favorite it
4. yell at author, "Please finish this story"
5. think to self, "Why not me? I have an OC!"

Ahem, but I only counted three in Emi and Damien, but four in Crystina and Grant. Are there two I'm missing? And in response to:

okay, so I’m a massive closet Brony that has trouble admitting it to people close to me. Don’t judge me!

from chapter 1, Of course I won't judge you! I'm the same way! I normally only express it on brony-filled websites like fimfiction.

I can see grent's sanity dropping like he's a protagonist in amnesia :rainbowlaugh:

Also.... you're on the featured list man:pinkiehappy:

And there goes his sanity!

no! NO NO NO NO NO NO I WANT MOAAAARRR!!!!!!!!:raritycry::raritycry::raritydespair:
also please find a way to make this happen in real life. thank you, that will be all. I want to look like my OC.:derpytongue2:
also: you are a freaking literary genius.

5625311 I have my best chemists working on it right now. How are we looking Dr. Cel?
Dr. Cel: i.imgur.com/ieOdfWs.jpg

Is that discrimination in turning them away from each hotel, or are they really booked solid everywhere? I'm rather surprised by it if it was discrimination; you'd think greed would outweigh the oddness factor. I'm pretty sure employees at the hotels have probably seen everything imaginable in terms of strangeness.

I'm going to guess that Emi is changing faster than the others because she is happy about the changes and is 'in tune' with her OC. I have to admit I'm looking forward to seeing how far the crystal pony changes go, especially if they try to analyze what the hay they are looking at.

Wasn't expecting a cutie mark to appear so quickly.

Yay, I'm glad to see that you are updating the story again. Anyways, analysis time!

She was changing faster than we were, which was shortening my time table on finding a way to fix this.

So the younger you are, the faster you change into a pony or whatever creature you're turning into? :derpyderp1:

“Quick brother of mine! We need to show the world how adorable I am!”


Note to self, Emi’s getting more hyper. Must keep her away from sugar at all costs for safety of country and possibly planet.

She's gonna be like Pinkie Pie! :pinkiehappy:

You talk to yourself mentally on a regular basis, including the time before these changes even started. We’ve been nuts for quite a while now and you’re only just realizing it.

Brain: OVER 9000!
Grent: 0

Twilight stumbled a bit before rushing to her front door, wanting nothing more than to get to her friends as fast as possible to see if they found anything, and if not, informing them of what happened.

Uh-oh! The painting's changing! :twilightoops:Quick, Twilight! Do something before...actually, I'm not sure if they are able to do something at this point....

I’m sure my face was the same as the receptionist’s as I glanced over at Damien in surprise and blinked dumbly.

If I were the receptionist, I would be freaking out at the sight of a guy with a long muzzle and a guy with bird's talons in front of me.

I could have sworn I saw Emi’s bag move, without her touching it mind you, but it was probably just my imagination.

:pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: Emi's learning how to use magic?!

Grent.exe has stopped working. Critical error in the reality drive caused by “Emilia” trojan virus. Force Reboot? Y/N

BSOD protagonist moment right here. :rainbowlaugh: But how in the world did Emi know how to use unicorn magic?

“The Isomeric family is the biggest bunch of weirdos I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

She looked down at her formerly human legs and squeaked when she saw that they were now a pair of tomato red equine legs. Strangely though, my own mind picked up the detail that there was a hint of pink in the tone of her fur more than the shock that she even had fur. I got up and looked over at Crystina, who was hyperventilating at the sight of her own legs, both of which had changed just like Emi’s but now looked like they were covered in fine crystal rather than fur.

:pinkiegasp: :derpyderp1: :pinkiegasp: :twilightoops:

“I have pomf.” He said simply before pulling a short, grey feather out from his shirt.


“Cuddle bug mode, activate!”
I normally would have been irritated, but it was good to see that at least one of us wasn’t freaking out.

Nice to see that Emi's still hyper despite the recent transformation.

I had been naming off art details and more importantly noticing subtle differences way to much recently. I normally didn’t have that level of attentiveness, even when drawing.

Yeah, and you were able to identify some random guy's hair color, which was Aquamarine 155-5, or whatever it was. Looks like Grent's personality is altering. I hope he and the group retains their old personalities while gaining new ones.

In short, it was, because I had a cutie mark emblazoned on each thigh. A forest green paint brush with a spayed tip and a small brown circle on the side, leaving a cloud of rainbow pixels in the three primary colors.

:pinkiegasp: So that explains Grent's recent personality change.

So the transformation sequence is:

Grent: Ears; wings; mane; muzzle; and fur + cutie mark.
Emi: Unicorn horn; tail; green mane + shorter height; pony ears + red fur; pony legs + more red and pinkish fur. (Wow, she's changing fast!) :pinkiegasp:
Damien: Eyes; feathers on arm and bird talons; tail; more feathers. I'm not exactly sure whether he grew wings or not, but I'll just assume that he grew more feathers.
Crystina: Tail; dull blue mane and dull skin; sapphire eyes; pony legs. She seems to be the horrified out of the group as well.

I guess next up is either dream time or convention time. Or the group wakes up to find that they are not humans anymore (but the transformation sequence isn't THAT fast, right? RIGHT???)


Grent: Ears; wings; mane; muzzle; and fur + cutie mark.

Actually Grent made that comment on the guy's hair color before he grew fur, which implies cutie mark. Since he wasn't able to check it previously, it could have been part of a previous change, or only just manifested as soon as he grew fur (the cutie mark is the fur color itself right? Not painted fur, not tattooed skin).

(but the transformation sequence isn't THAT fast, right? RIGHT???)

I think it depends on the person; The story Original Complication had them wake up the morning of the convention not changed all the way. In fact, only one of that group started to change upon waking up and was behind the others.

I kinda expect Emi to be a full pony come the next morning though.

I'm not so sure that letting the man-slowly-turning-into-a-pony drive is a good idea...

"Oh dear! I've lost my fingers and we are driving at speed!" *crashes, dies*

No reference to Grent's cutie mark yet, huh? I guess he is keeping it hidden as long as possible.

I guess I was wrong in predicting Emi would be a full pony by now. She is in the dream though, which makes me think the dream references their inner mental self. I guess someone in that group has a kind of foresight to explain why it appears. Emi, having embraced all the changes and looking forward to the rest, would be a full pony there. The others who have to be dragged into it would not.

I wonder how serious Emi was being in saying she is afraid to see if she is crazy.

Looking down to my left still had Emi sleeping on my thigh, but she wasn’t human anymore. The cute tomato red filly with a green mane and tail was in her place.


Each cloud in the sky was not white. Instead, they showed pictures floating through the air.

Whoa, that's a pretty vivid dream.

In the skybound painting, I could see a grief stricken visage of me staring in horror at a darkened spot on the ground.

What does this mean??????? :derpyderp2: :twilightoops:

Looking at Emi again, I felt a small bit of relief well up in my chest at the fact that from what I could see, she was still at the same point in her changes.

It won't be like that forever, you know....

The party pony bounced over to the painting and looked down at it. “What if it’s like one of those enchanted mirrors in the Harry Trotter books!”

Listen to her, Twilight. What if the Cloud Cuckoolander is right?

“but that doesn’t mean it’s not enchanted to be a sort of viewing pool, which would explain the strange scrying spell.”

There ya go, Twi.

“Um... do you uh.... need some help?” I faintly noticed that they were getting a bit of a greenish tint to them as well.

Oh, that's right. Crystina's legs are now becoming hind legs and her feet are hooves.

“I’m pretty sure she thinks we eat the food because we’re just sparing her feelings. The honest truth though is that the filly can make one mean bowl of pasta.”

Wow! That's pretty impressive! :rainbowkiss:

“I think I might have figured out why you went a little crazy when driving over here.” She poked my wing and it flared out a bit on it’s own. “You’re turning into a pegasus, right? What if that was your flying instincts kicking in?”

Hmm, interesting point, Crystina....

Crystina’s face fell as her hands reached up and lightly grabbed the new emerald green ears that were parting the neon tide of a mane.

Uh-oh. :rainbowderp:

“Hey hey hey, I promised I’d find a way to fix this. We just need to wait for the convention to start.”

At this rate, everyone will have finished their transformation by the time the convention starts.

My wings, for some reason, had unfurled and wrapped around her as well, making the hug kinda warm compared to normal.


In that time, I had had the first real conversation with Crystina that didn’t involve any form of awkwardness or her complaining about my general laziness in class in the entire time I’ve known her.

I like it. It shows Grent forming a close relationship with Crystina.

My arm shot up off the ground and I stopped her. “Don’t tell me. Legs?”


Drool was pouring out of the yellowish beak that had replaced his mouth and nose as he snored.


A glance down showed her that Cricket was sniffing at his beak. Emi grinned evilly and chuckled. “Yes Cricket, lick his face. Do it my loyal minion.”

I've said this five times already, but I like Emi so much. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

After a few seconds of looking however, it showed an incredibly happy little pony girl that was squishing her cheeks together excitedly while holding herself up with her elbows. Her squealing could be heard for a few rooms over as soon as her excitement boiled over and she hopped down from the counter. “ADORABLENESS HAS BEEN ACHIEVED!”

“Damien, look at me!” Emi practically bounced up to the fallen griffon and started pose in ways to show off her new fur. “I look so freaking adorable!”

She stopped bouncing for a minute and shrugged while standing calmly. “Well, although I’ve never been tested, popular opinion would leave one to believe that I am.”


He tripped and landed with a thud. As the boy turning griffon looked back to see what had tripped him, he saw Cricket chasing his stubby little tail near his feet.
“Stupid dog.”

And that dog is awesome, too. Emi and Cricket FTW!

Update on the sequence:

Grent: Ears; wings; mane; muzzle; fur + cutie mark; legs.
Emi: Unicorn horn; tail; green mane + shorter height; pony ears + red fur; pony legs + more red and pinkish fur; neon yellow eyes.
Damien: Eyes; feathers on arm and bird talons; tail; more feathers + wings; beak.
Crystina: Tail; dull blue mane and dull skin; sapphire eyes; pony legs; emerald green ears.

Pretty intriguing story so far. I'm loving the bond and the interaction between each of the characters.

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