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Everything was fine for Tyler Herg when it came to where he wanted to go in life. He just finished getting an Associates Degree in engineering, he had a part time job at a local dealership, and he was more then ready to take those vacation days and use them. Of course like most things in life, we tend to have something come and put a small hiccup in plans.

Though, calling the entire continent being turned into magical pastel ponies is not exactly what Tyler would call a "small hiccup".

Now turned into an Earth Pony, Tyler finds himself in a more precarious situation then he thought he'd ever be in. Having to help his sister raise seven children after the madness settled down in his home. With various new problems in the world and a newly revealed organization looming over their heads, Tyler just hopes that he'll be up to the task.

An aftermath/side story to the ever popular Trilogy "Cool Story Bro... Needs more Ponies."
Rated Teen for Language.

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Congrats on being first fanfic in the group

Grag... why do you always insist on beating me? This is the third time you've beaten me to a goal I've set for a verse and group we are in :rainbowlaugh:

6859258 And gosh darn it, Bluey! Stealing first comment too! Have you two no SHAME!?

Anyway, drama aside: I like this so far. The tone is great and the slice of life-ness has been set up quite well. Tyler seems like an interesting character. Maybe he should start his own contracting business in the future. The title promises a lot of shenanigans for the future, that's for sure. Very good introductory chapter. Sets the atmosphere, gives us a glimpse into the personality of our MC as well as the first looks at one of those we'll be seeing often. It was easy to read and immersive too.

That’s why I was even bothering to enter Stillwater with my array of tools. College rivalries go pretty far, and I was an OU Sooner all the way. The Pokes can kiss my- Er... distracted again. Sorry.

Texas.... bub:trixieshiftleft:

6859423 That is yet another rival that is involved with both OSU and OU. I can assure you, that the OSU and OU rivalry exists. It has become one of my grandfather's triggers.


I dont really care for sports myself

6859481 Neither am I, but I know a great deal about the town I live in. XD

I like the original story...Hope this story doesn't die.

I've never met a ripped farmer though I have met fat farmers and skinny ones. plus you used the word ethical wrong. You might have meant efficient.
Not very ethical given half the roads were dirt.
Ethics are like morals. Like stealing is bad blah blah.

6861814 Thanks for pointing that out. I was working on a college paper at the same time, so that's probably why ethical got in there.

Interesting story so far, I am look forward to see more of this soon

Just found out about this universe and am now up to date with all the stories. Great story and I will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

I'm glad to finally see side-stories for this universe pop up. I'm curious to see where you take it, especially as you no long are working on your other story in the OC-verse...

It could be worse. I get the feeling that Cassandra will be a total witch in his story. Great to see this updating and looking forward to more chapters!

I really should start writing my own story for this verse. Any ideas are welcome.

Huh. Having something you wanted thrust upon you. At least they might get some government assistance in fixing up the house.

Of Course! Running an orphanage isn't hard enough! How about you getting into it unwillingly?

This is great, I first I wasn't sure where the story was going, but now with a precipitated charged of several foals to to the guys sister that have no relation to her and that she didn't expect so many so soon, this is going to be a heartthrob of an experience for everyone in this. I wander why their are so many orphans all the sodden? I could imagine that some parents got killed by accident while they where transforming, or that they might have consumed medications that didn't agree with their new pony physiologic, or that some couldn't take their new circumstances and just broke down and where not able to adequately take care of their children at the moment and didn't had any family near by to help take care of their their children. Also how long do I have to offer an oc for your story?

You need foals *grins*

Give me a day and ill have someone for yiu

7082892 Okay, I'll be honest, that sounded REALLY creepy in my head. XD

Incan make kids for your fic dont worry

How is the next chapter progressing for you?

7482830 Slow. It has actually been much harder to do than I thought it would be. It's still going to happen, but it will be a bit.

there isn't going to be anymore of this story is there?

So the kids have arrived! Great to see this story back and let's see how all the kids adjust to their new environment!

Nice to see an other chapter of this nice story, I was really oping to see more of this interesting story premise. Well they seem to have their work cut out for them with special cases, I am curious to see what will happen next. I would have thought that the sea pony would have at least access to a lake at least to have some space to stretch.

I wonder when my OC will appear in the story.

Ah, the kids start to arrive. Or would they be foals?

That is awesome and great news. Also... how will you keep the other foals from trying to swim with the sea pony? Or will the sea pony want to have friends swimming with her?

This is exciting and yep, always another project to get done, so how long till the ramp gets installed? I hope the two of them get better. Especially Brianna, my heart goes out to her. Still I think this will do well, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Ah the wrath of siblings. This will get good. Hopefully the next arrivals will mesh well with the kids.

Great to see an other chapter so soon, I wonder if what happened to they parents? I can't wait to see more of this story

“Reeeeeealy?” Both Franklin, and My own spine shook in fear as I slowly glanced to the side and spotted Sarah looking at me with a raised eyebrow.


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