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After her confrontation with her mother, Diamond Tiara's life outside of the home has been much easier. She's made friends with her classmates, got some respect from the town, and got Silver Spoon's friendship back. Unfortunately, her mother, Spoiled Rich, is still as snobbish as ever. After meeting up with the CMC and overhearing about one of Applebloom's potion experiments, she gets an idea of how to solve some of her problems.

It certainly helps that her Mom's birthday is coming up.

This story was written by request of superfun, and the main plot is their idea. They have, however, given me free reign over how it all goes, as long as certain details that shall remain undisclosed are met. I would also like to warn that there will be a bit of a delay before the next chapter can be posted, due to life kicking my butt. So please, enjoy the story as it updates in a hopefully on time fashion, and have a wonderful day.

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I refreshed the home page, and lo and behold, this story showed up. Thinking it was kismet, I sat down to read the whole thing, and my main takeaway is 'interesting start, let's see where this leads'. In other words, tracking for now. :twistnerd:

Definitely looking forward to how the story plays out.

You have my attention.

I can't wait to see where this goes.

Giving you a provisional thumbs up* as I find your Diamond seems right in character and your writing is good.

I'd like to point out that while Diamond is copescetic with the CMC saying bad things about her mother, I think there will be a psychological cost associated with her not at least bristling internally. After all, Spoiled may be hateful but she's still Diamond's Mom: "She may be a so-and-so but she's my so-and-so." This fallout will be something I think you'll want to address going forward.

She didn’t want him to end up getting chewed out for something she did, after all. He gets blamed for random stuff lately enough as it is.

This is the only writing issue. Gets (present tense) should be "got" (past). Or you could make it Diamond's thought by italizing the sentence.

*Tapping the thumb-up or -down button toggles its state off-on-off...

Definitely interested to see where this goes...

Ooh, this should be interesting. :pinkiecrazy:

How are things going?

You have my attention

please update.

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