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Seven months after a one-night stand, Principal Celestia is awaiting the arrival of her child. When she and Luna find a student in need of help, his resistance to their offers worries them. With great reluctance, they resort to unconventional methods to find the cause of his troubles. However, his situation would require intervention and a great change to their household.

Contains: Bouts of jealousy, drama, and drug references

Cover Art by MyFavoritePreggoPics

Chapters (10)
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Just to let the readers know, the fourth and fifth chapters are being worked on as we speak.

(Edit: Any planned sex for this story has been cancelled. I'm sincerely sorry about this but it's in the best interests of this story.)

Care to elaborate?

Originally, it was going to be a clopfic and written as such before someone saved my bacon and convinced me that it would've been better without clop. Maybe I should delete that note.

No. Someone else though. Not gonna say who.

Nice picture were did you find it

Did you had to ask permission to use it or not

Not really but I made sure in the description I linked it back to the artist's Derpibooru tag. Even then, the artist's tumblr has been nuked.

So he didn't get mad at you or something like that

If I have one complaint, I'd honestly say things moved a little too fast. First Fleur was the crush, and then over the course of... what, a day, she's his first love? As it stands, she does sorta seem a bit like a girl Gemini is using to get over his last crush.

Yes. I did establish that Fleur had an eye on him for some but he was too tired and focused. Only towards the end of chapter five did he realize it was the case. He wanted love more than anything, maternal from Celestia and romantic from Fleur. But yeah, It was my fear of pacing that made me jump the shark a bit. Still, I'll continue forth. Also, the reason for Celestia and Argent going out will be revealed in the next chapter.

And the eighth chapter will have a moment of exposition that is similar to Evangelion.

Hidden reference? To what?

Breaking Bad, the blue meth

The last few paragraphs kinda reminds of your story, Sleepless Snuggles.

It was unintentional but now that you've said it...

Two things:

bacon alfredo pasta

Needed a late night snack after reading that.
Second, nice movie selection. :pinkiehappy:

I was honestly expecting an implication of the "two teenagers making out at sunset with access to the back seat of a car for other purposes" cliché.

What a beautiful chapter

More good work. Keep it up.

That was so sweet. :raritycry: (That's a happy cry, btw)

Truly magical. I dare say this chapter is worthy of a Disney movie! :raritywink:

It'll get more wholesome later on down the road.

Sunspot's a cutie. :twilightsmile:

good story, hope there will be a sequel

There will. It'll be a one shot though.

It'll be that Gemini, wanting to reconnect with his birth parents, visits his mother in a home, who's mind had been shattered from her drug use, time in jail, and sobriety.

So will there be another chapter of this story?

I will continue following. This is excellently written.

Absolutely adorable... Wonderful ending to a wonderful story. Also...

Sometimes, the best way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the monsters that made them.”

Really? I understand the reference and all, but really?

Yeah. Just for the hell of it and funsies. But, it would carry weight later on for Gemini and he'll have to make a choice.

When do you think the next chapter will be posted?

Soon. After the next chapter of Dr. MILFlove, I'll begin work on that.

After I'm done with a chapter for another story, it'll be worked on. Plus, on the side, I'll be working on a separate story involving Gemini and Fleur. Why? Let's just say it'll involve sex.

Hopefully, not too detailed.

BB’s theme from Death Stranding

Yep! One of my new favorite video game tracks.

Aside from some errors, this was worth the wait.

Which errors? I can fix them.

Check your message. You'll have your answer. And feel free to follow me, friend.

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