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Something Different · 9:08pm Jun 24th, 2013

I've been writing in the secrets of the PonyTF general a story that is a lot more different than to what I wrote before.

To summarize in bullets and numbers, here's whats in it:

1. It is inspired by the fantastic game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
2. Since it is based off of such game, it will have gore, hideous monsters (from the game), etc.

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That's because the story was still awaiting authorization from the mods, and I was weird enough to put a password for non-published stories and chapters. Sorry for the confusion. Even I couldn't see it in my own profile until it was accepted.

on your story "time and space with other traits", you need a password to view the story, and yet you have submitted it to several groups. Why have you done this, and if you think it is ok for the public to view, what is the password required to view it? Or is it that it is still in the editing/proofreading stage, and you just want to get it out there that it exists?
EDIT: Nevermind, you removed the password. though, it was weird that there was a story you couldn't see, and didn't show up on the home page of the writer... ...kinda like a ghost.

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