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Nolan Cote, a private eye detective working in a small Victorian town has seen something. Something bad. Science has gone wrong in the deep recesses of the U.S. governments laboratories to find new ways of space travel, using gates powered by an unknown source, discovered by a strange scientist named Denn.

This scientist went mad for unknown reasons, and transformed himself into a dark version of the child friendly cartoon equines of Equestria, renaming himself Dark Light. Nolan, along with a few unexpected visitors, have to stop this mad man, and stop his plans of destroying Equestria, and even Earth at the same time.

The catch is that Earths population is having an outbreak of a 'pony virus', which turns humans into these colorful creatures. Nolan must not only deal with Dark Light, but also his transformations into a unicorn mare. Little does he know about his true past...

So, this is the very first Transformation story that I wrote. The final chapter will be written soon, for I want it to be long, enjoyable, and actually wraps up the story in its whole. You're welcome to read, and say what you want about it.

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“Applebloom, your back early!”

I feel a twinge in my stomach. At least that’s what I told myself.

Subtle! :trixieshiftright:

Sweet! I just found this story and I like where it's going. You set up your scenes well and have a good sense for dramatic tension, just enough to keep me wondering what happens next. I really appreciate you writing this. It's a nice touch on HiE fics.

I laughed out loud when I realized Dark Light plans to literally crush Equestria with our planet's surface. "What, did you think I meant some metaphysical bullshit? Beep beep motherfuckers here comes Atlantis."

Was missing this just the other day. That other transforming into a pony detective story just doesn't compare.

this is quite good. please update this.

Can we get some sort of blog post to know when this story will be updated?
Or at least no longer on hiatus?

lol breaking my brain here. my name is nolan too, so i immediately thought of nolan as me. so when he was insulting bronies, i was really mad at "me", and then i realized what that implied:pinkiecrazy:

Wow this story is really compelling and should be continued, I just can't wait for what happens next for Nolan/Mystery Glass, So please continue this story!


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"Outbreak of a pony virus"
Heh guess Pandemic wasn't the first with that idea

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