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More than six thousand years ago, something changed in the universe. At that moment, magic burst forth from the galactic core and would have wiped out Humanity had it not been for the intervention of Equestria. It did not go down easy. For Sarah, that time seems like only a month ago. She seeks peace of mind and a place in the world now.

[ Side story to Last Pony on Earth ]

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You have my attention! I do believe you've just stolen the title of furthest-future story from Northland. ;)

While most ponies went along with their days, it still left Sarah feeling incredibly self-conscious, prompting her to get several light dresses.

This sentence seems to be missing something. I figured that it's talking about most ponies going without clothes, but it's not quite spelled out.

That's some interesting concepts I'll give you that. I did have my own idea for a group just calling themselves the rangers


Here's your cookie....

Celefin has been usurped as Longest Futuresnap and with style. Six grand, huh? The world building so far is pretty interesting. While I did think about moving out of cities and trafficked areas to avoid the displaced cars, the 'training unicorns to react' part is interesting. And clever. Can't wait to see what else your expanding world has to offer.

Here's hoping Sarah finds someone she knows, or at least someone who knew someone she knows.

Funny thing is that I couldn't help but think of how similar the Arbor Society is to the Mormons. The Mormons have very extensive genealogical records, and in fact they are the ones that run Ancestry.com. Is the name of the group a reference to how they help you rebuild your "family tree"?

I did, in fact, accidentally something there. But yea, that's what I was referring to. Thanks for catching that, I fixed it.

Cities often ended up where they were for some reason or another. In cases where it was due to it being a nice place, fertile, or other features that makes it a really nice spot, people might be more remiss about moving away from it and would have to take additional methods to protect themselves and others.

I may have to look into that later sooner. It's not something I was aware of.

6476921 Yeah, I have a few Mormon relatives, and my understanding is that they believe they can, and I am probably bastardizing it here, retroactively save their non-Mormon relatives and let them into the Mormon afterlife. This is partially because they are such a new religion. I don't think they are miracle workers in regards to going back more than a couple generations though. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the Society is more of a temporal telegram service at this point in time than anything else.

6476675 "HMPH!"
Damn, now some of my ideas for a story like this will seem copied. Grml.

There we go, boldly going into the future. Congratulations on the story furthest into the future by far! Kept it pretty vague about the setting, but that might be for the best. If it's not really a story about the setting of the future aside from the society, then no reason to go into detail about them. What an awesome idea for a group! SO many people have mentioned preserving humanity in their stories, but I think preserving records of peoples' families will be just as interesting. Assuming they can actually be kept. That will be the interesting part. Let's find out!

I'm interesting to see how they tell the difference between all the, say "John Smiths" that return. Hopefully they use more than name...

Alright! this was somehow completely different than I imagined and in a very good way!

Banking proved to be profitable. Practices required to protect people’s valuables doubled as ways to protect valuable records.

For some reason this reminded me of the Rothschilds if they had branched out into archiving services, something that definitely could have been a profitable venture in the time of their ascension. Your basic idea of how to actually start a business on the combination of the two is great.

Your main character feels alive and the setting feels real in its non-glamorous way. Industrialization is making a return as it would seem and you can feel her underlying dread at having to join those more unfortunate ponies in the not too distant future as a lonely, anonymous being. And of course the unicorns are the ones at the top already. At least that's how I read this.

Oh and the idea with the wisps is perfect.
You have my attention!

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