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“Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.” -Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote


This story is a sequel to Myriad Thoughts

Sometimes, events don't go the way they were supposed to. Sometimes, it's hard to incorporate small pieces into a larger whole. Sunset Shimmer's arrival on Terra has resulted in a lot of changes to the world, and there are a lot of small stories which rise from her myriad deeds and started fires.

These short stories are snippets of life in the Myriadverse. Some are large tales that will take multiple chapters to script out, others are just brief glimpses into the past or motivations for various characters. A few explain the lives of people who are touched- directly or indirectly- by Equestria.

If you haven't caught up on the two main stories in this 'verse, (Myriad Thoughts and/or Sparks Catch) you'll want to look at the first 3 letters to determine where a story fits. The key is below.

SE- Supporting evidence, files, experiments, and notes. Have no chronological place, with perhaps minor spoilers. Usually just fluff.
BEQ- Set before the first Equestria Girls movie. These stories will mostly deal with Sunset's past, but some will deal with other characters or the history of the characters seen in this 'verse.
BMT- Set before Myriad Thoughts, but after the first Equestria Girls Movie.
AMT- Set after Myriad Thoughts, but before Sparks Catch. Note that these stories can also occur in the one month gap between the last of the five days of Anon-A-Miss and the sleepover at New Years.
ASC- Set after Sparks Catch, but before the Friendship Games.

Cover art by PixelKitties. Used without permission.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 60 )

This was quite well-done. I'm really interested to see what we may learn about Granny Smith in this story...

And of course, I'm also interested to see what other tales may be told here too...

I sat up and took notice at the mention of "Chrissy." And then I sat up again at the mention of "Faust files". XD Great work!


"Yes. Too important for just the two of us. Get ready to share your office, you little wanker; I'm getting the A-team together."

Schadenfreude grinned. "The Auditor-Team? Wonderful."

Perfect ending!

Luna would probably have given her crown to see that exchange.

Don’t think I’ve seen human Blueblood who wasn’t a tool.

Oooh, a competent and nice Blueblood? I love it when fics do this.


Yeah, well- he was once. He got better.
We'll see more of his backstory later.

I'm liking your version of Blueblood, Tale. You have my attention.
Mainly because you write your Bluey much the way I do mine... as an actually caring, intelligent person, and not a stuck-up spoiled brat or buffoon.

He, Rarity and Applejack are actually very good friends in my l'il headcanon 'verses.

Well... after he does a little groveling and apologizing to them both for what happened at that first Gala, of course.

And the crack he made about AJ's fritters and treats at that first GGG that they and the other girls and Spike went to in Season 1?
Totally and completely false.
He absolutely adores Apple Family food and is (not-so-) secretly addicted (but not in a bad way) to Granny Smith's fritters, and has a standing bi-weekly order for several dozen of them.
He also has a weekly standing one for at least three dozen of ones that AJ herself has made.

He also makes a secret trip at least twice a week to Sweet Apple Acres to help out around the farm and have dinner with them afterwards.
And Apple Bloom adores her honorary "Big Brother Bluey" as much as he does her.

Looking forward to the later chapters, and I'm looking forward to that!

Too be honest I don't even mind when he's portrayed in a negative way the problem is when he's portrayed as an idiot to such cartoonishly ridiculous extremes just so he can be served up as an easy win for the protagonist.

The cover pic implies gohstbusters
But this chapter is diffent from expected
Good start though

Does Granny Smith have a godchild named "Note Spelling"? :trollestia:

He's working with Schadenfreude. That's already all the backstory needed to understand. :scootangel:

On that note, you're really making this your personal playground, aren't you? Discworld, Schaden and who knows how many more hidden and less hidden references... I'm looking forward to seeing how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Your mistake. The rabbit hole doesn't just lead down to a single cave.
Welcome to the Warrens, my friend. You'll lose yourself down here, if you'e not careful.

Eh, I was just looking for a pic of Sunset at a campfire. Then I found this picture, and thought it silly enough to use.


Turns to look at subconscious. We named her after Granny Weatherwax, didn't we?
Subconscious: Are you just now figuring that out?

Huh. I was thinking Granny Smith sounded really familiar, and you just reminded me of who it was.

Oh hey, you finally used Schaden! Neat.

I just noticed that Sci-Twi is wearing a proton pack.

Considering granny probably comes from prohibition era, and makes cider, it makes sense for her to be this cautious. Nice job with that btw

Shit hitting fan, prepare the wetsuits and shovels.

Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls
Ms. Frizzle from the Magic Schoolbus
Turner is obviously Time Turner, aka Doctor Hooves.
4th one I am drawing a blank on.

Celestia blinked. "I don't want to know how you know about the third one. Regardless, both Dr. Bunsen Burner and Mr. Parabola resigned last week. Both refused to continue working in an institute which-"

"Dr. Bunsen" makes me think of the Muppets. Which is just ironic, given the experiments that Dr. Honeydew got up to there. XD

"Cipher is kookier than I am, but he's used to weird, and he's undeniably brilliant. It might be hard to get him away from the North West, though. He's actually an alternate physics candidate, in case you don't want me around."

Uh... no, don't hire that guy. Something tells me he'd be seriously bad news. :twilightoops:

"Valence Frizzle is the only "normal" educator of the bunch, but she's got enough kooky ideas to keep up with any of the kids. Turner is more of a prodigy than anything else; he's more of a tinkerer than a teacher, but he does know his stuff. Finally, Sadi Au'nyssia is probably the best classically trained chemist I know. He's devious and clever, but would be willing to keep his silence about anything he might see."

Ms. Frizzle, Dr. Who/Dr. Whooves, and - I have no idea who that last one is. XD Discworld reference? I have no idea.

Damn, love the teacher line-up....but I PRAY that Cipher doesn't gain anything close to his triangular counterpart in powers.

If he was anything like the real Dr Honeydew he would have lost his job immediately when his TA got shot through a wall or blow up or similar.

"I'd love to come over, pi tweed, really I would, but I don't think you understand the Gravity of the situation I'm in. Let's just say that there's some weirdness going on here in Oregon that's keeping me pretty solidly anchored. Gotta hang up now, business to deal with, kids to teach valuable life lessons, arrivediscord~"


As I said, Candidate #4 is quite obscure; he's a supporting character from an under-appreciated book series. I suspect no-one will recognize him.
As a hint, however; calling him a "him" may not be entirely accurate. In his original story, he's a eunuch.

I suspect he would end up much like Mr. Discord: high but not unreasonable power level, and certainly nowhere as broken as their more infamous counterparts.

I'm considering, if I ever add Cipher to the story proper, making his power Deal.
Essentially, he has substantial reality warping powers- but he can only use them to fulfill or collect on a deal made with another person. And he has to obey the will of the deal-maker. Kind of like a mutual genie.

I'm going to give this a try.
Cipher - Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls
Turner - Time Turner
Valence Frizzle - Ms. Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus
Sadi Au'nyssia - Sadi from The Belgariad Series

DING DING DING! You got it!
Now, who should be the new Chemistry Teacher?

Oof. This is a tough decision. I guess I'll have to go with a childhood favorite.
Ms. Frizzle!

Now I just need to figure out what power I should give her...


It's connected to her bus, obviously. She can do anything and go anywhere as long as she's in the driver's seat.

I'm going to have to rein that in a bit, but I like the concept.
I think I'll call it Drive.

Dotted line let out a small cough. "Actually, Mr. Schadenfreude, magic is not entirely unknown to the British Government." As faces turned to look at him, he smiled. "Granted, the only artifacts which confirm its existence are carefully kept state secrets-"


This was awesome. The A-Team is here, hooray! :pinkiehappy:

I'm okay with bureaucrats so long as they're badass. And if this group includes Harshwhinny, then they qualify by proximity.

If I wasn’t in class right now, I’d be giggling like a madman. I am SO looking forward to seeing where this goes.


Of course you had to bring in Dotted Line. And just when I'd gotten over seeing Idol. You are an evil, smarmy bastard who thinks he's smarter than he is, only we both know you're exactly that smart and then some, aren't you? :facehoof:

...I'm keeping my eyes on you.

Excellent new chapter, Tale, and I'm looking forward to more.

And as to this?

"We've already got one brown-nosed bureaucrat digging at us, but Celestia and Luna have asked me to shred him."

Oh, I would just love to be a fly on the wall to witness Harshwhinny taking Stayn apart, and the aftermath.

I almost feel sorry for the poor sap.


Also, an internet cookie who can identify the three new cameos in this chapter.

Three new cameos? Who's the third? There's Dotted Line (from something I'm unaware of], Unity LeJean [from Discworld?], and who?

They're mentioned, but not present.

Also, identifying Dotted Line is not going to be too hard; his story appears on this site.

Good eye with Unity, though.

Oh my Lord, beauracracy actually being used secretly for good instead of greed. I approve.

Oh duh, I can't believe that I forgot about Bone Marrow. Although I also can't place his source, he certainly sounds like he has become a Lich (doubt it is from WoW or Adventure Time).

Amusingly that can have the most disastrous results at times. The Great Depression was caused by a consortium of bankers and similar that agreed to alter the gold rate slightly to prevent all the money in the world going to the US which was becoming wealthier than most of Europe combined.

Huh, honestly forgot that one. I was referring to the more modern sense. This is good intentions that are thought out, the gold issue was with good intentions but not thought out to account for other market reactions to the shift in immediate. Still, nowadays most times it seems gov can only help itself by ruining others.

On that I can’t disagree. There are a few gems but they seem very much in the minority regardless of party affiliations.

Best lines for it-"The Devil you know and the Devil you don't", "All actions are seen the same in the end, regardless of why they started. All anyone will care about is the end", "Poison or a bullet. You die either way, but only one can you make be an instant.", and "The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the plans were made by the ones who couldn't care either way,"

All point to the view I have. Nothing is black and white, it's all about perspective of where you stand and awareness of where others are in the path you cut.

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