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I work two jobs, read fanfic voraciously, and occasionally write some, too. I also offer beta reading to anyone who isn't writing a 100,000 word epic.


Just an observation... · 7:13am Aug 18th, 2019

My most popular story on fanfiction.net (Observational Skills) would be the 4th-most viewed story ever here. Granted, different site and different fandom (Naruto vs. MLP), but I suppose lack of potential readership is another reason I've never posted a fic here - or even ever finished writing a pony story.

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*whistles nonchalantly*

I definitely don't do that.

Beta reading is the proofreading/editing of stories before (or sometimes after) posting. Basically, I look stories over for typos, punctuation errors, clunky-sounding sections, plot inconsistencies, etc. Sadly, many people do not go over their stories before posting them, leaving them riddled with mistakes that make the work off-putting to readers.

What's beta reading?

I'm sorry I'm dumb.

I can be found under the user name Stonecreek at fanfiction.net, allpoetry.com, fictionpress,com (and funtrivia.com, if you're into trivia). I probably won't be posting any MLP fics anytime soon, but I will be eagerly reading. Message me if you have a one-shot that needs a read-through; I'm available most evenings (Central Time).

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