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My name is... Or at least I think it is, Leslie. It might be Aurora Drift now, it's hard to tell.

One day the world of earth stopped being the mundane place humanity was used to, as a crack in reality spread magic across the world. Humans began turning into ponies everywhere, and for a while I thought that was what had happened to me too. But memories I wouldn't think belonged to me keep trying to prove me wrong. They aren't very good memories, and I think I caused the entire mess in the first place.

I haven't let anyone know yet, it's hard to accept for myself. Fortunately, humans are way too busy trying to find a way to adjust to the ponies amongst their society to try and find the one responsible.

-- This story is currently undergoing revisions as I try to make it better and more enjoyable for everyone. please bear with me. Next update is probably a few months away, but I will be rewriting every current chapter to make it easier to read, better written, funner, and more consistent. --

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Twilight is beaten, at the end of her own story, and wonders where she went wrong. What she does not plan on, is a chance to use powerful magic that allows her to redo her entire life with all her present knowledge. How will history change if Twilight repeats her life, this time with the knowledge of a full grown mare with huge reserves of arcane power? Set in an alternate Equestria featuring a much darker and slightly evil Twilight.

Chapters (2)
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