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Harmony Split

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving


Love can be a hard or an easy task. For some ponies it’s harder than for others. That’s something Twilight discovers as she tries to come to terms with her feelings about Luna and tell the alicorn about them. Whatever she tries isn’t helping her and talking was never an option. What will happen if she invites Luna to a night of stargazing? Will her heart be able to resist, or will she finally set free her love?

Edits: The silly Duck.

Cover by some pegasister
A small reminder due the problems from the last stories. I do not own the cover, nor the art itself. The art is owned by the rightful artist, in this case some pegasister. It's NOT MINE!

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Comments ( 27 )

Can't say no to some lovely TwiLuna.

I love everything about this story: From the characterization, to the question where Twilight asked Luna to stargaze with her. That was adorable.

Great story.



Thank you :twilightsmile:
This will not be the only TwiLuna fluff from me.
Actually, my plans are to write a sequel and develope this.

6938072 TwiLuna is best ship; will be watching


Oh, this sounds lovely. If you're going to do to this what you've done in Your Music Makes My Heart Beat, you have another rabid reader. I really enjoy your writing style. Looking forward to this!

Thanks :twilightsmile:

It won't be entirely different.
But I can't promise a date I'll start on it. Probably not before april-may since I'm trying to focus on 2 stories atm

Feels kind of rushed... Like... they just jumped right into it...

Other than that, it's good.


With only a small nuzzle and a tiny affection of a wing laid around another pony?
Seriously, that's the most slow-paced story I ever wrote :twilightsmile:

6941348 No, I mean the conversation... It went from like, one or two questions about the start and then shoehorned right into 'oh yah btw I liek you'...

I don't know, just an observation.


It was a progress.
Note the way Luna looked, and then how stressed and nervous Twilight was.
It all had it's right place to happen :twilightsmile:

TwiLuna best fics ever! This is so adorable :heart: We need that sequel :rainbowkiss:

Thank you.
And by time, sure :twilightsmile:
Just let me finish my other works first:twilightsheepish:
Should only take a few months... Or years...
Drad :rainbowderp:


Celestia said with a soft hum.

Original sentence: Celestia said with a soft humm. one m not two.

Luna said, stifling a yawn.

Original sentence: Luna said, stiffing a yawn. stifling not stiffing

She didn’t even noticed the gentle smile and the gaze from Luna that lasted long after she was out of sight.

Original sentence She didn’t even noticed the gently smile and the gaze from Luna that lasted long after she was out of sight.

Celestia meant well, but she had no idea how she could stir Luna’s interest

Original sentence: Celestia’s meant well, but she had no idea how she could stir Luna’s interest

6947773 Np xD, take your time.

The story can't be over! I need more! Please make a sequel!

There will be a sequel.
Just not that quickly.

6980419 OK then as long as there will be a sequel!

The story felt a little rushed near the end, but not too shabby. Only one mistake I found really glaring (I'm a grammar nazi, so I notice mistakes and find them more noticeable) but you used prey kn the wrong place. Twice. :pinkiegasp: For each time Luna says "prey tell" actually. It should be "pray tell". Anyways, looking forward to sequel! :rainbowdetermined2:

“We demand to know it now! Who is this stallion that has caught our dearest friend’s attention?” Luna said, her voice booming. As Twilight stayed silent, her muzzle scrunched slightly. “A mare, then? Who is this mare? Prey tell, who caught thy heart, Twilight Sparkle?”

not sure why but as I read it I felt like luna want to knew to send that pony very very far away like to another planet or tie them to a star that about to go supernova.....

ah guess it went over in the edits, thanks!
Well... I shan't say anything to that.
Wait for the sequel :rainbowwild:


There will be, but it will take a bit longer.
I'm on vacation from next week wednesday on, so don't expect any updates for two weeks, sry

7085086 lol that is alright, I start play wow again....

so cute <3

for more than just one night under the moonlight.

oooh myy....

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