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I work two jobs, read fanfic voraciously, and occasionally write some, too. I also offer beta reading to anyone who isn't writing a 100,000 word epic.


Just an observation... · 7:13am Aug 18th, 2019

My most popular story on fanfiction.net (Observational Skills) would be the 4th-most viewed story ever here. Granted, different site and different fandom (Naruto vs. MLP), but I suppose lack of potential readership is another reason I've never posted a fic here - or even ever finished writing a pony story.


Cards Against Harmony · 1:01am Jan 22nd, 2019

No, I'm not doing a Cards Against fic (no matter how tempting the thought is).

However, I did read a new one this morning and start tracking it. As you might've guessed from the blog post title, it's Cards Against Harmony - and it already seems to have vanished. WHY?

Link (dead): https://www.fimfiction.net/story/430352/cards-against-harmony

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I might actually write a story here · 1:17am Dec 24th, 2018

I came up with an idea I've never seen around here before. Problem is, not only does it center on an OC, it also involves one of my least-favorite characters in the series. Of course, one of the points of the story will be to give that maligned character some hidden depths, and also to have the OC be original, and not just a bland author stand-in. So, who wants details? (And no, it has nothing to do with the content of my last blog post...)


Just a stupid story idea... · 1:24am Nov 4th, 2018

There's a high school in Missouri called Clopton. I'm sure there's a plot nugget in there somewhere to exploit.

Also, there's a college/university called Alcorn State. I'm sure it's the second-favorite higher education institute of all winged and horned beings, after Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.

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Looking for a fic · 2:38am Aug 7th, 2018

I read a story a while back, before I even joined this site, and never wrote down the author or the title. It had Celestia transported to Hawaii in the body of a female Naval dentist and eventually going to war and preventing a nuclear attack in Korea. I'm fairly sure it's been removed from here, as I've been searching for it an hour and come up empty. The cover image was a rear view of Celestia with her arms held wide, facing war. Any help finding this story, here or elsewhere, is

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