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This story is a sequel to Song of Silence

Much time has passed. Months, since Vinyl and Octavia were forcefully separated from each other. They don't know where the other is. They don't know how they feel. And yet they still can't get one another out of their minds. Across a city, with who knows what between them, can two ponies truly in love find one another?

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May want to add link to last story

....... Octavia, please slap some sense into your mum, and strike out on your own. You're grown, don't let that bitch control you!

Glad it's back dispite the low demand. Wish there was more I could do

7510489 Well it is one of the most common ships out there. Just knowing you like it is enough for me.

7489165 Sorry I didn't respond before now. As for your comment there should be a link already up there but if you cant see it or dont have it for some reason then here you go. A link!


Alright, though I'm wondering if your going to end this with them together or keep it up a bit as a staying together story

I wonder just how many of Octavia's bows got shoved up her mother's rear

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO! Not hiatus! I was really getting into this story!

Oh come on!!!!!!!!!! First you lure me in with the first sorry, one that is finished, then I find that there's a sequel that isn't. That's the third time that's happened to me this week. But then you get to such a good moment before breaking it off. Not sure why you stopped but you've got something good going here, this idea deserves to be finished

I stopped because my computer decided to die on me and I haven't yet been able to afford a new one. I do plan on getting back to all my stories. I really miss working on them.

Coolness, cause that would have been pretty evil of you. Good luck on the new computer

Then just leave that house! Surely Vinyl has to live somewhere! Even if it is on the streets, it's better than being cooped up with someone you hate.

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