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In the wake of losing almost all of humanity, a road trip is planned. Spending the apocalypse alone isn't fun, especially as a horse. This is my telling of how we went from the Rocket City to the Rockies with some friends to find some more friends so that maybe we could try to find more people.

Maybe in the process we can try to put something that resembles civilization back together.

[A Last Pony on Earth Side Story]

Chapters (3)
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And another side of the... prism is released. I'm going to have so much fun tracking this subset of stories. I need to add Earth Pony to my mental roster for this gaggle.

I like your style of story telling. Immersive, a bit introspective you can feel Qesun's emotions. Not quite the dog of action Cap Wolf is, but more a stallion of caution is what I can draw of him so far...

Speaking of; I'm thinking geography or urban planning looking at that cutie mark.

Urban Planning and Remote Sensing/Geographical Information Systems.
I'm glad the cautious nature came across well.

6127750 Huzzah! Got it in one! Never did get to take that Remote Sensing class. Clashed with biostats. Never spent a long time on GIS either. Qesun would love that new satellite on the ISS. Gonna have to do things the old fashion way with the state of the world, though.

Hmmmm... how strange. It seems as though becoming a pony forces him to not swear... interesting.

not a mare

:pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp:

But seriously these end of world stories are cute. Glad it's giving you a reason to write!

But hey, I stopped being so worried about what people thought of my writing long enough to actually give it a shot, so there's that.

I see no reason to be worried about that after reading this. I have this deep fear that the next story I see added to the group is going to be barely passable writing that's going to be a pain to read if I want to stay current on the happenings of the universe at large. Count me relieved, your writing is great. Now, how are you as a storyteller? Takes longer than one chapter, so no way to know yet. Impress us.

You've got some stuff going for you.
-- Earth pony, represent! We don't have enough of those.
-- Has a cutie mark already! Most protagonists don't seem to have these starting out, so beginning with one here is awesome.
-- Knows about wilderness survival. All those camping supplies suggest a type of survival we haven't seen in many other stories. The main one had characters trying to hold onto city life, instead of roughing it a little. I look forward to seeing characters try a different lifestyle here.

Doing good so far. Let's see where this story takes us. Well, I guess we kinda know the ultimate destination. Let's see the journey, anyway.

I think this might be one of those ones that whatshisface was worried about.
Ya know.... those never updated ones.

Your pessimism is showing. I have a chapter done and another I'm in the middle of. My prereaders have just been busy and haven't been able to go through and proof my work yet. So until they have enough time freed up to look me through, I can still write.

And as much as I would love to be able to release chapters as often as Starscribe, ultimately I still have a number of obligations I have to uphold besides this. My work is ultimately going to be slower then that of others even when things do go smoothly.

I'm sorry for the wait, but it is what it is.

Alright! Good to see an update, I know how it can be when everything works against that.

You seem to be getting into the flow, it's already much smoother than the first chapter. It also contains parts that are genuinely funny, that's always the hardest part to pull off. Wolf's entrance especially is great in almost its entirety.

Your pacing is still really fast, maybe a little too fast. But then again, this is probably interdependent on the other stories that hook into this one. That's actually going to be interesting to see how your mutual pacing develops. What I miss is the 'shock and despair' part... but then again, I can just suspend my disbelief when the story focuses so much on the character interaction and road movie part. It has a destinct MLP feeling to it so far, despite all the necessary weirdness. And the story has a purpose and a destination, that's good!

And earth pony!

So yeah, keep stumbling and falling over your own hooves trotting!

Nice to see the group starting to come together! I've been eagerly anticipating more of this particular project, and you didn't disappoint.

And no matter what anyone else says, Fury Road in IMAX was a totally worthwhile way to spend one of the last days before the power grid fails. :pinkiehappy:

I'm kinda fascinated by Qesun's inability to curse. I don't think anypony else in this setting has demonstrated a similar issue, so I'm wondering if it might be a psychological block. "I look like a cartoon horse. Cartoon horses don't swear. I shouldn't swear. No matter how much I might want to!"

Smiles were hard to find in the current happiness economy.

Really liked that line.

“Ok, correction, how am I not dead?”

Yay Earth Pony!

“Evidently you’re made of tungsten under all that fluff.”

And this is where I cracked up.

Alright, this just went from good to great. Don't worry too much about the delay if you can keep the chapter length and quality. Really liked everything about this part. Still, Wolf trying out predator-prey relation to make him run was glorious.

This is getting interesting... I can't wait for the new chapter now! Good job, friend ;)

The weren’t exactly hands,
They weren’t exactly hands,

(though I was beginning to notice how oddly adept it was at it).
(though I was beginning to notice how oddly adept I was at it).

We’d found him after a local flood years.
We’d found him after a local flood years ago.

Dear gog

Yes... Yes! Moar!

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