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RATED TEEN FOR THE FOLLOWING CONTENT WARNING: The following contains discussion of transphobia and trauma. Reader discretion is advised.

Ink Scroll wasn't always a pony. She was once a human, struggling to survive and thrive as her authentic self. One day, a mysterious magical accident brought her to Equestria. After the initial shock, she became the chief curator of the Ponyville Historical Society and employed by Princess Twilght Sparkle herself. This is her first holiday season in Equestria, and she is alone. That is until a couple visitors appear at her door.

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This was brilliantly done. Heartfelt, emotional, and very relatable (although not trans myself, my disability means I often struggle to fit into the tiny boxes society expects of people). I'd love to see more adventures with this character, but this is a solid Hearth's Warming story.

thank you so much!

No problem. May your time here be long.

My friend, I would just like to say thank you.

As a trans mare myself, with a non accepting family, this time of year is especially difficult. But, you have brought a smile to my face on this day, and for that I truly thank you.
I wish you only the best for your future stories, and Happy Hearthswarming! :twilightsmile:

I'm glad my story could make you happy. Happy Hearth's Warming.

"How could a people as sophisticated as yours have such... backwards tendencies?" Rarity asked, clearly disturbed.

Well its because we dont exactly have a herd mentality Rarity

It was covered in little ornament balls and amusing decorations I bought from a geek shop in Manehattan.

aww Manehattan is such a good place to add all the weird specialty shops we want to exist in Equestria

Apparently, some kind of magical accident involving the fabric of reality brought me to this world of talking pastel-colored horses.

Celestia i wish this were me

By the time I had been sucked into the world of Equestria, I had spent well over six years in museums and laboratories. This is where Princess Twilight Sparkle came into the picture. When she learned of my experiences in the human world, she offered to educate me in Equestrian history and help me connect with the wider historical and archaeological communities in Equestria. This eventually led to being offered the position of chief curator of the Ponyville Historical society in early September, where I have been at ever since.

aww that is so fitting and nice!

"Princess Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Spike, what are y'all doing here?" I asked, my Southern accent coming out.

i wonder if Applejack recognizes a kinship in their accents

"I was going to say conservatively applied, but sparse works too, if a bit direct". admitted Rarity.

aww Rarity is so good at describing things delicately

"How could a people as sophisticated as yours have such... backwards tendencies?" Rarity asked, clearly disturbed.

so true, she would be disturbed as would anypony at just how horrifically awful humans are about this

"Where I'm from, acceptance of gay couples and gay marriage is about thirty to twenty years old." I continued.

even more horrifyingly worse than this! thirty to twenty years old in very specific geographical areas with a tiny minority of the world’s population, and even within those areas acceptance is still not universal

"Meanies." Pinkie said, her expression horrified.

so true

Before I could do anything, she had me wrapped up in a tight hug, her mane now totally flattened. Despite the tightness of the hug, I found I had the strength to return the hug back. It felt.. nice, comforting, like I was being smothered with the care of someone who actually likes me. I suddenly felt Twilight, Rarity, and Spike all come to hug me and for the first time in several weeks, I let myself cry. I cried hard, harder than I had cried in a while. The release of all that stored up emotion felt relieving. After a minute or two, the girls and dragon let me go, smiling compassionately at me. I wiped away my tears with a spare handkerchief Rarity kept on her.

too relatable to all too many people, sigh. i would hug ponies and cry with them over so many, many things about this place

"If you don't mind, I think Id like to share this Hearth's Warming Eve with you." I replied, smiling.

And so, I spent the rest of Hearth's Warming Eve accompanied by a small group of friends. A girl couldn't ask for a better holiday.

the rest of us may be stuck here, but i am genuinely glad for her that she doesn’t have to be.

happy belated Hearth’s Warming! wishing you the best of these holidays

Glad you enjoyed it.

A short read, and leans on a lot of exposition.

But even so, you manage to draw the reader in with what I assume is a very personal and real experience. I find myself wanting to know more about Ink Scroll and her life in Equestria.

I generally dislike 99% of all HiE stories (I’m here for horses, not humans), but this one is a rare decent one. I think it accomplishes the goal of the story well when that’s the focus. The first part of the fic where Ink’s backstory is explained definitely drags and falls into the usual pitfalls of generic HiE. The second half picks up significantly though, as there’s actually some showing and significantly less telling. If I were to give is a rating, I’d probably go with a 1 on a -10 to 10 scale, for slightly above average.

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