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This story is a sequel to Fangs

Octavia finally managed to get what she wanted, someone to fill the gap of loneliness that lingered on the edges of her mind, but it seems like her conflicts are just beginning.

(I'd really recommend reading the first story. Or else the first chapter probably won't make a shred of sense.)

Credits to roker12 for editing.

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*hyperventilating intensifies*

:pinkiesad2: Thank you... Sapphic... This is truly amazing... You are truly amazing...

Serious, you are the best! And I love your stories! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Any idea till the next chapter I read the first so long ago and now I want more and this looks like it will be good


I typically try to post a chapter every Saturday if time allows me, sometimes it takes me awhile :twilightsheepish:

Have we had or are we going to get descriptions of Rose and Maple?


It was touched on briefly back in Fangs but I never really imagined Maple to become a more significant role. I'll probably touch up on that in the next chapter.

It's awesome to see a sequel for fangs and to see more development about the Vampire Hunters in this story. Can't wait to see how this unfolds :pinkiehappy:

With what she pulled off earlier, I'm am looking forward to see what happens!

I hope it gets awkward at rehearsal.

Holy hell the sequel is finally here! :rainbowkiss:

Why do you trick us so author?

Hmm, Beauty and Octavia are going to be having and interesting talk...
Vinyl's just gonna be there for moral support...


Hey look! I found this story in the featured box! :twilightsmile: Thought I would let you know! :pinkiehappy:

That should lead you to the screenshot I took of this story being in the featured box!

Flint Spark... Where have I heard that name before?

I like where this is going

Shake's gonna be in one heck of an awkward situation.

I am so happy to see this sequel, I enjoyed the first story so much. After all, there's no such thing as liking a story too much, eh?

Well then. This is going to be quite the awkward encounter.

Damned cliffhangers, leaves me wanting more.

You called Harpo 'Frederic' at one point in the chapter

So Octavia," Fredric said after opening his first. "sorry about what happened to you at the Orchestra. I had half the mind to go argue with him, but Beauty talked me out of it."


Whoops :twilightsheepish:

Thanks, I've fixed it accordingly.

Why the boards, Sweeps? I must know!:twilightoops:

Oh Vinyl...
Octavia's gonna be raisin if this keeps up.


Five bucks on tavi being a vampire after this.

I hope Tavi doesn't get addicted to this vamp drug.
Or maybe I do...
It would be fun either way.

i say make Tavi a vampire:heart:

Oh that is just great.
Well done sure.

ok, that just happened. no need for panic :pinkiecrazy:
I am panicking:fluttershbad:

6655828 Might be even better depending on what happened to Octi the prior night.

6656082 Yeah, I'm still 50/50 on that whole situation.
But I must say I am surprised, and happy about being surprised.

It's Saturday where is the next chapter ?

Something odd is going on with Octavia, there's little signs here and there.

So was Tavi not made into another vampire?
Didnt the "master" say that vinyl was the only one being able to make more of their kind?
Hmm.. And tavi did have super strength in the final fight. Hmmm..


I tried reworking it a bit to explain it better in the "Brought Back" chapter. It was kind of stressful getting these first chapters out so I'll probably end up completely rewriting some of them after a while.

Im seeing very minor spelling errors.
But it can certainly be overlooked with such a brilliant story, im onward to the next chapter, have a good one :3

Beauty is bleeding.
Vinyl has been fasting.
Vinyl hangs upside down, looking directly at beauty.
This isnt gonna end well!

Story so far is great, so many twists and turns keeps it really interesting! :3

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