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Pretty bland around here...

Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by for whatever reason you may have. Feel free to leave a comment on whatever you may have on your mind and look around at some of my few (but growing) stories. If you ever want an editor or someone to give you feed back on one of your own stories, feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to take a look at it for you.

Have a great day!

Latest Stories

  • TFangs: The Order
    Octavia finally got what she wanted, but it seems that a new struggle to keep it is arising.
    Sapphic · 262k words  ·  205  9 · 2.5k views
  • TFangs
    Octavia was a very content pony, she had many things, wealth, a small group of friends, a lovely career as a cellist for The Canterlot Royal Symphony. But she never had the one thing she wanted...something wealth could never buy... but it has secrets
    Sapphic · 168k words  ·  709  32 · 12k views
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Good to see you back Sapphic!!!

Pm'ed you. So if you wanna take down the link, so as to not have it be a spoiler for everyone we're all good.

Comment posted by Sapphic deleted May 21st, 2017


Sure, I'd love to lend a hoof.

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