• Published 23rd Apr 2019
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A Loving Angel - TheWingman

An expecting Celestia finds a troubled student in need of help, even if he's resistant.

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2. Intervention

“Goodbye, Luna! I’ll see you after work!”

“Same here, Tia! Just remember to take things easy!”


Just like that, Celestia got in her van and drove off to work. As she watched from the windows, Luna took a sigh and she sipped her morning brew. Though her sister was going to be alone, she was certain that Celestia would be in a less stressful situation. For her, it was relief that her sister would be safe.

“Mia, I hope you’re right on this.” Luna muttered as she made her way to the bathroom, “Hopefully, we can help this student.” As she got cleaned up, she thought of what to wear to better blend in with a neighborhood. She then remembered that she had a hoodie that she rarely wore and a pair of sunglasses she favored. After clean up, it was just a matter of having her things gathered and worn.

“Hmmm, this could work.” She mused as she looked in the mirror, “At least I won’t stick out like a sore thumb that much.” After she pocketed her house keys and phone, she walked out and hailed a nearby taxi. The address she gave the driver was a short distance from Gemini’s house.

As they drove into the neighborhood, the atmosphere became immediately apparent. Abandoned buildings, broken windows, it wasn’t an ideal place to start a family. No sooner than when she got out of the cab did Luna see a man and a woman walk out of the house. Luna recognized them right away from the times they came in for parent teacher conferences. As they walked up the street, Luna kept a reasonable distance as she followed them.

Turning a corner, she peeked from behind a building as she observed their movements. With every moment, her heart pounded over the risk of getting caught. Adrenaline coursed through her veins with every second passed. Yet, she kept her cool and she had to.

Eventually, the couple turned into an alley as Luna watched on. With a quick thought, she climbed a ladder to the roof of a nearby abandoned building. From there, she had a bird’s eye view of them. As they stopped, Luna turned her phone on and recorded an exchange between the two and some shady looking man in a hoodie. What she saw next made her freeze in place. The couple handed the man a stack of cash in exchange for a sizeable bag. From a glance, its contents had a blue color.

“Holy shit!” Luna gasped internally, “I can’t fucking believe this!” Soon after the exchange, the couple walked off but Luna remained hidden until she was certain all was clear. She couldn’t believe it yet it all made sense to her. His tiredness, his reluctance to talk about it; Gemini Blaze had been working to keep his family afloat while they indulged in their drug addiction. As she gathered her thoughts, Luna immediately called her sister.

“Hello?” Celestia answered.

“Tia, it’s me.” Luna worriedly replied, “I’ve finished my investigation.”

“What did you find?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but his parents are drug addicts.”

“What?! Are you absolutely certain?”

“As the sunrise, Tia. I just saw them hand a stack of cash to some guy for a bag of meth!”

“Oh dear.” Luna sensed the worry in her voice, “Alright, was his car at the house?”

“No. Why?”

“He’s here at the school and it's his lunch period. I don’t see his car in the student lot either. I can only assume his friend Flash Sentry brought him here and-” For a brief moment, there was silence before an audible gasp was heard. “You don’t think they?”

“Could be.” Luna replied, “I can only imagine how much that stack of money was and how they got it. What should we do?”

“Come to the school.” Celestia somberly replied, “We’ll perform a wellness check after the students leave. Fortunately, I’ve got the daily paperwork done. If we have to, we’ll let him live with us.”

“Very well.” Luna Replied as she returned to street level, “I’ll see you when I get there. Love you.”

“Love you too, sis.” Luna sighed as she hung up the call, “This day is going to get stressful really quick.”

The final bell of the day had rung and the students left the school in droves. From their office, Celestia and Luna watched as the students left for home. Among the crowds, they noticed Gemini Blaze looking exhausted. Turning away, Celestia wore a frown as she was now aware of his situation.

“There he is, Luna.” Celestia sighed, “I just can’t believe it even after seeing that video.”

“I know, sis.” Luna agreed with a pat on her sister’s shoulder, “Stuff like that honestly makes me wonder why would anyone stoop that low.”

“Well, whatever their thoughts are, we have to help him out. Come, let’s get going.” With a nod, they got in their van and left the school. As they drove through the downtown suburban area, the sight of dilapidated buildings unsettled the expecting principal but strengthened her resolve to remove him from a dangerous situation. When they reached the house, their ears were met with a loud argument that came from inside.

“I honestly want to know why you both did it!”

“No! NO! Don’t try to spin this to where it’s my fault!”

“Oh dear,” Celestia muttered, “he’s found out about it.” As they sat in the van, they listened on as the argument got louder and more intense.

“You don’t understand! I needed that car to get to work! I PAY THE DAMN BILLS WHILE YOU BOTH SMOKE THAT POISON!”

“How about this: Shouldn’t me working my hands to the bone have been a wakeup call to you two?!”



What happened next was a short period of silence that was broken by a symphony of loud crashes and screams. Shortly afterward, a battered Gemini in a hoodie tumbled through the front door with two bags in tow. Immediately, Celestia and Luna knew what went on. As he got up, he turned to the house and screamed a litany of curses before walking away.

“Oh goodness,” Luna gasped, “they just tossed him out like garbage?”

“Yep,” Celestia replied as she gripped the wheel, angered, “and now I’ve seen everything.”

With a shift of the gears, Celestia turned the van around and began to follow him. Eventually, they saw him on a bench alone with his sight glued to the grass. The sisters parked a ways away from his bench so as to not spook him. Now they had him at a vulnerable moment and he would be more willing to talk.

“Okay Luna,” Celestia sighed as she rubbed her midsection, “Mia’s plan worked and he’s vulnerable now.”

“As much as I wouldn’t like to admit it, It all worked out.” Luna agreed, “So, which one of us is going to talk to him?”

“I’ll do it.” Celestia said as she left the van, “I think he’ll be more receptive to me.”

“Fair enough.”

Celestia walked across the grass toward the bench. Though she suspected that he was aware of her, the way he stood still was a sign that he didn’t care. Gemini sat there silently sobbing as the summer wind blew against his face. Taking a seat next to him, Celestia saw his brows twitch, sign that he was now aware of her. With a sigh and a nod, Gemini began to talk.

“I’m guessing by now you know everything.” He muttered as Celestia rubbed his back. With every pass, he felt his body release its tension. It felt good, warm, and full of love.

“We do.” Celestia gently replied, “We’ve even heard the argument between you and your parents.” As she put an arm on his shoulders, she felt him shake with ever hitch in his voice. “I’m sorry they treated you like that.”

“Ms. Celestia, I…”

“Before you say anything, I won’t allow you to ref-”

“Help me.” His words shocked the principal, not the words she expected him to say. As she glanced at his face, Celestia registered four emotions: Betrayal, Pain, Sadness, and Fatigue. He’d been through a lot to keep his family afloat while they engaged in self-destruction. Now, he was past the breaking point and with nowhere else to go. “Please, help me.” Then, as if compelled by her motherly instincts, Celestia gave Gemini a quick hug before giving him a warm smile, something that made him feel safe.

“Come.” Celestia got up with his hand in hers, “You can stay at our place.”

“What? A-are you sure you could do that?”

“I can and I will. Even if the school board takes an issue with that, I’ll clear it up with them. Now, let’s go home.”

At first hesitant, Gemini reluctantly agreed as he had no other options on hand. He loaded his bags into the van before they departed the park. As they left the area, Gemini took a mental sigh of relief as he left his neighborhood for good. Still, part of him wished he could’ve done more to help his family. For the rest of the ride, he remained silent.

As they pulled up to the driveway, Gemini was in awe at how beautiful it looked, much better than his old place. Though smaller than he expected, he knew that it would be comfy to stay. As soon as he walked in, he dropped his bags at the sight of a warm and welcoming interior. If it was the place he’d be staying in for the foreseeable future, he wasn’t going to complain. Home sweet home, he finally escaped from his troubles.

“I’ll go ahead and get one of the spare bedrooms ready for you.” Luna sang as she grabbed his bags, “Why don’t you go relax on the couch. After a nap, we can go get some dinner.”

“Okay, I guess.” Gemini sighed as he relaxed on the couch. Celestia joined him as his mind began to be lulled into a near blissful state. She was relieved that he’s now safe and sound yet still worried about him. “Ms. Celestia, about the other day, I’m… I’m sorry about how I’ve acted.”

“No need to apologize, Gemini.” Celestia said with a smile. “I understood that you were stressed by your problems.”

“But still, it wasn’t right that I’ve acted that way.” As she placed a hand on his shoulder, Celestia felt the last bits of his resistance melt away. She hummed a relaxing tune as tears welled up in his eyes. All he felt in that moment was love, something he’d been without for some time.

“Gemini,” Celestia said as she gingerly stroked his cheek, “it’s okay. We all know why you’ve been stressed out. But what matters now is that you’re safe. Don’t feel ashamed about it. Everything is going to be alright, I swear it.” The reassurance in her voice, he felt it was sincere, with meaning. Bit by bit, his emotional barriers disintegrated until nothing was left. Nothing was going to stop the tidal wave of emotions.

Without warning, Gemini lunged at her and wrapped his principal in a hug. Caught off guard at first, Celestia eventually returned it as he began to tear up in her shoulder. From his position, the side of her warm and soft belly made contact with his. It felt relaxing to the touch as its soothing warmth radiated to his body. Slowly but surely, he grew more relaxed as his embrace became more relaxed and a slight smile developed.

“Mr. Blaze, your bed is ready. Why don’t you go and take a-” As Luna walked in, she momentarily paused as she saw the scene. A warm smile crept on her face as she allowed the hug to go on for a few more moments. She could tell that Gemini sorely needed it and she would’ve given him one. “Come, you need some rest. Later on we’ll be going out to eat. And also, don’t worry about school tomorrow. Take a mental health day.”

“Okay, Ms. Luna.” Gemini sighed as he walked into his new room, letting out a big yawn as he peacefully rested upon his bed. At last, he caught a break. Both Luna and Celestia smiled as she silently shut the door, letting him have some quiet.

“Tia,” Luna whispered, “You did the right thing with him.”

“I did?” Celestia asked back.

“Of course, silly. What you did further proved to me that you’ll be a great mother. I’ve seen it in your eyes.”

Deep down, Celestia knew her sister was right but she never doubted her. Over time as her pregnancy advanced, her maternal instincts heightened ever so high. As it grew, so did it seeped into her personality. Already a kind and caring woman, it became more pronounced with her impending motherhood.

“Thank you, sister.” She said as they had a short hug before going back into the living room to discuss dinner plans.

Gemini laid in his new bed, comfortable and at peace. It was the most comfortable he’d been in a long time. Quiet and tranquil, the atmosphere of his new room felt like heaven. No longer would he worry about his old life and no longer would he suffer the stress of weekend jobs. He was freed from his troubles.

As he slept away, he felt a warm, calming presence blanket over him. Opening his eyes, he beheld an awe inspiring sight. What he saw was an angelic being whose face bore a resemblance to Principal Celestia. His heart skipped a few beats over such a beautiful sight. Every aspect of her, down to even her trademark welcoming smile, was further magnified by her radiance.

She took a seat upon the bed, crawling towards him with a blush. Gemini’s heart raced as her hands touched his cheeks. He was too choked up for words. With a tilt of her head, her lips soft velvety latched onto his followed by an invasion of his mouth from her tongue. His eyes shot wide open but soon closed as he lost himself in the bliss. He held her body close as he fell back to his bed. Dream or not, it felt great, like heaven. She soon broke the kiss as she wore what looked to be a lover’s smile.

“Gemini?” She whispered softly.





Repeatedly, she kept saying his name as he gradually roused from his sleep. Before his woken eyes was the real Principal Celestia, still ever so beautiful. The same smile was displayed upon her face as his vision came to. Though it was a dream, it left an impression on him nonetheless. He didn’t know what to feel about his principal after that dream, whether he considers her as just a friend… or crush.

“Gemini,” Celestia gently said, “we’re about to go out for dinner.” With a smile, Gemini got up and put his hoodie on.

“Can’t wait.”

Author's Note:

Here's the second. Again, I hope you, the reader, like it.

P.S.: There's a hidden reference. See if you can find it. :trollestia: