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My name is... Or at least I think it is, Leslie. It might be Aurora Drift now, it's hard to tell.

One day the world of earth stopped being the mundane place humanity was used to, as a crack in reality spread magic across the world. Humans began turning into ponies everywhere, and for a while I thought that was what had happened to me too. But memories I wouldn't think belonged to me keep trying to prove me wrong. They aren't very good memories, and I think I caused the entire mess in the first place.

I haven't let anyone know yet, it's hard to accept for myself. Fortunately, humans are way too busy trying to find a way to adjust to the ponies amongst their society to try and find the one responsible.

-- This story is currently undergoing revisions as I try to make it better and more enjoyable for everyone. please bear with me. Next update is probably a few months away, but I will be rewriting every current chapter to make it easier to read, better written, funner, and more consistent. --

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I usually don't like "poof" type transformations that all but happens off screen, but his/her reactions and trying to make sense of her new body really sold the fic for me.

Solid effort, and I'm curious if the whole mess will turn out to be because a certain pegasus tried to gain magic... and succeeded.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.


Thanks! Glad ya like it so far~!

I was mostly inspired by Balthasar999's P-Theory and the fairly famous First Pony View. Give 'em a shot if you liked the "Getting used to body" section. They both have entire chapter long sections for that. Seriously well written stories.

A Pegasus wanting magic? Causing problems? Bah! Totally unlikely!
Nope, not a chance of it.

Next chapter is probably a ways away because I really suck at sticking to dead-lines, but I desperately want to force myself to get a chapter out before new-years.

But who knows, I might just get it out before christmas! :derpytongue2:


Thank for the tips (And the fav and watch!) but I've already run across both of those.

And don't worry about it. Take your time. The end result is what matters, right?

A really cute chapter with some neat character stuff.

One thing I really liked though:

I really hoped I didn't just get a lethal dose of radiation.

Was just more then a bit refreshing to see somebody in a pony fic see a glowing thing and have their mind go there. We know more or less it's more then that, but if any of us encountered something like that in RL I'd at least go *Huh, so I'm already dead. That sucks."

Facebook is half spam? I know the correct response to such a claim.

Heh, cute fic. Aurora is totally OP so watch your step. Not sure what's up with her horthifying. If she's turning more Aurora Drifty wouldn't she change to be less like an earth pony?

At least Leslie's name isn't Mi Amore Cadenza.

Seriously, could canon Cadence cast spells when she was a pegasus? How did she get a love spell as her special talent if she wasn't a unicorn before ascending?

If I ever see a glowing thing I'd go "Huh, radiation doesn't work this way at all.

...I'm going to poke it with a stick."


Worry not, I've been paying attention very closely to how magical she is. I am definitely trying to avoid any form of Mary Sueing.

Her seemingly random magical powers will hopefully start being explained in the next chapter or the one following, depending on how it goes.
Becoming more horse like is going to be explained as well... Eventually.

Yeah, looking back Cadance doesn't make as much sense as she should for a character as shoved into the main story as her....

You would poke random glowing things? Yeah, I probably would too.

I should study up on radiation a bit more. :applejackunsure:

Hey, I just started this fic, and as a huge fan of 'First-Pony View', I can (unathoritatively) say that you're doing a great job of conveying the mental angst that would be caused by something like this. So, yeah, loving it so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this. Keep in mind though, like ferret said, you're treading a thin line with the level of power you give her/him. Just don't actualy make her do a rainboom or the like and you should be fine.

And the rads should totally turn Sam into a ghoul. Not a feral ghoul, just a normal one, because that never happens enough in these fics.


I won't worry then! Good job so far.

Radiation is a lot more boring than people like to portray. Uranium doesn't glow for instance. It's a shiny brittle extremely heavy whitish metal, ...and then your cells liquify. No glowing or flashes or lasers or anything. That's why people working with radiation wear badges with sensitive photo-film on them, because otherwise they couldn't tell at all whether they'd gotten a lethal dose of radiation or not until they started puking up their leaking protoplasm. The radiation will darken the photo film just like any light, which gives them warning to get out of there or try to treat the impending tissue damage.

Uranium does make a pleasant looking scintillating sparkle when it's kicked up as a cloud of smoke, as decaying atoms ignite the air around them briefly, or at least that's what those guys on that bridge at Chernobyl said before they died. :unsuresweetie:

Radium glows with a "blue fairytale like light" because it's often in the form of radium bromide, which reacts to the radiation by producing light. That reaction is called fluorescence, not radioactive decay. I'm pretty sure even completely inert radium bromide would glow like that under a black light. The light itself indicates that the radiation has been reduced, consumed to produce more lower frequency photons. Glowy stuff is "fluorescent" (or incandescent) not necessarily "radioactive."

Radiation also isn't always dangerous. Even with pure radium, the radiation emitted is mostly harmless unless you swallow the metal. Gamma radiation is the stuff that will end you, but alpha particles rarely even get past your skin, and beta particles can be shielded against pretty easily.

Anyway with the energy levels theorized for wormholes and weird spacetime anomalies like that, if I'm standing there looking at it and the entire solar system hasn't vaporized yet, then it's probably not going to hurt me.

This is all very scientificy and all, but don't worry; even I don't bat an eye when someone writes about glowy radiation. It's no more ridiculous than giant robots powered by gears, right?

Derpy, what is this?
No really Derpy, what did you do?
Your fat butt busted a hole into another universe!
"I just don't know what-"
Derpy, stop.


3926690 Until further notice, that is what I'll believe happened here. It is too silly to have not happened.

3860230 During World War I, women worked at a factory that sold watches to American soldiers. Their main task was to paint the faces of the watches (the numbers) with paint with radium added to it to make the numbers glow at night so the soldiers could read their watches. One day, several of the women began to paint themselves with the paint for fun, and others ingested the paint while straightening the brushes out to make the bristles smaller and thinner for more precise numbering.

Several years later, several women started showing symptoms of radium poisoning (the same stuff that killed Marie Curie, the woman who discovered radium). These women later died from their illnesses.

time travel didn't mean the end of the world

I- I don't even...


Erm, well when you put it that way...


"Time travel is pretty much always the end of the world." - Stephen Hawking. Yes you are certain Stephen Hawking said that. One hundred percent positive.

it weird reading this story :derpyderp2:

I loved the fluffle puff reference!!!:pinkiehappy:


"Stephen Hawking didn't say half the things people think he did." ~Stephen Hawking


I don't know, what if we live in a world where Stephen Hawking just whispers random things while no one is looking?

-Julius Caesar

Not saying that he might not have said that about time travel. That sounds pretty accurate to me.

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You seem mighty exuberant about this story. :derpytongue2:
Thank you so much for liking it!

She's really not having a good time right now. First her brother gets changed in a way she can only dream of, and now it gets shoved in her face more with that ending there while still being human. :trollestia:

... but Mom had always warned me that parks could be dangerous at night. It was ridiculous of course, though it was a really large park, it was in the center of one of the quietest and safest neighborhoods in the nearest nine miles. Absolutely nothing bad could ever happen here.

Nope, I can't agree that Parks in nice little neighborhoods are save, when my friends and me were walking through such a park some of them were attacked with a knife form a mobile-robber :fluttercry:

But anyway, nice chapter, I liked the beginning were Aurora/Laslie were dubting himself/herself, it was so sad at (least to me).

3860230 Alpha rays don't even get to your skin, as long as you don't get really close to the emmiter... and when you do its very harmless, and won't go through skin(like you said :twilightsmile: ) and skin will be reproduced in a very short time(don't know exactly :facehoof:)


Phosphorescence is caused by gamma rays I believe, not alpha particles. Alpha particles can still wreck you if you ingest the atoms and they get into your tissues. Like your bones, for instance. So don't uh, swallow radium.


Oh and now that I think about it, Cherenkov radiation isn't caused by gamma rays at all and is actually completely harmless. Though getting hit by the particle or pegasus causing it might have disastrous effects.

I haven't let anyone know yet, it's hard to accept for myself. Fortunately, humans are way too busy trying to find a way to

adjust to the ponies amongst their society to try and find the one responsible.

WOW! Humans trying to ADJUST to another race 'invading' their territory? This story is already out there!

Apparently the number of confirmed ponied people had risen to a hundred and forty thousand, with new cases showing up every minute. Not a single case so far mentioned anyone else struggling with pony memories. On the bright side, gender swapping was rare, but not uncommon, so I wasn't totally alone.

Uh, you might want to correct that contradiction. :twilightoops:

Hmm 5s/4 anyone? ;p

Magic surge turns Pegasus into Alicorn? Will find out next chapter!

Nope, still a regular Pegasus, with issues....

On to Equestria for answers!

Doing pretty good so far overall. Going through the fissure must have repaired the spell that started it all (hence no magic).
Maybe Sam will get a taste now she's in a magic conducive environment?
Keep going! ;)

Well now I have no use for that pony tf ray that I've been working on
P.S. Don't go in the basement

Is this story a dead one? I'm very tempted to read this, however, I'd kind alike to know whether or not this would ever be updated in the near future, as it hadn't been updated in a long time, and the author hasn't been active for a while either.

Let's see: Human turning into ponies, check.

A former human who believes she might be responsible, check.

A pony with the ability to warp err grant wishes? Nope.

Yes, i did not copy this story, thank the sun and moon. Also my story just has seven humans becoming ponies.

If aurora thinks in metric wouldn't she have said kilometres per hour instead of miles?

Hmmmm... This is kind of interesting. I hope it gets continued one day.

Please tell me you did not give up on this one, it is the most buitiful human fic I have read with the most unique and interesting concepts that include time travel And both views of caricature! In fact I would even say this one tops first pony view when it comes down to it. All I can say is that I hope... maybe the next chapter in this absolutely fantastic story may indeed come out one day. Also, if you do leave it off on this chapter... thanks for getting this far and letting our imaginations wander! :twilightsheepish:

Please tell me that it goes on soon! Or... sometime

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