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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Visiting her unremarkable human pen pal Henry, Celestia had a pleasant night out.

The morning after is less pleasant. Often these things have an inverse relationship.

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Those two should have a proper date night. They have good chemistry.


a proper date night. They have good chemistry.

It seems to me that would make a very "Cackling" tag line for a "Local Human x Lemon Hearts" lab story.


Lab...based...shenanigans...friendship lab...question mark...investigate...


I think they just did.

Well, the ruins come next!


I think they just did.

They still need a proper date though; one they both can remember

Poor Henry and Celestia though. Hangovers are no good

(Gogol Bordello - Alcohol)

A proper date where he can explain his supertheory of supereverything.

i hope we get one of theses stories with ponies misinterpreting there relationship


supertheory of supereverything.

Stir it twice, it's instant family!

Adorable. Sunny Bun stories are always so grand.

there is some romance building! i can smell it!

She's just so lovely! And versatile. And lovely!

Think that might be stale beer

My Tallest!

That was super comfy. I am in need of additional chapters.

You people are insatiable! What an I meant to do? Somehow NOT leave all these unrelated though conceptually-similar CelestiaXDude stories with hugely open-ended finishes?

Although, that lead-in for the ruins is something...

No! I've still got the BUNS TRILOGY to conclude!

I mean, it makes sense.

Re Authors note: Won't lie, still hanging out for an update on "Johns". But you continue to do what you do good sir!

At the moment we all need some light relief and you're providing it:moustache:

Oh yeah, Johns! Another CelestiaXDude joint. Hell, the CelestiaXDude joint as far as my stuff is concerned, really. Although the bit I'm up to is more Twilight. And introspection and rambling.

Which is kind of the point, I suppose...

Oh god, you're incorrigible...Twilight is best pony!
Cough,my avatar gave it away i suppose.

Now you must deliver or else?

She is pretty great. Hell, they're all pretty great! Although clearly my personal biases and preferences are objective fact.

And urrrrggggghhhhh....

....all things in time.

Funny, I always imagined Celestia to be the one who had a great alcohol tolerance because she was the one out of the two sisters who liked to go out the most (which was kinda proved by episode 13 of Season 9). This works too tho, and it works very good !

Uh...human alcohol is...different...

Yeah. Yeah that works.

And we all have our off-days, hey.

That was a great short story, wouldn't mind if there was more perhaps including the reluctant sister... hint hint... It brought me a smile during rough times :) Thanks for that!


I'm fairly certain they weren't ruins before they got there...

The height is certainly the most notable thing about her. What else could it be?

"I dont know scary" thats blatantly obvious by you STILL not putting Dark, Horror, or Death tags on the story where a dude LITERALLY GETS MURDERED BY GHOSTS

Well...there's nothing to say anyone died...

Fine! I'll do it! Urgh...not even scary...

The implication is of course that drunken debauchery led to ruins, but my mind immediately leapt to ruins being something to do with ponies visiting at all, and both are rich with flavour to me.

The height is what you'd notice first. Then eyes. Then general loveliness.


Don't pout ya big baby, and thank you, my memory is that of a goldfish so occasionally I start reading that story, forgetting its ending, only for it to come rushing back after the first quarter.

It's implied he and his friend were somehow trapped as formless shades in a cursed house for all time, there to exist in helpless torment, forgotten by the world! That's not dying!

...alright fine, maybe you had a point.

Aw, cute. Shame it’s complete, I would’ve like to see both what happened for the world and Celestia to be in this situation and the aftermath of the revelation of who she is.

While I do enjoy your longer stories, sometimes your shorts are just wonderful. Sometimes I think they could and should morph into something longer and then you go and write another short and I feel the same way about that one. This is definitely one of those.

The benefit of a shorter story is that you can contain the good bits in one neat, nice little package without dangling bits you need to tie up.

Well, those bits are still there and some would likely prefer them tied up but, uh...

What point was I trying to make again?


That the little gristly bits make the pony steak taste better?

Yeah! Yeah that sounds about right. I'll buy that.

And if wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak.


“Is it because you’re taller?”



*rolls around on the ground*

10153491 Nightmare Moon, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the tallest of them all?"

Zebra in the mirror, "The truth shall make thee furrow thy brow, for thy sister still stands over thou."

NMM smashes the mirror, like Tommy in that musical from The Who, "That's it! Eternal night starts now!" 5 minutes later... "Aaaaaand now I'm on the moon for, like, a thousand years... but I have SO MANY FRIENDS!!!"



It has been a hot minute since you wrote one of these staring Twilight

I move in phases. You're right though

deffo "leave us wanting moar" :D

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