• Published 4th Dec 2018
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Memoirs of A Guard - TheWingman

Celestia, still coming to terms with her son's comatose state, finds a collection of his written thoughts.

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Entries 5-6

Author's Note:

Wednesday, December 24, 1009 ESY

Well, It’s been a week since the academy gave us the go ahead to visit with our families for the Hearth’s Warming season. I swear, my mom nearly tackled me with a hug when I first returned to the palace. Never have I ever seen her that glad to see me. I swear, that smile of hers is almost as bright as the sun she raises. But for me, the break did hit an emotional bump, so to say.

It was about three days ago that I got the letter. Ms. Meadow, the mare that ran the orphanage I stayed at for most my life, had died. From what was said in the letter, she passed peacefully in her sleep. As a result, her daughter Posey Shy has taken her mother’s place as the caretaker. I always remembered her as a sweet mare, even if she bites off more than she could chew. It was helping her that kept my spirits up all those years. Next year will be her funeral. Just the thought of it has me choking up. I will miss her, ever so dearly

In light of that, it’s got me thinking. I rarely, if ever touch the bits in my bank. I might as well put them to good use and buy toys for the foals there. Even if they have no parents this holiday, that shouldn’t be an excuse for them to not have a good Hearth’s Warming. I’m also making arrangements with the royal chefs to have a nice feast for the orphanage as well. With what little I have left in my stash will go to comp them for the trouble. They’ll be delivering the food by afternoon tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 6, 1010 ESY

Well, back to the old grind. Since our return yesterday and still being in the thick of winter, Steelhoof saw it fit for us to learn about basic survival skills in a freezing environment. For a whole day, the officers would give us lectures about what do in the way of making shelter, find food, ect. We had to pay close attention because they hammered the point that the knowledge would determine whether or not we’ll perish in a hostile environment. Today, that was going to be put to the test.

So, we were separated into groups of four. Luckily for us, me and my friends got grouped together. Through this, we dubbed ourselves “Team Ursa”. Though I thought it was a bit silly, it is what it was. We went deep into the woods that was our usual hiking grounds. All ten teams were dropped off at random points and we had only one goal: Survive until the next morning. Only when that time has passed will the officers come fetch us. The four of us were on our own and we had to rely on each other and our wits to stay alive.

The first thing we did was set up shelter. Fortunately for us, we’ve found a cave that would work well. I went in first checking for anything like an ursa major. Once I gave the all clear, Me and Redwell set up our stuff while Buckwheat and Aqua went off to fetch food. Gathering around a fire, Me and Redwell spent the whole time shooting the breeze. During which, he mentioned his marefriend, who he married over break, revealed she was pregnant. I could see the nervousness and excitement in his shivering. Becoming father was going to be a big milestone for him. I wonder if the officers would allow him to visit his wife when the time comes. If not, I’ll have to get my mother to let him, even though I might get chewed out for it. I couldn’t care less in that case.

Buckwheat and Aqua soon returned with a fair bit of food they foraged. For the next several hours, we took turns catching sleep and staying guard. When it came my turn, I stood out with my makeshift spear, keeping vigilant and listening to the slightest shift in the ambient sound. I heard the snapping of twigs. Venturing outside, I looked around and there I saw it. It was a wolf, fur as the snow on the ground and eyes like fire. It growled with malicious intent, licking its lips with hunger. Shifting my ears, I made sure no others were with it. As it began to pounce, I quickly dove back, closing my eyes as I held my spear high. With a sharp yelp, the beast was dead, slumped on top of me, and my comrades were safe. Later on, they woke up and they were rather impressed. For me, I just did what I had to do.

When it came time for my rest, I laid upon my bedding. Closing my eyes, I expected a nice and pleasant dream. However, I had a rather weird dream, one which shook me to the bone. I found myself alone in a black void. Soon after, I heard voices as if they appear to be in distress. I ran around trying to find where they were coming from but to no avail. Soon enough, they were all silenced… with screams. I tried looking around and eventually found two ponies. They appeared to be dead and bloodied. As I tried to get a closer look, I was awakened by one of the officers that came to fetch us. Didn’t realize how time flew fast but we’re being taken back to base camp. Still, I think there was more to that dream and it really disturbs me. What was it? What does it mean?

Perhaps when I see mother again, she’ll make heads and tails about it.