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This story is a sequel to For The Love of a Mother

Azure Glide has been in a coma and there was nothing that Princess Celestia could do to change it. A week later, she decided to visit his chambers with the intent of cleaning. But, she stumbles upon his journal, holding a vast amount of his thoughts put to paper. Though he usually was open in mind with her, it'll be through his diary, Celestia will know more things about him, most of it she never knew before...

...until now

The story, apart from the prologue, will be told from Azure Glide's perspective. As frequently as I can, a new chapter will be written, potentially with time skips and will be up to at least 1000 words long. There'll also be songs to go with each chapter to better fit the mood.

Cover art by Silfoe

Chapters (11)
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I was looking forward to this! I very much enjoyed the first story and this promises to be no exception to the first.

I like it so far, though I think you might want to keep each chapter with several entries - just keeps it more organized, imo.

So our hero has met his first comrades, I am curious to see how this goes!

Also, great choice for music. Brings back Nostalgia, for sure, especially Allied Assault. Allow me to humbly also suggest another piece of early 2000's stirring war music:

Next chapter will be delayed until tomorrow due to focusing on another story.

With the last two entries in this chapter, I'm setting them up for future storylines.

Loving this so far. Can't wait for the next update.

The next one will explore some deep themes.

May I use Azure in a fic?

It all depends. PM me so we can discuss the details.

I decided with a big timeskip to not bore the lot of you but also provide a meta explanation for the lack of an update

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