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White fur, blue mane, cyan eyes; every member of the Royal Guard looks remarkably similar. Is it coincidence? Fate? Or is something more sinister at work? When Celestia decides to investigate the anomaly, she uncovers something far beyond her expectations. Just what does the recruiter True Blue think he is doing?!

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Nice work, pulled me right in, and left me wanting more. 👍

That was the most pleasant and agreeable wasp that I have ever read about.

Is there going to be a cloning/twinning tf for this story?

An interesting idea. A friend of mine isn't a fan of this but me...i like to think there is a reason, like old Tradition or left over from High crime where this was needed to protect the identity of the guards

That’s actually my favorite theory/headcanon as well, that the guards are disguised to protect their identities. Figureheads like Shining Armor are not disguised so that the guard can have actual ponies to represent them for publicity.

Cloning/twinning? Hmm, I wonder...

Miss Wasp is very pleased that you think so highly of her. She hopes that there are others like you willing to look past the crimes of the many and see the individual beyond the stinger.

Thanks, glad to hear it!

Really, I’m very happy to have already received all these comments. I can begin to see how many writers say they “live for the comments.” It’s my first time *sniff* the emotions... *snirf snirf* too much!

Mhm. My friend, he's too realistic, that it was due to the Show's Budget, thus in his universe, all guards stay Individual. Though he helped me to create a royal guard oc. And my Personal oc has a royal guard Adaption too.

Anyway, its good to see Things Started out Well for you

Changlings aren't very imaginative.
They are all copying each other, with just enough variation in name to count as different ponies.
Either that or the head recruiter caught her ogling a white stallion with a blue mane, and decided Celestia was into that.

Nicely done! The order Thing got me laughing.

And sorry for rambling

Being based in Ponyville they have access to the mirror pool. That would explain the identical cadets and if True Blue uses mind magic to make them all individuals it would be less obvious. Mirror clones seem rather mentally malleable anyway. Depending on how deep this goes the lack of paper records (birth records, school transcripts, etc.) for them could be worked around as well.

Any other way of doing this I can think of would result in missing pony reports.

Glad to hear it. And no trouble, I love to see more comments! I just don’t promise to respond to all of them.

Nickelodeon indicates catastrophic events get underrated every sixty seconds.

Okay then.

but, would you like to hear more in a pm?

I think since the Mirror Pool copies are "less sharp" than the original the mind magic is to "fix" errors in the copies. Tis would explain the seeming incompetence of the guard, they are all essentially the same guy, so they have the same strengths and weaknesses, think the same and act the same. Meaning what fools one guard fools them all, they al use the same tactics and never think outside the box. The Changeling invasion worked because Crysalsis only had to trick a handful of ponies and a bunch of clones!

Haha, that certainly would be one way to explain the apparent incompetence of the show's guards. Either that, or go the route of "the show is a cartoon meant for children and does not accurately reflect the reality of Equestria." In which case, the changeling invasion was perhaps a bit more violent than we were led to believe...

I'm perfectly fine with PM's, feel free to message me whatever. Just know that I am a busy (with work/life/school) guy and make no promises to respond in a timely manner.

its sent, i kept it basic, as not to overwhelm you

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