• Published 23rd Apr 2019
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A Loving Angel - TheWingman

An expecting Celestia finds a troubled student in need of help, even if he's resistant.

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7. Graduation

If one were to be asked whether or not it was possible for life to be pulled back from the brink, the answer would be that it’s difficult but possible. For Gemini Blaze, it was both fortune and the persistence of his school’s principal that helped him through. For weeks, he’d been living with Celestia and her sister, eventually reaching the point of graduation. Though it was bittersweet for him as parents were in prison and wouldn’t see him walk. Yet, he had the support of those who took him in.

From his low point, he found love in the form of his friend, Fleur De Lis. Having known her since the start of the school year, they bonded during art class yet she wanted more. Having since been freed of his stress, her affections became known to him and their first date sealed the deal. Since then, their love only grew stronger with every date or outing. Gemini loved her deeply and felt part of him had healed from the emotional scars.

The day of graduation had soon dawned and Gemini’s excitement was at an all-time high. Having since got his cap and gown, he spent weeks practicing and mentally prepping himself. It was the big step in his journey of life and it filled him with thoughts of the future. He wouldn’t be tackling the journey alone as Celestia, Luna, and Argent would support him on his day of triumph.

Waking up and performing his morning readiness routine, Gemini at himself in the mirror. Noting the goatee, everything was in order. He wanted to look his best for the graduation ceremony later on. With his cap and gown, all squared away with his class ring, he was more than ready to take the next big step in his life. Putting his shirt on, he stepped out into the living room where Argent and Luna sat quietly. Over the last few weeks, Argent moved into the house to be closer to his girlfriend. Since then, he and Gemini bonded more.

“Gemini,” Luna said, folding her newspaper, “how are you this morning?”

“Doing good.” Gemini replied as he poured himself a cup of coffee, “What about you two?”

“Trying to get the cogs in my brain going” Luna replied.

“Wide awake as a squirrel, Gemini.” Argent replied.

“Where’s Celestia at?”

“Oh, she went over to the school to help with prep work for the ceremony this afternoon.” Luna answered, “Are you excited? Graduating today and all is a monumental event for someone like you.”

“That it is.” Gemini took a sip of his morning brew, “When I lived at my old place, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. But when you and Celestia came along… I honestly can’t thank both of you enough for helping me back on my feet.”

“It was no problem for them, Gemini.” Luna replied as Gemini took a seat. “You have every right to be happy today. This is your day of triumph. You and your fellow students should feel some indulgent pride because this is the culmination of twelve years of hard work. Enjoy yourself.”

As he sat in his seat, sipping his brew, a sense of satisfaction swept over Gemini from both the caffeine rush and what the day entailed. If it was what hard work felt like at the end of a long road, it was a satisfying feeling. Though it had been a rough road, him standing strong through all that molded him in some way with a high degree of patience. Even then, the love from those around him kept him going on. He wasn’t alone and never would be.

“Yeah, I guess.” Gemini finished the rest of his brew, “Still, it feels like this day would never come to pass but it did. Not only do I have a nice roof over my head, but I also have a nice girlfriend that stole my heart. Talk about a stroke of luck.”

“Things have been going well for you and Fleur.” Luna chimed, “I have to say that she’s a sweet girl that is deserving of loyalty. A girl like that comes only once in a blue moon. Cherish her and every moment the two of you spend.”

“I know.” Gemini said with a sigh “But, I wish that the next time I bring her over like the other day, you don’t pressure me to kiss her in front of the three of you. It’s really embarrassing.”

“Lighten up. You should’ve seen the look on your face when she planted one on you. You shouldn’t feel so ashamed to show your love for her.”

“Well, just not in front of you guys.”

“I understand your embarrassment, Gemini.” Argent reassured, “That is a natural reaction when you’re developing a relationship with your significant other. Give it time and you’ll be more confident to show your love for her to others. Just take your time and you’ll get used to it.”

“I suppose you do have a point.” Gemini got up from his seat, “Anyways, I want to go touch base with Flash Sentry on the party next week and have lunch with Fleur. I’ll be back later this afternoon.”

“Okay,” Luna replied, “just be back here before four.” Nodding, Gemini waved the two adults goodbye as he walked out. Folding up her newspaper, Luna turned her gaze to Argent. She wore a serious yet calm look on her face as she cleared her throat. “So Argent, do you think he suspects anything?”

“Nothing as far as I see it.” Argent got up and stretched his back, “Do you think he’ll like what you’re getting him?”

“With the help of Time Turner, we were able to pull a few strings. It was a bit of work but we were able to get things squared away. As far as I’m concerned, it’ll be something he’ll never forget. What about yours and Celestia’s work?”

“It was quite a bit of paperwork, more than both of us were used to.” Argent sighed, “However, everything is in order and I gotta tell you…” Argent nodded affirmatively with an amused huff, “with his mental state, I know for sure it will make today the best day of his life.”

“I hope so.”

Soon, the time had arrived for Gemini and many other students at Canterlot High School. Pulling up to the lot, Gemini, clad in his suit, tie, and his cap and gown, made his way into the school for one last time. All around he saw his fellow students conversing with each other and making the air alive with conversation. It was an exciting moment for both teachers and students alike as the old guard were soon to bid their goodbyes. Walking down the halls, his eyes caught the sight of Flash Sentry, on the other side of the hall, Across from Fleur De Lis.

“Yo, Gemini!” Flash greeted as his friend shook his hand, “How’s it been with ya?”

“Been smooth as of late.” Gemini said, getting behind his girlfriend, “Between my dates with Fleur here and everything in between, I have no reason to complain.”

“Dude, being gifted with luck like that is a rarity.”

“That it is.” Fleur agreed, “Sometimes you have to count on the help of others to get through a rough patch.”

“Yeah, plus I didn’t know where else to go.” Gemini sighed.

“You could’ve come to me, dude. I would've gladly taken you in if it came down to that.”

“I didn’t really think it would be a good idea, Flash. You just got your place and I didn’t want to piss off the renter.”

“I mean… I could’ve just talked to him about it.”

“Yeah.” Gemini sighed, “I went to the park after I got the boot and that was where Celestia found me. By then, the rest was history.”

“Well, the important thing is that you’re safe, mon amour.” Fleur added, “You’re in the clear. Breathe easy.” With a sigh of relief, Gemini gave both his friends a hug before returning to his spot in line. Noting his smirk, Fleur gave one in return, “There’s that smile I grew to love.”

With some words from the nearby staff, the blue-robed students began to pour into the auditorium in nice single-file lines. Bit by bit, they filled the bleachers on the stage. As Gemini stared out into the vast crowd of people with their cameras and unbound joy, a sense of emptiness filled his heart. Yet, when he saw the familiar faces of Luna and Argent cheering him on, a sense of belonging filled his being. One way or another, there were those who supported him. It didn’t matter if his parents were present. Celestia walked up to the podium, clearing her throat.

“Thank you for joining us on this momentous occasion.” Celestia spoke into the microphone, “We’re gathered here to see these bright and young minds take their first step into a new chapter of their lives. Along with myself, the staff here at Canterlot High School are proud of this year’s graduating class. It goes without saying that while we’ll miss them, we wish them the best of luck as they move on to greener pastures. Their future is now in their hands and indeed let it be bright. Now, the Canterlot High School shall play a selection of songs from the programs.”

Upon her words, the school’s band started playing various songs they’ve rehearsed for over the past two weeks. With a strong instrument ensemble of percussion, wind, and strings, accompanied by a chorus, the crowd and graduating class were duly impressed. As he listened on, Gemini felt Fleur’s hand draped over his, sending warmth through his being. In response, he gripped her hand as they enjoyed the orchestra. The band went on playing for a good twenty minutes until they finished off their list and a momentary storm of applause erupted.

“I would like to thank the school band for their wonderful performance this afternoon.” Celestia said as she shuffled through her notes, “Without further ado, let’s get on with the moment these bright minds are eager for.”

At her, the band resumed playing but with the graduation song. One by one she called out the names of the graduating students, all with nervous smiles on their faces. Walking up to the joy-filled principal, they grabbed their diplomas and shook her hand before returning to their seats. The excitement was in the air as they received tickets to their respective futures.

“Sweetie Drops!” She went and grabbed her diploma, “Flash Sentry!” He went up to get his with a smirk of satisfaction, “Fleur De Lis!” Leaving her boyfriend’s side, she gracefully approached her principal and received hers, shaking her hand before returning.

“Gemini Blaze!”

Upon hearing his name being called out, a wave of excitement swept through him. Yet, he was able to foster enough willpower to contain it all. At his pace, he cautiously walked up to Celestia, heart racing like an Olympic runner. In her hand was his diploma, the culmination of years of hard work. Gripping it in his hand, he shook hers with his open hand as a warm smile crept on his face. Before he walked off, he saw her mouth “You did well.”.

Sitting back at his spot, full of pride, Gemini looked on at the fruit of his labors. Though it’s a piece of paper at face value, what it represented was another story. It represented triumph, effort, as well as the struggle he endured. Gemini reached the end of the long road along with his friends and those that stood by his side. He couldn’t help but shed a tear of pride.

Once the last of the students got their diplomas and another rousing speech was had, the graduating class ceremoniously threw their caps into the air before vacating the stage, gathering with their families. Upon seeing Luna and Argent waiting for him, Gemini wasted no time in lunging in for a hug.

“How does it feel to be free from school?” Luna asked.

“Great, just great.” Gemini answered, “Liberating even.”

“It’s your day to shine.” Argent remarked as Celestia walked over to his side, “Take your triumph and make it yours.” Gemini gave Celestia a brief hug.

“It’s the end of a road for you” Celestia said, “ and we’re all proud of you.”

“Aw, come on. You’re making me blush, Celestia.”

“I can make you blush for sure.” Fleur walked over and surprised Gemini with a hug. Once her lips connected with his, Luna brought out her camera and took a picture of the scene.

“I-I honestly thought you’d be out with your parents by now.” Gemini stuttered.

“Well, my parents gave me the okay to join you… if that is okay with you, Celestia.”

“It’s perfectly fine.” Celestia laughed as she cradled her belly, “We’re about to leave here in a few minutes and you’re more than welcome to come.”

“I’d love that, Madame Celestia.” With a nod, the party walked out of the school and to the lot. Taking a quick look behind him, Gemini glanced back at the school he knew for four years. Now, he had to part ways and say goodbye. So began a new chapter of his life that he was eager to make a giant leap towards.

“Hey Luna, please don’t post that picture on social media.”

After a ten minute drive to the center of town, the party arrived at a nice italian eatery near the town hall. It was relatively big for a place in the center of Canterlot and would usually be busy at night yet it was not packed at all, perfect for what a family get-together would be. Walking in, Celestia requested a private room for the outing and they were taken to one in the back. For what Celestia had in mind, she didn’t want it telegraphed through the whole place. It was something she had set in motion for a month.

“Here you go.” Gemini said as he helped Celestia to her seat, “Best to take it easy now.”

“I’m not made of glass, Gemini.” Celestia replied as everyone took their seats, “It’s not needed to walk over eggshells for me.”

“You can’t fault him for acting like a gentleman.” Argent scoffed as he stole a kiss from her, “It’s a sign that he’ll treat his ladyfriend right.”

“Indeed he does.” Fleur chimed in. Just before luna could say her piece, a waitress with a hair bun walked in with an ecstatic smile on her face.

“Hello, welcome to Leonardo’s Villa.” The waitress greeted, “My name is Oregano Zest and I’ll be taking care of you five today. Shall we start out with drinks?”

“I’ll have a sweetened peach tea, please?” Gemini asked.

“I’ll have the same thing, but light on the sweetness.” Fleur added.

“I’ll have a coke.” Argent answered.

“Same.” Added Luna.

“And I’ll have some water, please.” Celestia asked.

“Okay.” Oregano muttered as she wrote in her notebook, “One water, two teas, and two cokes. Got it, I’ll be back to take your orders shortly.” Oregano walked off and the door closed behind her.

“Honestly, I just can’t believe this day came to pass.” Gemini said with a sigh of relief, “I’ve graduated, got a girl, and I’m not out in the streets. I’m surprised that I’ve managed to survive.” Glancing at her sister with a nod, Celestia saw the time for her surprise was nigh. They could only guess what Gemini’s reaction would be.

“But the fact that you managed through it is nothing short of a miracle.” Luna softly said as she fished through her purse, “With patience comes reward.” She pulled out an envelope and hands it to Gemini, “Open it.” Looking at the envelope, he saw it was sent from Canterlot Community College. Opening it, he began to read out the contents.

“Dear Mr. Blaze,

We’ve taken note of your academic progress and were duly impressed by your grade marks. Despite your disadvantages, you were able to persevere and achieve much while keeping your commitment to your academic future strong. Such hard work deserves a reward.

After much consideration, we would like to formally congratulate you on being accepted into Canterlot Community College’s Astronomy and Astrophysics program. Your passion for the field has been noted and we can’t wait to see you start in August next month. Keep up the good work and your future shall remain bright. We look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely: Dean Sombra
Canterlot Community College”

Gemini was stunned for the briefest of moments as he finished reading. Being accepted into college and into his favorite subject seemed like a moment in a fever dream. Yet, the paper felt real to the touch. He couldn’t believe his eyes but the message was clear nonetheless. With much excitement, Gemini stood up and shook Luna’s hand furiously.

“Oh my god!” Gemini exclaimed, “Oh, thank you so much, Luna! You honestly didn’t have to.”

“Come on now, you deserve it. You honestly can’t expect to do good and not get rewarded in some way.”

“I mean, you did presumably go through a lot of trouble for this. But… thank you.”

“It really was no problem. I have my ways.” She then turns to Celestia and nods, “Tia, I think it’s time for yours.”

The time was now as Celestia pulled a manila envelope from her purse and hands it to Gemini. He was amused that he got two presents from his guardians. If it was in an envelope like that, it must be important, What in his mind could top a college acceptance letter? The only way he was going to find out was by opening it. But… the contents of it would leave a lasting impression on him.

In his hands was a certificate… of adoption. On that certificate was not only his name but also that of Celestia and Argent. For a moment, Gemini couldn’t move, breathe, twitch, or wink. It all felt unreal like a vivid dream that one would only experience once in their lives. Just as he began rationalizing it as a joke, the warm feeling from Celestia’s hand touching his cast aside any notions of it being an illusion. It was really happening. Celestia was taking him in as her son even though her own wasn’t born yet.

Covering his mouth, overloaded with joy, Gemini gasped as his eyes began to well up with tears. It didn’t take long before his emotional dam had burst from the rush of happiness and he began to weep. He rushed over and wrapped Celestia in a hug, crying into her shoulder as she rubbed his back calm him. Looking on at the scene, Argent’s prediction was proven true as Gemini’s happiness reached new heights.

“W-Why?” Gemini sobbed as he buried his face in her blazer’s shoulder.

“Shhh, it’s okay, my son.” Celestia cooed, “Argent and I thought about it for weeks and thought it was in your best interest to welcome you into my family. After what you’ve been through, you shouldn’t have to feel alone anymore. You are loved by me and everyone here. Welcome to my family, Gemini.” Having exhausted his tears, Gemini looked his now mother in the eyes, wiping away all his tears.

“Celestia, Mother… thank you.” Gemini gave her a quick hug. It had more meaning as they were now mother and son. Though not bound by blood, it mattered little to them. They were now family and he now has the mother he needed. “I‘m going to have to get used to calling you mother from now on.”

Smiling and returning to his seat, Gemini spent the remainder of the dinner in bliss. Chatting with his new family and girlfriend, he took in the ambient joy of his new familial connections. It was one of those rare moments where one would experience true happiness. No matter what, he now had a family that he can turn to for the rest of his life.

Having gotten permission from her parents, Fleur De Lis decided to stay over at Celestia’s with Gemini for the night. Having been given the living room to themselves, the perfect setup for the young couple. Sitting on the couch, Gemini allowed Fleur to lay in his lap as they watch old movies as they slowly lulled into a slumber. Comfortable, Gemini held her tight as their eyelids become heavy.

“Hey babe,” Gemini moaned as he pecked her cheek, “did you ever wonder that we were going to be this intimate?”

“Don’t know about intimate.” Fleur adjusted herself in his arms, yawning as she wrapped her arms around his neck, “But a moment like this does wonders. Just you, me, and the entire room to ourselves.”

With a yawn of his own, Gemini pulled his girlfriend further in, draping a blanket over their bodies as they took in its warmth and from their bodies close contact. Humming with delight, he gently rested his head on hers, taking in the relaxing scent of lavender and lilacs. Gingerly petting her head, he felt the rhythm of her heartbeat, steady and strong as humed the tune of one of his favorite songs.

Yawing one more time, Gemini turned off the TV and turned his entire attention to the girl in his arms. To him, sleeping with her in such a way was more than enough to make the night magical and worthwhile. With a final yawn, Fleur’s violet eyes shut tightly as she drifted off to sleep. Feeling sleep soon to claim him, Gemini closed his as his body relaxed. Between graduating, being accepted into college, and Celestia taking him in as her son, sleeping with his lover in his arms was the one to top off the whole day. No worries for the rest of the night.

This day… perfect.

Author's Note:

Here it is, the culmination of Gemini's new living arrangement. Some of you might've seen it coming but here it is anyway. As for the noted pacing issues, I'm improving upon it, bit by bit. Next chapter will be hella wholesome. Stay tuned.