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Harmony Split

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving



The grey earth-pony Octavia Philharmonica has everything she'd ever desired: A small house in Trottingham and appointments at the Concert Hall. But there is something missing. Despite all of her dreams, she is incredible lonely. She even places a small ad in the local paper to find a roommate that fits taste. Once Vinyl, a white-coated unicorn, appears in front of her door, Octavia's world completely changes, bringing back the past that she and Vinyl forgot.

(Rated teen with sex for some heated situations and.. talk. But no clop! Just to stay safe^^)
Main chars are Vinyl and Tavi, but since Spitfire and Sassaflash are appearing quite a lot now I added the 'other' and 'Spitfire' chartags too. Luna tag added for chapter seven and eight

Note: The first two chapters are now edited. Thanks to VitalSpark for that!

New Cover from DonnEStarside

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 77 )

Love it that far.
Try to get out of that equality


try finding new starts each sentence :)

Wow. I really can't wait to see more of this. There are some grammar and spelling issues I've noticed but nothing too bad. =)

Thx. I'm not Native-english so yeah got some probs with it.
Trying to update it weekly or at least every 10 days so stay tuned

I'm just glad to help out.^^

There will be more, don't ya worry:twilightsmile:

Errors in the long description... eh. Let's see where this goes.


You can't ask everypony to be perfect. :twilightsmile:
My lack of being native-english counts up too so meh :trollestia:

Yes. I can. English not being your mother's tongue doesn't matter. You are choosing to write in English, which means you shall be judged on your English.


I would say I'd give some flying feathers about it but hey.:twilightsmile:
my editor just convinced me to be nice, concentrate, and remove the errors with his help :trollestia:

If that's your attitude then I don't think I'll be reading this. Have a nice evening.

Scratch Tavi, you just met a grammar nazi.(the Pudgy pie I have been interested in this story. You are creating an interesting world with this one.

Nopony said you have to read it, goodbye :facehoof:

I know and I hate it.
Might be right that we're on a site for english fics.
But I'm rather proud of my skills with barely more than School-english to offer.
And thanks, I'm trying to implement every Idea from my mind into the story:twilightsmile:

5453003 Yeah, I've posted stories on other site and NEVER got the grammar nazi's i see here. so you not alone. as long as i can understand what you are trying to say, np.

5453003 So far its an amazing read and i didnt even notice the mistakes really you and the person helping you are doing amazing and i couldn't tell you were a native speaker so thats amazing too! and yes I know my spelling sucks.... :applejackunsure: but meh think i rambled enough

I LOVE THIS!!!!! Can't wait for next chapter! XD


Thx :twilightsmile:
chapter six will follow soon:pinkiehappy:

The one thing that I find annoying is the random capitalization. It's not major or anything but interrupts the flow of the story when I notice it. That said, it happens too little to ruin the story. Keep up the good work!

Good work :twilightsmile:
Wondered how she met Neon and Spitfire, but I think that's pretty clear now.
What about Sassaflash? Please more information how they met! :pinkiesmile:

Also.. call me selfish but what happened that Night between Vinyl and Spitfire? Sidestory! Uhm.. please? :fluttershyouch:


Thanks a lot Spits!
About the side-story, already thought about that.
Sadly I got three projects besides Inconvenient Roommates and Dashing through the Fire.:twilightblush:
If somepony is wiling to help me with the side-story, then sure:twilightsmile:

5454462 Anything I can do to make your day better:pinkiehappy:


I could help you but my writing is horrible :raritycry:

Nice take on this so fare. GOod work

Thanks a lot. Its still far away fom finished though:twilightsmile:

No error as far as I can tell.:derpytongue2:
Nice chapter, can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:


Maybe you haven't, but I found some.
Shame on me, I'll edit them tomorrow after sleep:fluttershysad:


Glad you like it!:twilightsmile:
Tried something new with the 'First person' thing in it, so Sassaflash could tell the story directly. :twilightsheepish:

lol yes. I liked it:pinkiesmile: Made me laugh a little when Sassaflash was interrupted :rainbowlaugh:

OMG! :pinkiegasp: This is sooooo AWESOME! :yay:


heh glad you like this one, although it wasn't quite easy to write:twilightsmile:

lol new chapter since not even 3 minutes and already a downvote.


But you know what?
I'll continue it anyways :rainbowwild:


Great work, as usual but We would ask thee to mind thine English. Thou used 'thee' in a couple of instances where the word thou should be placed. Re-read the dream sequence. Just a pet peeve of mine.


I'll take a look at it once I'm fully awake
Thanks :twilightsmile:

Decent chapter, great story.
Not fan of the Luna ex Machina, but it does not make rest of the story bad,

Yeah, not even gonna try and read this. Pretty standard set up for OctaScratch, and the writing is compounded with terrible grammar. Get an editor and proofreader, or if you already have one, fire him and get a new one.

5531559 Ahh, that would be our fault, not hers. We apologize, we are a little out of practice with thine antiquated speech patterns. We shall endeavor to learn the correct nuances and correct ourselves.

No, but seriously, that's on me. I'll try to learn how to do it correctly, and thank you for pointing it out. =D

Huzzah! To The New Lunar Republic!


That's only rude, just to say. Besides it's only edited after chapter three, although one and two will be reedited
I'm pretty proud of my skills with my little english, and I'm always insisting to keep the main parts of my story.
So, dear Sir, nopony asked you to read this.:facehoof:
Have a good day

awe...one more chapter left.....I really enjoyed reading this :P well, I'mma save this story in favorites and read it again :pinkiesmile:


Don't worry.
There will be a sequel just as promised:twilightsmile:

I really love this story! You did a great job! I will be here waiting for the sequel :3 and lol yeah, Octavia just can't do that can she XD but then again, it's a starting of an.......new/old friendship or relationship? lol

The grammar here is terrible! Please I implore you get yourself a decent editor for the sake of this story! I'll even edit it myself if necessary.


Please read the description!
Chapter One and Two are NOT EDITED yet
My editor will get to it as soon as possible, but atm he's busy editing Dashing through the Fire and other stuff

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