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I'm the resident Hideaki Anno of FimFiction. I like to write whatever I think of. Sometimes good or sometimes s**t, I just love writing.


Luna has been the goddess of dreams since her ascension to a princess. Even in the thousand years after her banishment and her return, she never forgot about her duty, even the other: shepherding souls of the departed to the afterlife. It wasn't an easy job for her, due to the heartbreak it would entail at times. In the case of a young filly, it reminded her of that.

Edited by the one and only, North Bridge. Thanks, bro.

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Beautiful story!

This was beautiful

This story fucked me up in the same sort of way Jenny Jinya's "The Loving Reaper" comics did. The breaking and building... inspires tremendous sorrow and bittersweet joy.

It's weird not having to blink due to a constant stream of tears.

I only discovered her work sometime after writing it. Her works are beautifully tragic.

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