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I'm the resident Hideaki Anno of FimFiction. I like to write whatever I think of. Sometimes good or sometimes s**t, I just love writing.


Seven months after a one-night stand, Principal Celestia is awaiting the arrival of her child. When she and Luna find a student in need of help, his resistance to their offers worries them. With great reluctance, they resort to unconventional methods to find the cause of his troubles. However, his situation would require intervention and a great change to their household.

Contains: Bouts of jealousy, drama, and drug references

Cover Art by MyFavoritePreggoPics

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 11 )

Just to let the readers know, the fourth and fifth chapters are being worked on as we speak.

(Edit: Any planned sex for this story has been cancelled. I'm sincerely sorry about this but it's in the best interests of this story.)

Care to elaborate?

Is it Chrysalis?

Originally, it was going to be a clopfic and written as such before someone saved my bacon and convinced me that it would've been better without clop. Maybe I should delete that note.

No. Someone else though. Not gonna say who.

Nice picture were did you find it

Did you had to ask permission to use it or not

Not really but I made sure in the description I linked it back to the artist's Derpibooru tag. Even then, the artist's tumblr has been nuked.

So he didn't get mad at you or something like that

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