• Published 4th Dec 2018
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Memoirs of A Guard - TheWingman

Celestia, still coming to terms with her son's comatose state, finds a collection of his written thoughts.

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Entry 1

Author's Note:

ESY = Equestrian Standard Year, started with planting the seeds of the Tree of Harmony

Monday, September 1, 1009 ESY

This would be my first time writing in this journal of mine. At first, I didn’t even know what to put in. Though, as far as today is concerned, a lot has happened. What I can describe my feelings as is a mix of surprise and excitement.

So, here I am in the Royal Guard Academy in Northern Canterlot. A week ago on my birthday, my mother surprised me with arrangements for me to join as I always wanted. It’s hard to believe that my aspirations while in the orphanage led me to this: being the adoptive son of the princess and fulfilling my dreams. Though on the day that I left, I could tell that she was sad to see me go. But, I know that over the next five years I will make her proud. Sometimes, she can be a bit of a worrywart.

After I got settled in my bunk, we all gathered in the courtyard to meet the stallion who would be the toughest pony I ever know. Career Sgt. Steelhoof, If there were ever a more boisterous personality than the legendary Flash Magnus, it’d be him. Some of my fellow recruits call him “Ol’ Piss and Vinegar”. While full of energy, he’s as focused and sharp witted as some of our finest of blades. If he even catches you in even the slightest of mistakes, he’ll get up in your face, give you an earful and make you pay, either with push ups or many laps around the central building. Today, he caught one of the recruits snickering in formation. Damned nearly scared the piss out of him. To him, we’re either ‘maggots’ or ‘apes’ and our asses were his for the next half a decade.

After introductions, I got acquainted with some of my fellow bunk mates. Aqua Breeze from Cloudsdale, Redwell Rhubarb from Manehattan, Buckwheat Stone from Vanhoover, we all got along well. We all have our different reasons for being here. But, the camaraderie we’ll build is what’ll make us brothers. From what I’ve went through over the past two hours, it’s what I’ll need to help me through this. It will only get harder from here on in. The thing is… I never expected it to be easy at all. Nothing great was easy to obtain, especially without major effort.