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Well, I guess you found me. Here you'll find some below average to average writing and a fan of Star Wars.


After May 23, humanity was a shell of its former self. Its entire population transformed, those who used to call themselves humans have to survive in an empty world.

Samuel Hunt was driving home before the Event, now he's a zebra in a place he wasn't before. Sam has to learn how to live in this new world now, and maybe even save it.

Set in the Ponies after People universe
Cover image by the amazing Raster Dreams
Chapter 3 edited by Two Bit

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 24 )

Was a bit put off by the way he took it in stride in the first part, then you came up with the brilliant line about 'compartmentalizing the crazy' and that saved it. Nicely done. And Jess' entry was nice too.
So possible spell glitches may be spatial displacement as well? Interesting.
You have my attention.

Four months in, and heading to Philadelphia?

That puts them not long before their settlement is torched, right? Odium's cult possibly already in place doing whatever they were doing with those runes or soon to arrive? Getting found by Jess might not turn out to be particularly good luck...

Just so you know, I do have a zebra that will appear in my story at some point. Her zebra abilities basically boiled down to "instinctive medical knowledge" to the point where she was creeped out by what she knew.

6400648 I have something along the same lines, not the same I guess but similar.

6400584 Exactly.

6400234 Woo Hoo! I'm glad I'm grabbing so much attention :)

Jess stopped mid scrub and looked at the blanket, then at the pegasus.

Pegasus? I didn't see anything about wings on Sam before this, and I always thought zebras were considered a separate race, so I'm guessing this was a typo.

Anyway, off to a very interesting start! Will definitely be watching this one.

(I should really start a separate bookshelf with all the Ponies After People fics I'm following …)

6401729 THAAAANK YOU! Yeah, definitely a typo from a previous version

6401831 Glad to be of assistance! :twilightsmile:

You have my attention. Continue.

At least if/when the LPoE universe gets its stuff together enough to have sports teams again, Sam can get work as a ref.

6402255 it's his calling...

"In various nooks and crannies, Carol found three bottles of water of varying amounts of water..."

Carol, huh? I know they're both bat-pones, but I'm assuming they're not the same pony... are they? :rainbowhuh: Also, I'm curious about how he ended up moving through space, since that isn't something that normally happens to ponies. I'm curious to see if that's something that's explained later. At any rate, except for a few minor mechanical errors (a few typos, some weird grammar), this was very well done and I look forward to more!

6403400 damn, that shouldn't be there. Thanks for pointing that out!

So are all (or many) unicorns destined to be :yay:holes in the LPoE universe or is he a dick just because he doesn't like batponies? Tune in next time to find out!

Drat! Someone beat me to the Zebra protagonist...

Ha! Finally found someone else who knows that stupid Christmas Special song. It's been in my head for years. So annoying... Gah! And I went and looked it up too! Jeeze... why do I torture myself!

Nice start. Amish country, huh? Well, you've got a head start on a place set up to run without most modern conveniences.

6411460 It's going into Philly, but they'll come back out to the country every so often

Okay... Brian has some issues... I hate him already.

6411585 A good hate or a bad hate?

6411396 Sorry friend


Oh well XD

I'll say more when I actually read the story

Ah, a new angle for a story! Somehow it's not at all surprising that racism survives the shift in species unscathed. Well, at least now there are two 'freaks' among the 'ordinary' ponies, they can have the outcast-room together.
Also, chapter two is already a lot smoother than the first one.
This is promising.

First off: your editor's notes are still in there at the very end... might want to delete that.

So, another good chapter! You get that green thumb now.
I really like how you have begun to write the interactions between group members. And somebody just had to barge in when Jess was leaning against Sam. The poor girl just can't catch a break; I've really begun to feel sorry for her.
The whole setup is making me uneasy, like something really bad is lurking somewhere in the future... meaning that you have done your job right. ;)

Very much looking forward to more, now that you seem to have gotten into the flow.

6453011 Oh God, thanks for the save. I didn't even know fimfic did that when importing:twilightoops:. Also thanks for the words of praise and encouragement, it definitely helps with keeping the chapters coming.

Yeah... something seems off here. The suspicious alarm bells are going off. Have way too little information to be certain of anything, but a flags been raised, so notes shall be taken. And Emily is an adorable little food thief, isn't she?

A pity that this story seems to be dead. It was just getting interesting.

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