• Published 30th Sep 2018
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Her Sunlit Lineage - Graglithan The Greater

Sunset takes a trip back home to visit family, and learns more than she thought she would.

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Temporary Separation

Sunset tapped her foot nervously as she waited at the front of the school. After talking with Twilight, the princess one, last night about her latest idea, she’d gotten a somewhat different reply then she'd expected. It turned out; Applejack was entirely correct about how Twilight felt in regards to some time off from being a princess.

A little... too correct.

Glad she brought her journal with her, Sunset went back to her bag and pulled it out. All of this waiting was starting to make her impatient, but she couldn’t exactly force her friends to show up. She didn’t have the magic or know the spell to summon somepony for that matter. To do so would also probably be a violation of some privacy laws, at least in Equestria.

The sound of a car pulling up got Sunset’s attention, and she smiled as Rarity pulled up to the school. “Sunset, darling! We came as soon as we could.”

Hopping out of the passenger seat, Twilight adjusted her glasses. “Is something wrong? Applejack mentioned that this had something to do with Equestria, but she wouldn’t go into detail.” She paled for a moment as a thought struck her. “I didn’t damage the portal after all did I!?”

Sunset shook her head and laughed a bit at Twilight’s panic, pulling her friend into a quick hug. “No, Twilight, the portal’s fine. I promise.” Letting her lavender friend have some space, Sunset fiddled with the journal in her hands. “I was... just going to head back to Equestria for a bit. To see family.”

“What?” All three of their heads turned as they saw Rainbow run up to the three of them, quickly followed by Pinkie, Applejack, and Fluttershy. “You’re headed back?”

“Yeah, I’ve been feeling kinda homesick lately. It’s been years since I’ve seen my dad, longer than my time here in this world to be honest.” Sunset looked at the journal for a moment before handing it over to Twilight. “I just wanted to let you girls know where I was, in case something happened.”

Pinkie frowned and hummed. “But aren’t you, like, a super wanted pony who’s guilty of treason and was exiled until further notice?” The group collectively shot Pinkie a small glare. “What? She technically is!”

“I wouldn’t worry about that too much,” Sunset smirked as she poked the journal. “I think the last entry in there shows that I got some level of permission.” Seeing their curious looks, and having one of her own, Twilight opened the book and flipped to the last entry. The message that was written there drew a snort from the lavender bookworm, which was soon followed by many snickering faces as they read along.

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU! If I see another petition right now, I’m going to go legitimately insane! I’m already beyond tired from a few recent events, and really would like a break. I don’t care if I just got back from the Crystal Empire, this castle is driving me nuts!

Your friend, Twilight.

Closing the journal, the girls all shared a quick laugh at the expense of the lavender princess. Twilight wiped a stray tear from her eyes and smiled. “Wow, that kinda makes me glad I’m not a princess.”

Sunset snickered and raised an eyebrow. “Right? I can’t believe I wanted that life. After all the complaining I’ve gotten from the princess every time I talk with her, I think getting kicked out of Celestia’s tutelage was probably the best thing to happen to me, and I didn’t even realize it.”

Rainbow smirked a bit and put a hand on Sunset’s shoulder. “Course, we’re pretty sure you’d have preferred not getting a laser to the face.”

“No kidding.” Sunset glanced at her shoulders for a moment, before looking over at the girls. “That reminds me though. While I’m gone, I have a favor to ask.” Seeing their curiosity stoked, the amber teen blushed a bit. “Do you think you can help me figure out how old Celestia is?”

The group all stared at her and blinked for a moment. “Wait... what?”

Applejack tilted her head a bit and scratched behind her ear. “Can’t ya just ask her?”

Rainbow nodded in agreement and waved a hand to the side. “Yeah. Don’t you live with her?”

An indignant gasp escaped Rarity as she frowned at her friends. “Applejack! Rainbow! You two should know better than to ask a lady her age!”

Seeing the three starting to argue, Sunset facepalmed and groaned before putting an end to it with the use of a well-timed clap. “Rarity, this is just so I know what to put on her birthday cake,” The amber teen gestured to Rainbow and Applejack, “and I already tried what they suggested. That’s why I’m even asking this of you girls. Every time I’ve tried to figure out how old she is, Celestia comes up with yet another way to dodge the question, or any digging I do comes up with nothing. Luna’s not much better, but she skipped the wordplay and just jumped out the window.” At their wide eyes and dropped jaws, Sunset raised a hand and pinched her nose. “First floor, not the second.”

“W-well, I can safely say it’s still a tad extreme.” Twilight adjusted her glasses nervously, before taking a quick breath and smiling at Sunset. “I’ll see what I can do, Sunset. I may not have my lab, but I’m still pretty good with a computer.”

“Thanks, girls. This all means a lot to me.” Sunset was quickly pulled into a group hug, getting a laugh out of the girl before she caught sight of the time. “Girls, I need you to let me be free. Twilight’s going to be miffed if I’m late.” All six of them gave a sheepish laugh as they disentangled themselves, and Sunset added one last thing. “And thanks for talking with me before I head through. I... I probably would have chickened out if you hadn’t.”

Rolling her eyes, Applejack started lightly pushing Sunset towards the portal. “C’mon Sunset, you’ll be just fine.”

Walking over, Sunset rested a hand against the shimmering stone surface. “I know, but, I can’t help it. I keep feeling like this is going to cause more problems than it solves, and I won’t be here to help.”

Applejack smiled and gave a thumbs up. “And Ah told you, we got this.”

All Sunset could answer with that wouldn’t keep her from going through was a quick nod. “I trust you.”

As she slipped through the portal and into Equestria, it left her friends standing in the courtyard alone. It also had another effect on the group, one she undoubtedly didn’t intend on causing. The group tensed ever so slightly at her words; an unperceivable, but present shift.

Rainbow coughed into a fist and rubbed the back of her head. “So... does anyone want to hang out or what?”

Rarity nervously picked at her knuckles. “Does anyone have any suggestions?”

Applejack scratched the back of her head, a blush growing on her face. “Ah was gonna head back to the farm and tend to the sprouts. Them seeds Ah got from that other me sure do grow fast.” She frowned and rubbed her chin. “Though, there is those three that have me worried. Lookin’ a might frightening compared ta the rest.”

Rarity hummed as she looked between the statue and somewhere down the road. “I was about to work with that fabric I got before Sunset asked us to come here. I had just finished, er,” Rarity looked nervous for a second before smiling, “brainstorming! Yes, brainstorming.”

“I don’t really have any plans... at least, not anymore.” Fluttershy sighed, looking a bit saddened. “I guess I could go to the animal shelter and see if they need any help, but I already asked the day off... And then there’s Zephyr too.”

“I was going to ask Sunset if she could help me with some of the recipes that Pinkie sent me.” Pinkie pouted a bit with a whimper. “But, since she’s off in Equestria for a while, I guess I can work on them on my own.”

The silence that took over the group was astonishing. For five of them, it served as an eerie reminder of what it was like a month ago, and the sixth couldn’t help but remember the time spent back in Crystal Prep.

So it was with a hint of unease that Twilight smiled a little too widely and stepped out of the group. “Well, I guess I’ll hop on that research Sunset asked us to do. Ready Spike?”

A rustle from her bags preluded a purple and green puppy to stick his head out of the zipper and let out a yawn. “Ready for what?”

A sigh escaped the lavender girl as she felt a small twitch at her lips. I’m still not used to the talking dog part of all this. Though getting actually to get some feedback from Spike is rather nice. Twilight smiled more genuinely, pointed into the air, and started for the town library. “We’ve got some research to do!”

Spike blearily blinked before sighing. “Can’t I take a nap first? You carry me around in your bag all the time, and it’s actually really comfortable in here.”

“Um, Twilight?” Fluttershy immediately turned to join her. “Can I go with you for a bit? My home’s on the way to the library, and I need to check on Zephyr.”

“I don’t see why not.” The lavender bookworm gave a quick nod, and the two were headed down the road and out of sight.

With nothing else to really do and no reason to stay at the school for the day, the others shrugged and went off to do their things, all except for Pinkie Pie. The pink girl stood there looking at each of her friends headed off in different directions before letting out a drawn sigh. “Well, today’s gonna be greeeeeat.” She perked up and inhaled as an idea struck. “I know just the way to solve this funk everyone’s in! I really hope I got enough ingredients though.” In a blur, the last person in the school’s courtyard dashed off to do something known only to the collective essence of The Pink One.

If any of them had stayed behind, they might have caught the few wisps of magic floating from the statue’s base.

Author's Note:

I've had a lot of free time, so I got this chapter done really fast. Next few chapters might be a bit weird when it comes to how I'm thinking of getting this done, but then again, I've never been one to think in a straight line. It's more of a plate of spaghetti at this rate if I'm completely honest with myself. Complete with a few meatballs and a lot of veggies to keep it healthy.

But anyways, please let me know what ya think of the story and where you think it might need a touch of improvement. Or by all means, point out typos.