• Published 4th Dec 2018
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Memoirs of A Guard - TheWingman

Celestia, still coming to terms with her son's comatose state, finds a collection of his written thoughts.

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Entries 13-20

Author's Note:

Thus ends the academy story arc. Now, the story will segue to where it'll tell the events of the series or make mention of through Azure's perspective.

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Wednesday, October 31st, 1011 ESY

Another year, another Nightmare Night. Even as I grew up in Celestia’s care, this was a holiday I never wanted to miss. Going door to door at night and asking for candy while wearing a costume was always a fun treat. Though I wish I could’ve done it without being flanked by bodyguards. Sometimes, I’d feel that she’s being incredibly overbearing. I know that it’s in her nature to worry about me but there comes a point where she should put more confidence in me in regards to staying safe. But, that’s a complaint for another time.

Though I don’t go out for Nightmare Night anymore, I still hear about the legends about Nightmare Moon and that we had to leave a tribute or she’ll eat us. It always was a somber day for my mother. I never understood why that was the case until the Nightmare Night when I turned fifteen.

My aunt, Princess Luna, ruled Equestria alongside my mother for centuries and was responsible for raising the moon. Eventually, jealousy corrupted her and it led her to become Nightmare Moon. With much regret, she had to use the Elements of Harmony to banish her to the moon. To say that I understood her pain would be invalid as I never had any siblings. But as a guard in training, I understood that she did the right thing as regrettable a decision it was. In trading the freedom of her sister, she ensured the safety of the world. The needs of the many held priority over those of the few. Even to this day, a mention of her sister’s name would give her pause.

Since then, I always looked up towards the moon every night, wondering when she’d return. As nothing lasts forever, it seems to me that her return is inevitable. When she does, I can only hope that we’ll be ready. Already, the prospect of fighting a family member puts a sour taste in my mouth. There’s still good in her; I just know it. But if need be, I won’t back down from doing what must be done.

Monday, December 24th, 1011 ESY

Like many times before, I’ve always found these Hearth’s Warming Eve parties rather boring. To me, it’s nothing than just eat and chat with ponies ranging from the politicians and rich socialites. I mean there’s nothing really interesting going at these parties. I can’t really let loose and risk making a royal ass out of myself in the eyes of everypony there. All I had to do was just keep to myself, nothing else.

As I was preparing to retire to my quarters, I bumped into Chancellor Abacus. This time, however, she was with her husband, Chancellor Neighsay, head of the Equestrian Education Association. We sat down, shared a few drinks and chatted the night away. It was weird because Abacus usually struck me as a mare that always acted professionally and rarely let slip a degree of emotion. After touching base on what I’ve been up to at the academy, Neighsay and I got into a debate of sorts.

As a guard in training, I favored a more proactive approach, seeing it better to act than to wait. For him, the mind was the most important aspect of a pony. Though things got a bit heated as the discussion dragged on, I never sensed an ounce of incivility from him. We both respectfully agreed and disagreed on many talking points before we both came to an understanding about our views, agreeing that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I guess that might’ve left him the impression that the guard wasn’t as stupid is many of the high-class ponies made us out to be. But from a few passing remarks from him, what’s with him and the other races in this world? That’s one thing I don’t understand about him.

Thursday, February 14th, 1012 ESY

Hearts & Hooves Day, I bet all the lovers will be out and about today. Though I wish I could say the same for Redwell. But he and his wife will be exchanging gifts via mail from what I understand. I know it’s a time of year for the romantic types but I never found myself as a serious lover. With my future line of work, how can I find the time for it? However, I did date a mare one point.

Her name was Marigold Radiance, a unicorn whose parents came from Trottingham. She was one of those nerdy mares one would find around the school. But she was as much a sweetheart as she was bright. One conversation at lunch one time and we’ve developed a friendship that ran deep. Even so, she didn’t take my status as prince into account. At last, I had a friend that treated me as a normal pony. I even took her to the Grand Galloping Gala about a year before graduation but it was a bit of a heartbreaker for me. She had to move with her parents back to Trottingham after graduation. I never saw her again after that. I can only hope she’s happy with somepony else.

I know that some point that Celestia is going to pressure me to find my special somepony and have foals, classic mothering tactic. But knowing where I came from presents another reason why I can’t bring myself to do so. As a guard, if I get killed in the line of duty and something were to happen to said foal’s mother, it would be left orphaned, without parents to nurture it. To leave another foal orphaned like I once was makes me afraid of that prospect, too much for me to bear. But, I just don’t know how I’ll explain this to my mom. Maybe someday…

Monday, April 1st, 1012 ESY

Not only today was pretty wild for me and my brothers in arms, but today was also one that taught me a lesson. With our graduation next year, we’ve decided to do our planned prank on ol’ Steelhoof but earlier than expected. The reason for that is the potential fallout from enacting the plan so close to June of next year. Neither Me, Redwell, Buckwheat, or Aqua wanted a mark on our career so close to the finish line.

Throughout our time here, we’ve paid close attention to the old stallion’s daily routine, excluding him making our ears ring. What we’ve gathered would amount to the size of a short story, too much to say in one sitting. Under the cloak of the night, while the other recruits were snoozing, the four of us went and planted the seeds for Steelhoof’s bad day. It was all carefully planned out and executed. Now, all we had to do was wait to hear him cuss in his thick Appleloosian accent, always a laugh. When we woke up, we’ve heard the fruits of our labor fast approaching.

Drenched head to hoof with water and other messes, Steelhoof barged through the door with a face as red as a dragon with the anger to match. Even then, that’s putting it lightly. He marched through the barracks demanding the name of the pony responsible. Neither of us wanted to rat each other out, even as his temper rose. Under the threat of the most intense PT for 18 hours a day for the entire week, I swallowed my pride and confessed, saving my comrades from punishment. He didn’t say a word other than to get into full gear and march to the top of the nearby Mt. Evergreen. It was going to be an excruciating four-hour march from the academy to there with no water and no breaks.

Throughout the march, Steelhoof made damned sure to make sure I was still going. The closer I got, the more I felt my hooves screaming with pain and my head feeling dizzy. There were times I considered stopping briefly but I wasn’t going to show weakness, not to him. When I got to the top, the words “Outstanding, Private!” was all the notice I needed to let go and blackout. What happened after I woke up was all a haze to me. Although, I may have earned ol’ Piss and Vinegar’s respect. The one thing I’ve learned from this was if anypony is willing to put themselves on the line for the sake of their comrades, it would inspire respect... respect to follow. Still, there was one thought that echoed in the back of my mind…

Worth it.

Thursday, May 5th, 1013 ESY

Throughout this month so far until early next month, the inevitability of graduation loomed on our minds. Four weeks from now, the culmination of our five years here will dawn. I’m excited and so are my friends. Though, Redwell is feeling prouder than us because of him being made our squad leader. He deserves it though. The anticipation can be a bit of a maddening one for sure but the thought achieving of my dreams made it bearable. During my time as an orphan, never did I think this would come true. Now, I can’t my excitement anymore than I have.

So, we started practicing our drill and ceremony for the event. As with all the guards that graduated, we’ll be doing some formation marches before the main event. All of us were taking the preparation quite seriously like we were preparing for war. But still, we’re trained to give 110% to any task we’re charged with and the RG doesn’t breed any slouches either. For some, their families will be watching from the stands. Next month, I’ll be making her proud.

Wednesday, May 11th, 1013 ESY

For now, we got a bit of a breather before graduation day. After nearly half a decade, we were given a reprieve to “allow our minds to relax” as the instructors put it. Still, we found it hard to do so. Every week, day, hour, and minute filled us with untold anxiety until zero hour. But the thought of being able to see our families was what we all looked forward to. For my mother, she would be the one to pass out the medals to symbolize the unity the RG shared, akin to fraternal bond. For now, we play the waiting game, all we could really do in between ceremony rehearsals.

Thursday, June 8th, 1013 ESY

Today was the last day of our rehearsals. But yeesh, the sun was roasting me a bit as we practiced our marches and formations out in the bright sun. When it was all over, we were treated to a rather inspirational speech from Steelhoof. In it, he told us how, like all the other batch of cadets that came before, that he was proud of our devotion and dedication to our training. All of that came to a head with a brief reciting of Equestria’s founding and the establishment of the guards. To hear it all going back that far left us more motivated to walk the same line and carry on the legacy.

I’m having a bit of a hard time going to sleep tonight. Even as I write, I found myself having trouble shutting my eyes. For tomorrow, we’ll be in front of many ponies as they cheer us on when we take that big leap into the service of Equestria. Out there, my mother will be seeing us off when we take that step forward towards our future. Equestria is very lucky to have her as our leader.

But mental note: Remind me to get my mom to make the sun somewhat bearable. As much as I like a sunny day, it makes marching a real drag.

Friday, June 9th, 1013 ESY

Today, we were all unusually quiet. It was the day we’ve been working for five years to reach; The culmination of a long journey. After all this, I’ve achieved my dreams along with those I consider ‘brothers’. With every moment, my heart beat at the pace of a spooked rabbit. I know that many ponies thought it’s odd that a prince would choose a life in the military over one in politics. Like before, past events soured that prospect for me and there was no way I’ll stop embracing my dreams.

Kicking off the ceremony, we did marching in formation, demonstrating the coordination we’ve learned from our training. I could’ve sworn we worked like a hive of bugs in our display, almost as if we were some form of automatons. Though the sun was shining, bright and warm, neither of us flinched. We just had to endure another hour before it was all said and done. As I marched, I saw her, my mother sitting in the stands as well as Redwell’s family. They were both visibly happy for us.

Finally came the moment of truth. We all stood there as Celestia handed out medals to us one by one. Eventually, I was face to face with her, the ruler of Equestria and my mother, wearing that welcoming smile of hers. As she gave me my medal, she whispered something to me that I’m never going to forget for as long as I live:

“I’m proud of you, my son.”

Kissing me on the forehead, I blushed for a bit. Unbeknownst to me, my fellow guards didn’t pay it any mind. It was too damned hard to hold back any tears, just had to let it all out. I’ve made her proud. My dreams had been fulfilled and I’m eagerly awaiting my first assignment next week. Now, I shall take the big leap towards my future with great pride.