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This story is a sequel to Fangs

Octavia finally managed to get what she wanted, someone to fill the gap of loneliness that lingered on the edges of her mind, but it seems like her conflicts are just beginning.

(I'd really recommend reading the first story. Or else the first chapter probably won't make a shred of sense.)

Credits to roker12 for editing.

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Octavia had it all. Well, almost all; she had some money, some fans, some friends, her dream career, but it all lacked something, or someone to be exact. After one of her many concerts she finds herself waiting in line for, what's that? Another concert! Though she might not be the one playing in this one, this is one of the few places where she can relax.

And that is where it all began, on that one night, she found it. But it has a few secrets.

(This story, at the moment, is almost a mine field of spelling and grammar errors. Continue at your own expense as I try to fix some of them)

(Hey guys this is my first fic and comments are welcome for better or worse! Also I have a few things with my Vinyl and Octavia Fics:
~Vinyl's eyes...I have my opinion on their color...(I realize that the show revealed them to be magenta...I was bummed out by that...)
~Not a big fan of Vinyl OR Octavia dying...just not cool to me ( vinyl dies a lot in fics... )
~Don't like sad endings...(not saying there won't be any)
~Don't like unfinished stories...at all
That is all!


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