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After the worst day of his life so far, a slightly depressive everyday schmoe finds his life hurled through a plate glass window. Now he's all scaley, and not entirely sure he's a he, and his friends are an ocean and a continent away!

Find out how things got worse.

[A Last Pony on Earth Side Story]

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And the fourth third rears it's head! And it's scaley! You guys are lucking out on the extra girly colours, aren't you? Anyway, a slightly panicky and a trace unobservant dragon joins the roster. I'm... holding out slightly less hope for White now that I've seen how panicky he can be. Trying to pilot an aircraft without training and panicky? It can work out, but still...

I get all my panicing out in one go, mostly. Better than bottling it up!

That is one adorable picture of a rather ugly dragoness.

Then again, I don't think anybody looks their best when seeing a new reflection in the mirror. :twilightoops:

Oh, and:

Either being a gay atheist was the pinnacle of sin, or this wasn’t the rapture.

I have no idea quite why, but that line made me crack up.

6131166 And now I've got the RWBY song in my head.
'Mirror, tell me something....'

6131168 You should bottle that panic. With so few survivors, we might need the surplus.

6131173 I'm still waiting for someone to say 'the Mayans were right?' And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought dragoness.

I'm chalking it up to someone altering the design from my original sketch rather than it being an ugly-looking dragon-like creature.

Two…. eeeeh, forget about two….

And three, I miss the songs. Those folks from...

Is this my penance for being a gay atheist?

If it is, I think I need to make some lifestyle changes, because this seems awesome.

The door handle was JUST out of reach.

So does that mean we've got Spike-sized dragon here? He(? A very feminine dragon if so. I'll go with it for now anyway.) looked a little more mature in the image, though I guess it's hard to tell for sure. Seemed pretty confirmed by later text and things that happened.

A couple of thoughts I had during the story.
1.First, our gay atheist had a fair bit of religious talk down in the middle there. Maybe had a religious upbringing but rejected that stuff later on. All that sin talk and stuff sounds like personal knowledge.
2. First openly LGBT main character, yay! I don't count any of the ones who got TGed, since none of them were transgender before the Event... that we know. Also jury's still out on Alex in the main story, since we don't know their sex.
3. To point two: This puts us in an interesting place I look forward to seeing later, since we know from the MEGATHREAD that his boyfriend is no longer male. I look forward to seeing their relationship now. So far as I know, there's nothing to alter orientation in that transformation, but there's also a ton of new hormones in a new body that might have all kinds of consequences. Almost certainly any dragon-pony pairing would fail to produce offspring without some serious magical mojo. Even then, hybrids (like most hybrids) are likely to be inferior to their parents genetically in both ways, and sterile. The sad, genetic truth.

Though it may not be relevant if they're both female anyway, which I see as a distinct possibility. The megathread doesn't specify the sex of the non-tribe characters, so I'm not sure. The drawing seems to suggest in any case.

I think that long point's just my way of saying I'm excited to see how this plays out. Some real drama material right here.

4. Danger zone on including dragons. I expressed concerns about people having dragons in stories, because I fear dragons would be like alicorns, becoming too important to the overall universe. Tom is almost certainly going to vastly outlive his companions (Are we 100% on the sex? Reptile organs are weird, might not know what you were at first). I guess it's not a terrible concern since a young dragon is likely to have a very, very long time before they get to the world-shaking power of the elders we see in MLP. Still, this isn't out of the timescale of the universe (the epilogue in particular will explore the potential future for a reset world full of ponies), so it's something you should think about. Don't abuse that dragon power.

Looks good so far, though! Another interesting angle to explore. Let's see where it takes us.


Eh, fair enough.

The current one does look a bit like a person in a jumpsuit with bad prosthetic, but I'm quite willing to believe that's just a bad face from her worst angle.

The picture itself is literally technically nice, though. Don't get me wrong about that. Nice clean lines, so don't give up on that artist quite yet.

6133059 As far as I was aware, Neon is very much male. (White is currently out to lunch on that. Personally, I'm pretty genderfluid, so that'd probably be the LEAST concerned with genitalia.)

As for the earthshattering powers of dragonkind, White is not a very greedy person. In fact, they're the opposite. Which makes them bad at dragoning until the alleure takes hold.

You have my attention!
One thing: gymru should be cymru
Didn't notice anything else and that one only because I've lived there (Bangor, to be specific).

Anyway, I like how all this shapes up! That steam conversation seen from several sides was surprisingly not-boring :)
Good job so far, here's to hoping the little dragon didn't set fire to the house by setting fire to the trash can? Although, come to think of it...
Do carry on!

6134152 Gymru/cymru depends on the region you're from. But hey, you cared enough to say it, and thats more than most people care about Wales!

I have to admit, that Steam based greed attack had me in stitches for a bit. :pinkiehappy:

...The car less so. :pinkiesad2:

Good bit of perspective on that. Really clever way of turning it around and show that it was still theft despite being played for laughs the first time. Made me think for a bit longer than I thought I would.

And saying 'sorry' to the empty house was a very nice touch. Made him feel very human and small, for all his fangs and scales. :raritycry:

Very nice chapter. I really hope to see this continued now.

One also wondered how long it'll take him to notice that he's almost certainly grown after those attacks.

But that wasn’t the point. They were MINE.

I really, really like this story. Very original. This chapter was also quite a bit better than the first one and your protagonist just became a very real person. Good job! Do go on.

Was excited to see an update, even if it was a long time in coming. Parents must have some pretty hefty bank accounts in order to buy all that. At last count, I believe getting every single game cost something like $22,000. Though I don't think that count actually included DLCs...

Greed is greed is greed is greed is...

Hopefully not too much. Wouldn't want to end up like Spike. Though wings might be easier to learn than flying a jumbo-jet. Probably would be. Would be a pain to figure out what to do when you got to the other end, though... Who would have the self-disicipline to un-greed themselves.

Well... that's one hell of an awkward way to wake up. Very nice so far. :)

Dragon greed, goddamit. And those final words, whoa. Looking forward to more!

Oh YES! Wonderful chapter! I'll have to have a minute of silence for the single malt though. At least it went in style, Welsh whisky burned by a Welsh Dragon. Plus cats. Cats always improve every story.
This keeps getting better and better, deliver another chapter like this and your story is going from tracking to favourite ;)

And now I thought about it, there was my complete collection of Discworld books, all signed by the author himself.


Can't have a proper send off without a bonfire, I suppose.

6450326 I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing then! AND NO. MY BOOKS. MINE. *hiss*

I'm debating sending White off to get the only existing copy of The Shepards Crown.

6451360 Please do go on, yes.
Oh, and you may want to edit your story description:

and a contenant away

6402121 awkward way to wake up? My family duct taped me by my boots to the ceiling in the living room. I took half the ceiling with me when I fell. Woke up a second before land fall now that is an awkward way to wake up especially since I broke the floor with my face. Moral of the story? Don't pass out at your parents house.

6567446 it's welsh, my friend! This IS set in Wales, after all. Welsh is the oldest living form of Celtic dialect, and shares several similarities with Gaelic.

Fun story with nice storytelling. But coming from Starscribe's stories both the part of being a dragon and having four transformed humans who knew each other meeting the day after the Event bothers me.

What bothers you so much about a dragon? White's a tiny little thing who's going to take many, many, many years to mature and be of any use. I could understand if they started off as a giant, walking, armored arsenal, but White is a tiny, neurotic, nervous wreck.

As for your other concern, the internet is a very big place. Or you can say "destiny" or "magic" or whatever suits you, though I personally subscribe to "co-incidence". It certainly makes for a more interesting plot than yet another "Lone , angsty, wandering drifter" story.

6918695 On the dragon part was because the restrictions Starscribe places beforehand, but since he already approved your story that argumant doesn't hold water anymore, does it?

On the second part, I know the Internet is a big place. And maybe I didn't place it myself, but it's fine for a handful of people to meet in the internet the day after the Event: the main problem is that the quartet already knew each other before he Event, to the point one was the protagonist's boyfriend. That wasn't fate, or "co-incidence" (sic). That's just plain bad writing. You could perfecctly have given your protagonist motives while presenting him other people to have the same plot without the contrivance.

The worst part is that I like Daniel's reactions later, how animals are now reacting to him, and how hoarding is affecting his mind, how many his "essentials" are for traveling.

6921973 So you're willing to let an issue with the premise soil your view of the whole story? (also, not sure where you got "Daniel" from)

In regards to the Dragon non-issue, yes. Star approved the story and has White show up in the main story.

And since this story is part of the wider PaP universe, there could very well be some external force at play. It's noted that people who remain after the event are those who can handle the change and have some role to play. A group of people that knew each other beforehand still fit both of those criteria.

The fact of the matter is this is the story I wanted to tell, and part of the reason why is because it ties heavily into the stories my friends are telling. Though I'll take it as high praise that this is the only issue you have with it.

Emotional Chapter. A lot of hard facts to deal with.

Huh. Well, that was depressing. Poor guy.

“You could have been killed!”
“Yes, but let’s focus on the part where I VOMIT FIRE when I’m anxious.”
“But you’re anxious like, all the time!”
“It only seems to really surface when I’m at my worst.”
“So in other words… it only shows up when it can make the situation worse.”

“Well, you picked up those drill bits, right? Try gnawing on them when you feel bad.”

Some chuckles to be had at least. :twilightsmile: Loved this passage.

And Queen. Queen makes everything better. Now I'm looking very much forward to him getting to Manchester airport; that place is huge.

And thus we learn a little more about what being a dragon is like.


Indeed. :moustache:

What's sad is that I had totally forgotten about how much Dragons love Gems, until the thing with the drill bits, where I went "Oh shit they're DIAMOND TIPPED!!"

This. Is. Cool.
I chuckled all the way through the service station cooking experiment, though of course that paled against the jewelry shop. Using molten gold as coolant after using a steady stream of superheated plasma to reduce a building to slag, steam and a whiff of ozone.
White The Welsh Dragon YAY!

Wait... A Homestuck fan, and a Discworld fan as well? Omg, you're cool in my books.


Oh, hey there, Death, nice to meet you... *Faints*


Um so I got an update email about chapter 6 and I checked it not too long after I got it but I didn't see the chapter anywhere so I waited in case it was just delayed but I still don't see it, did the author unpublish it for some reason? Or is this some kind of bug? And if it is a bug can someone let me know how to fix it?

Hey there! Yeah, I published the latest chapter. I pulled it down almost immediately afterwards after I noticed a pretty gaping flaw. It didn't meet my standards, but it should be up again in a few days.

Sorry for the confusion!

Only one thing left to do... Get a boat!

SO glad to read a new chapter! I thought it was dead, and I am VERY glad that I was wrong!

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