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All are welcome to join and share their ideas related to the rich and exciting, animal dominated world of Zootopia.

The movie truly is a gorgeously animated masterpiece that is lively and vivacious, while also having a very good plot with well fleshed out characters and a strong theme that carries throughout the entire movie. The humor is on pointe, the plot twists are riveting, and the deeper meaning and serious message that this movie wears on its sleeve is something to be applauded in a day and age like this. It tackles some truly poignant issues, and while the allegories can come across somewhat muddled upon further examination, this is a movie that deserves all the praise its getting.

So kick back, enjoy your stay, and go out and see Zootopia if you haven't already.

Get tickets to the movie now: http://movies.disney.com/zootopia

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I adore this movie! My. Either and I watched it and it was awesome! :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss:

When you post your story put it in only on section, it gets annoying when your looking for a different Story and the same one pops up evey time.:ajbemused:

No stories yet, but looking forward to seeing them on here! :yay:

Just saw this movie last night and absolutely loved it.
PS. Now that it's out, you might want to update the front page.

All aboard the Hype Train!

thx for introducing this to me <3

im ready for any storys coming out whether they come out soon or when the movie comes

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