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Time to write some fanfiction! Yay! If you have any thoughts comment! I find reading them fun!

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Not sure this deserves the "Tragedy" tag. As a means of conveying literary genre, it has a more specific definition than simply something tragic.

What I just read felt more like a triumph, tinged with the flavor of loss but no less heroic for it.
Igneous performed a heroic act and so especially did the mare.
The aftermath was a good depiction of the post-adrenaline wrapping up of that single, brief moment of stress.

And it was a nice read, minor spelling errors aside.
Thank you for sharing.

I would call this one bittersweet, much like the shelf it will be added to in my library.

Other than the few grammar/spelling errors, it was a good piece. Thank you for sharing it.

Only my reading of possible subtext (something I could easily be misreading) causes me to wonder if this is Pinkie Pie and those were Pear Butter and Bright Mac, how can Applebloom come to be?

Again, I'm probably reading too much into it. Well done.

Right you are, I was on my phone and hit that by accident (apparently, since I obviously didn't notice at the time.)

Hehe, I wrote it all on my phone and only got back to my computer now, but now most those errors should be gone! (There's probably one still hiding in there because that's how these things go.)

Hehe, I only had my phone writing this. It's better now (though not perfect I'm a random person writing fanfics, not an author/editor :D)

And you're not reading too much and you are at the same time. I actually had the idea partway through to make it Pear Butter and Brightmac but then I too remembered Applebloom. But then I was just "well, I don't say it's Pear Butter, and more than one pony can look like that" so I didn't change the description. :D

Ah, understandable with using phone only. Also glad I wasn't going entirely crazy for reading that into it.

This is pretty well done. I've seen a lot of takes on Igneous as a character, but very few fics from the pov of Igneous. This being by far one of the better ones. I hope you can find the ability to write again.

Another 1K writing prompt down. I felt like I'm read something out of order, but then I remembered the mare probably wouldn't have had time to leave a goodbye letter.

Hehe, yeah, and that was adoption, not falling to death.

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