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Sleepless Frost, a Royal Guard sergeant prone to nights without slumber, has gone two nights without sleep. Nothing he tries seems to work until his boss, Princess Celestia herself takes notice and decides to help him the only way she knows how.

This story is written as a thank you to my friend pabrony83, using his OC as the main character.

Also, a thank you to CategoricalGrant. His stories gave me some inspiration and they're enjoyable to read.

Made the Popular Stories tab within an hour. Thank you all.

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Daawwww~~ Cute i like it~

Thank you! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it's my first time writing a story like this.

Bang In my ASS

Sleepless Frost, a royal guard sergeant, let out a big yawn, echoing throughout the halls of his post. The navy blue pegasus took great pride in his duty to the crown. Through toil and sweat, he attained his rank but at a personal cost. Fitting of his name, he had occasional bouts of insomnia, depriving him of one to two nights of sleep on average. On such days, he relied on his willpower to carry him through the day with the hope of a good night’s sleep. It only carry him so far as has its limits.

I think it should be "It only carries him so far, as he has his limits." I could be wrong.

“Two days so far.” Celestia was in slight shock than Mango Breeze anticipated. She wondered how anypony could go without sleep yet still be able to uphold their duties as a guard. Though she lauded his commitment, she viewed such stubbornness as harmful. She cared for well being of all ponies; Sleepless Frost was no exception.

Maybe "Celestia was more shocked than Mango Breeze had anticipated."

That aside, this was cute. =)

Can I volunteer next?

Thank you! Glad you liked it and another thank you for saving my bacon.

Really cute. I like it :D

HHHNNNGGG!!! :heart:

Saving your bacon? I'm confused.

Overlooked those errors. Thanks for pointing them out.

Right. I realized what you meant a little late. ^_^; You're welcome.

I heard snuggles and I came as fast as I can!

Bow chica wow wow
I hope you get the reference

... That wasn't supposed to be giggity moment lol

Well, this was just too dang cute :twilightsmile:

Oh god, what have I created?! :rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

You have created an adorably cute and cuddly fic! Deal with it! :raritywink:

Indeed I have, but it's weaponized cuteness. :trollestia:

"Weaponized cuteness"??



A beautiful story that captured Sleepless Frost's stubborn, tired personality perfectly. My thanks for including my OC in this short fluff fic. :twilightsmile:

I've heard that asking Celestia would make it possible.:trollestia:

Short, sweet, and remarkably in character for Celestia, well done! :twilightsmile:

Thank you! It was my first time writing a story like this and I'm glad that it's a success.

“Okay Private, that will be all for now.” Celestia opened her chamber doors before focusing on the tired guard. “Sergeant Frost, I would like for you to join me in my bed chamber.”


I'm glad you liked the story. And that pic perfectly fit that moment.

If the main OCs in this story series were voiced, what would they sound like?

Mango would sound a bit like Jim Raynor from Starcraft. As for Sleepless, that would depend on his creator... but, I can guess he'll sound like Captain America.

They mean in terms of voice actors.

They comment on MagicS’ stories, too.

Mango would be voiced by Ray Chase (Noctis from FF15, Gendo Ikari from NGE Netflix Dub) while Sleepless would be voiced by Travis Willingham.

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