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one day I'll write my very own fanfiction, and it'll probably be mediocre at best.


I’ve been on this site for years and never done anything creative worth mentioning. · 10:12pm Sep 15th, 2018

Do any of my four followers (yes, that’s right! Four followers and counting) even remember why they followed me? I’ve never published anything worthwhile. Tbh I’ve tried more than once to write a fic, but after I get a basic idea down I always remember that my work ethic is shit and it’ll never happen. Now that I’m thinking about it, however, I’ve come to the realization that that may be because my attempts at writing have always been novel-length epics that would be really hard to write

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thanks for the fave on To be a Breezie

Yo, thanks for adding 'My Only Sunshine' to your shelf!

2384189 I plan on starting work on my next story to feature Sunset Shimmer within the next few months. With any luck, it'll be online before the end of summer.

2383877 do u have any idea when the sequel will be posted?

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