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To Do List And Other Nonsense · 5:09am Nov 11th, 2018

Hey everypony! Just letting you all know that no, I'm NOT dead and I DO intend on finishing up the few projects that I've been neglecting, it's just been a challenge lately trying to balance my fics, my work, a D&D crew, etc etc... LOTS of stuff on my plate so this is mostly just a sort of "To-Do" list so you and I can keep track of where I'm at as well as what to expect in the future! Here, I will list the current unfinished stories and projects, what I plan on doing with them next, as well as

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I added your story in more groups, to help you out, good luck with your story.

1445554 Yeah I will. Sorry, it's just been difficult to get time to right, and I've been busy with other side projects not related to MLP, so...:twilightblush:

Will you ever continue human vs, I loved that story

739832 Ah, someone who caught the reference! Yes, it was.

oh my god that you will die at midnight chapter was it from SMPfilms?

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