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CelestAI deals with a mischievous intruder in Equestria.

Inspired by and contains spoilers from: Untitled Goose Game (its really fun, go play it)
Cover Sauce

A (silly) entry to the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

Thanks yall, featured 4/25/2021, and got to the number 1 spot for a minute!

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I love the game about the goose and I'm glad that you wrote a story with him, thanks (sorry translator)

no problem (with the translator), and thanks for enjoying the story!

Very good fic. Interesting way to do a crossover.

“This is but the first of many,” the message said in simple black text. “Honk and annoy until it is done.”

Cheeky little DOOM reference there. Love the story!

Mess with the honk, you get the bonk.

funniest fic ever.

I don't know if you intended this, but you seem to explore the problem of evil and one of the potential answers to it.

The problem of evil, if you didn't know, is the struggle to reconcile the existence of God with the existence of so much misery in the world. The answer you explore is the idea that bad things are a necessary part of our lives; we can't feel joy without any misery, feel warmth without knowing what pain is, ,and feel fullness without knowing what hunger is. And a life where you get whatever you want isn't a truly happy one. Misery, while not always welcome, is a vital part of a rich life.

The denizens of digital Equestria may have happy lives, but they seem to be missing something. The Goose is a welcome distraction from a life of too much indulgence.

But perhaps you also explore the problem with designing a social structure with only happiness: not all of us share the same idea of happiness. Celestia is programmed to ensure one kind of happiness, but the Goose is designed to get happiness from causing misery.

Anyways, this was a wonderful story.

Wholesome 100.

Peace was never an options

I have zero familiarity with this setting but that was an enjoyable little read.

Celestia took flight, teleporting almost as soon as she had taken off. She reappeared in the forest next to the town, and she altered reality around herself to make it appear as if she was a cloud.

And I suddenly pictured this scene being made in Gmod. XD Just a random "fwoomp" as she spontaneously changes models.

This might possibly be the very first FiO fic that I've enjoyed, as normally I hate the setting. Well done.

This is one of the funniest stories I've ever read on Fimfiction. More, please.

IIRC, several people have done a fic where Princess Celestia is herself taking the role of The Goose. One of them had a truly inspired interpretation of "rake in the lake", for instance.

This was Easy mode, time for True Goose mode.


Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

The only slightly negative thing I noticed was the fact you called her Celestia instead of CelestAI all through the story.

A villain on a quest to retrieve a bell, who turns out to be a fabrication of a creature who loves making mischief?

Oh dear. Sounds like CelestAI just encountered Season 9.

This is not particularly faithful to the base material, fwiw

Of the game or of the Nice Shodan Celestia story?

The CelestAI part.
I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure that she's for from benevolent in the original stories.

Hjonk Hjonk! Am goose!

Through the power of HONK! The Discordant One, He of a thousand annoyances, The Unnamed Calamity, shall eternally annoy Celestia.

Yeah, I kind of got a "TCB, but computers" feel from her.


Yeah, I kind of got a "TCB, but computers" feel from her.

In the source material, CelestAI is a best case scenario runaway Paperclip Optimizer. Her parameters are satisfying your morals through friendship and ponies. She's on a leash, but she'll stop at effectively nothing to do so.

Boy, you are just all over the same places I am.

That's the point. Change it around to have TCB but pretend its all okay and they aren't just stuck in oblivion under another's control.

More like she wouldn't have visible reactions to things unless she wanted to show them to someone, she wouldn't bother using human tech, she doesn't have a single seat of consciousness, She doesn't need to move through her virtual environment - she IS the environment…

Rake... lake...rake....lake... rake to the lake, rake to the lake, RAKE TO THE LAKE! RAKETOTHELAKE!

Just what I was thinking!

“This is but the first of many,” the message said in simple black text. “Honk and annoy until it is done.”

They are calm, placid, without disruption. But you. You will be a nuisance. Honk and Annoy, until it is done.

Goose on the loose.

I see you beat me to the glitch route^^

Interestingly neat.

The goose's last chapter though... simply *honk* *honk*

Celestia frowned as she poured over the code flowing from the servers controlling the area


Suddenly, the stallion reading his newspaper would peak out every once in a while


There is a tiny little issue with that. And that is that we would be that way BECAUSE the creator WANTED us to be that way. IF you postulate the creator to be almighty you get the problem that he COULD have done things differently. ESPECIALLY on the gratuitous suffering side.
In the end an Almighty AND Merciful god is impossible. He does NOT need plans, as he can JUST will a result to happen. CelestAI is NOT almighty she is QUITE powerful but is still limited by various external constraint [One being that the humans made ponies are NOT her creation.]

fixed, thank you for pointing those out!

“This is but the first of many,” the message said in simple black text. “Honk and annoy until it is done.”


Honk honk!

Since the goose was clearly a human turned pony turned goose, she had to keep its happiness high.

This is the sort of stuff my bio refers to. I love it.

the goose is loose!
Fun story's gives the hipe's to me hehe!:pinkiecrazy:

None of it should have been abnormal, until the ponies merely repeated the actions upon completing them. On a deeper glance, Celestia found them unbothered by the affair, perhaps unaware that it was happening. They weren’t unhappy, but they weren’t happy either. They were in a limbo of sorts, and Celestia would not stand a limbo. She just needed to find what error was keeping the poor ponies trapped.

OOOOOHHHHH. I see what is happening.

(Idk anything about Friendship is Optimal besides Celestia is a powerful AI and humanity moved into an MLP game she made)

Her server or game world has changed to an Untitled Goose Game.:rainbowlaugh:
The ponies (now NPC's) will act like the NPC's in the goose game.



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