• Published 23rd Apr 2019
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A Loving Angel - TheWingman

An expecting Celestia finds a troubled student in need of help, even if he's resistant.

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9. Holy Day

“We part, too soon
But in our lies
There's a truth to find
The end, is new
A tomorrow we must reach for
To be heard.”

Setting his guitar down, Gemini walked over to the crib where his little brother, Sunspot Aurora, was falling asleep. Ever since he came home after his birth, Gemini had been playing soft guitar melodies of songs he remembered. Singing with a voice as gentle as the autumn breeze and fluidly striking each chord, it became a staple for Sunspot’s napping routines. Reaching into the crib, Gemini ran his hand through Sunspot’s hair before giving him a peck on the forehead as the infant drifted off to sleep, peaceful and quiet.

“Sweet dreams, lil’ brother.” Turning around, he was met by the sight of his father, Argent Radiance, smiling with amusement. He wondered how long his soon-to-be father had been standing there. Yet, he couldn’t react lest he disturb his sleeping brother. Gemini held a finger up to his mouth as he whispered, “Like clockwork, dad.”

“Unorthodox way to calm him down but it works.” Argent whispered as they left the room, “I have to say that you’re a natural when it comes to taking care of him… and babies in general.”

“I mainly just figure things out as I go. Thank you, dad.” Him calling Argent his ‘dad’ earned a laugh from the adult.

“Gemini, I’m not your dad yet. But, I will be later on this afternoon.”

Gemini hadn’t forgotten about his adoptive mother’s impending marriage, having a front-row view of the proposal months ago. Since then, between his continued academic pursuits and looking after his brother, he’d been helping with getting everything set in place for the wedding. Though he had his hands full at times, his old life had him adapted to such rigors, nothing too strenuous for him.

“Come on.” Gemini scoffed as he grabbed a cup of coffee, “That already happened when you put your scribble on the adoption certificate.” Gemini took a hearty sip, “On top of all that, during the months since then and getting to know you, you’re cool in my books.”

“‘Cool’, is that the replacement word for ‘good’ nowadays?”

“You’d be right. The point is, Celestia trusts you and so do I. Well, though we’ve started out on a rough patch, it really doesn’t matter.”

“That’s actually a good mindset going forward.” Argent sat down and unfolded a newspaper, “It’s good to go forward and never look back on the negative things. You’ve applied that effectively and look at what that has gotten you.”

“Yeah,” Gemini finished the rest of his coffee, “an astrophysics scholarship, a girlfriend, a roof above my head, and a load of stress off my back. You know, it’s honestly hard to look back after all that.”

“Positivity, positivity. That’s the key there, son. No matter what happens, keep a stiff upper lip, steel yourself, and you should be alright. Nothing really special but to be mindful of those things.”

“I guess. So, what’s on the agenda besides your big day?” Argent then huffed with amusement as he stretched his back.

“Well, as of now, your mother is off with Cadance and Luna at the cathedral getting things ready. Once Luna has done her bit, she’ll come to pick up Sunspot and bring him over there. After that, we can take off and go on our merry way from there.”

“Wait, bring sunspot to the cathedral?” Gemini asked with confusion, “Do churches offer daycare services now?”

“Sometimes they do.” Argent answered as he flipped another page, “Luna has a friend that works the nursery there. He’ll be in good hands.”

“I hope so. At least they’ll take care of him during the ceremony.

“They will.” Argent folds the paper and puts it away, “By the way, excited to attend the event with your girlfriend, Fleur?”

With weddings come the reception and the dance. When the RSVPs were being sent out, Gemini gave one to Fleur De Lis, which she gladly accepted. He remembered the last time they danced during her graduation party as the slow songs came forth. Throughout that night, nothing else mattered to them apart from her gentle embrace and that of her lips on his. Neither of them could wait to recapture that moment in a setting of his parent’s union.

“I can’t tell you the number of times she’s been excited about the dance during the reception.” Gemini sighed, “ I swear, she’s rather cute when she’s excited.”

“But, that should tell you something.” Argent teased, “Women like her are a special lot. If she's excited about the dance, there’s only one thing about it.”

“Which is?”

“She absolutely loves you, Gemini. Dare I say it, she’s smitten with you. At some point, I can see you both getting married.”

“Woah Woah Woah! Look, I get it. I love Fleur with all my heart.” Gemini replied with visual embarrassment, “But, I’m still juggling a job and schoolwork while finding time for her. I’m not going to consider that until I at least have a place for me and her. I gotta handle things slowly until then.”

“I know, Gemini.” Argent replied, “It’s just future thought for you, ya know.”

“I know. But, I can’t wait for the dance. I hope there’ll be a song that’ll set the mood for a slow dance.”

“There will. Yet, we still have to get through a ceremony and you’re one of my groomsmen.” Argent playfully jabbed Gemini in the arm, “You should’ve seen the look on your face when I told you that. You were a hysterical riot.”

Azure grumbled in embarrassment as he remembered that moment to the laughter of Argent, Celestia, and Luna. Being told that he was going to be one of the groomsmen shocked him, made even more hysterical as he drank some milk… and made a mess in the process. Thereafter, it became something of a joke but with an air of good nature like horseplay. It still was something that Gemini felt embarrassed about.

“Note to self, never drink any dairy before someone surprises you.” Gemini remarked as he nodded, “Celestia got a bit pissed off that day.”

“She did get a laugh out of it, though.” Their conversation was interrupted when Luna entered the house, dressed in a long purple ball gown. “Luna, what are you doing here so early?”

“Well, Meredeth pitched the idea of bringing Sunspot over early so he could spend some time with his mother.” Luna answered, “My sister and I were inclined to agree. What were you two up to?”

“Waking up and shooting the breeze, auntie.” Gemini warmly replied, “Are you sure Meredeth can handle Sunspot?”

“Pshaw, Gemini. She’s had kids of her own. If anyone can handle your little brother, it’s her. How is he?”

“Fast asleep, Luna.” Argent answered, “He likes it when Gemini plays his guitar. Hell, it’s a good way of calming him down.”

“Anything to keep him calm is welcome.” Luna looked around the living room a fair bit before bringing her attention back to her original train of thought, “So boys, what’s the game plan for you both?”

“Well,” Gemini started, “after you take Sunspot out of our hands, we’re going to get in our suits, go pick up Fleur, have a light lunch, and head on over to the cathedral.”

“Sounds alright. Be sure to get there fairly early though. Better safe than sorry.” Luna walked into Sunspot’s room and placed him in a carrier seat, “Just make sure you both look your best.”

“We will.” Gemini replied as he and Argent waved Luna goodbye before she drove off, “Gotta hand it to her, she does get to the point.”

“Yeah, but she does have that softie side of hers.” Argent chuckled, “No wonder she and Time Turner have been a couple for years. Soon, it’ll be Luna’s turn at the altar and we’ll be doing the same thing for her. I wonder why they haven’t married yet.”

“Beats me. Maybe she’s waiting for a bit after Tia and you tie the knot. Then again, Luna isn’t the one to rush things.”

“True, true.” Argent hummed a bit while reading the newspaper. It was only mere months that Gemini knew him but he picked up on him being a fast reader. It didn’t take him terribly long to breeze through the morning paper while sipping his brew. Though a calm and easy going person, Argent is one who likes to get things done quickly if possible, “Well, that just about does it for now. Gemini, why don’t you go in first and get ready. You take less time in there.”

Following his words, Gemini hopped into the shower, leaving him to ponder a great many things. Though the swarm of hot water droplets soothed his muscles, it did little to calm his ever active mind. He got thrown to the wolves, taken in by his former principal, became a big brother, and found love. Yet, he still felt some attachment to the one who forsook him. One half of his mind hated his father but the other half couldn’t bring itself to. It’s funny as to how the brain works like a some organic computer but more complex, always in motion.

Drying himself off, Gemini retreated into his room. On his drawer were the components that make up his suit. Black pants and coat, white shirt, black socks, dress shoes and a bright red tie, he hummed to himself over how good he thinks he’ll look in it, especially since Fleur is going to be by his side. He had to look good for the two most important women in his life. Every piece of the suit he put on had an effect on him, making his smile grow ever wider. He looked as sharp as a razor.

When he turned to the mirror to get a better look, he gave a few good blinks before he saw something different, something he thought was real. He was at what looked to be a church altar with Fleur in a bridal gown. He held her hands as he looked lovingly into her eyes. Being the portals to her heart, he felt the same level of love she had. Some disembodied voice gave them the blessing to kiss and kiss they did. It felt nearly real to Gemini like he was there at his own wedding. Every ounce of the bliss was intoxicating.

“Hey Gemini, you done?” Argent knocked on his door, snapping Gemini from his trance. Opening the door, he saw Gemini looking like he saw a ghost, “You look a little rattled there. What’s up?” It took the young man to snap out of his dazed state. What he saw looked and felt as if he was really there, like a dream come true.

“S-sorry, dad.” Gemini sighed, shaking his head and turning to Argent, “I-I can’t explain this in any other way than I just saw something. It felt nearly real as if it were a vision.” Argent hummed as Gemini regained his composure. It was odd to hear his

“A vision?” Argent placed a hand on his son’s shoulder, intrigued by his statement, “I’ve dealt with cases involving people claiming they saw something that seemed real enough to them. I see such a thing as a manifestation of the combined desires of the heart and mind. Tell me, what did you see? Was it something bad?”

“I-I was at an altar with Fleur. She looked incredibly beautiful.” Argent and Gemini sat on his bed, “We were before a bunch of people, even you, Luna, and mother. When a voice declared us… husband and wife, Fleur and I just kissed.” Gemini let out another sigh, “Her lips felt real as if it was actually happening. I know you’ve heard me gripe a fair bit about it but one day… I want to marry her but when is the right time, I’m not sure.”

“Gemini,” Argent said, “I’m sensing that you worry there’ll come a point where Fleur might leave you for whatever reason.” He grips Gemini’s hand to ease his son’s tension, “You’re afraid of that and I’ve been there before. However, you shouldn’t worry about that. From I’ve seen of her, she loves you too much to go with someone else. Trust me when I say that your instincts will tell you when the iron is hot. Don’t worry about it for now. Today is one for rejoicing.”

Taking a moment to cool down, Gemini drew a smile. “Yeah, maybe not next year, but it’s going to happen soon. I can feel it in my bones.” Getting up, he stretched his back as a big yawn escaped his mouth, “Still, there’s that dance at the reception and I can’t wait for that. Afterward, comes our time alone at her house. Glad her parents are going out of town. If you’re getting at a head start, let’s not keep my lady waiting. She already knows with my text from earlier.”

Pulling up to Fleur’s house, Argent saw Gemini with a confident look on his face like one of triumph. He was used to him being unsure of himself but what he saw was a like an evolution of sorts, almost a different person. “Feeling pretty good about yourself, champ?” Argent asked, rolling down the window, “You always said that you regretted not taking her to prom. In a way, this is like a second chance for you both. Excited for the dance at the reception?”

Gemini huffed in amusement and anticipation. “Yeah, both her and I are.” He tapped his fingers on the dashboard, staring dreamily at the door. From his earlier vision and the dreams he had for the past few months, the reception dance was something he looked forward to the most, “I can’t wait to share mom’s wedding with Fleur. To think one day I’ll be doing that as well… just gets me all excited.”

“I know it does, my son.” Gemini got out of the car, “Now, go get her.” Nodding, Gemini walked up to the front door and gave it a few short knocks. As every moment passed by, his anxiety climbed as he fidget around in his suit. Remembering the breathing exercises Argent taught him, he breathed deeply, in and out, to calm his heart rate. Hearing the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer, Gemini readied himself to greet his love. How woefully unprepared he was.

Answering the door was Fleur De Lis, wearing her ever radiant smile that Gemini grew to love but it wasn’t the only thing she wore. Wearing a black ball gown with a side slits for her legs and a single strap that supported the top, red high-heels, and her hair in a bun, Gemini was truly left awestruck. He couldn’t say anything or move to which Fleur smiled and giggled. She knew he’d be all flustered over her wardrobe.

“Cat got your tongue, mon amour?” Fleur purred as she got closer to Gemini. The way she walked made Gemini’s heart skip a few good beats. He couldn’t say anything on how captivated he was by her beauty. But, his facial expression spelled it all for Fleur who hummed with amusement. “I know what you want to say, Gemini. You’re not half bad looking yourself. Looking very much like a dapper rouge there.”

Mentally slapping himself in the face, Gemini cleared his throat and straightened his tie. “Sorry about that, Fleur. I have to say that you look like, dare I say it… a goddess.” With his confidence back up, Gemini got closer to Fleur and took her hand in his, “Why is it you’re so perfect in your beauty?” He asked with a light peck on her lips, causing her to blush slightly.

“Well, let’s not keep your father waiting.”

Lightly patting him on the cheek, Fleur followed Gemini back to the car and they drove off to the downtown area. Despite it being the weekend where it would usually be calm, the traffic was only slightly below the usual rush hour conditions during the weekends. Yet, Argent knew the city like its map was etched inside of his skull and traversed the majority of the traffic with no issues.

Eventually, they arrived at their destination: Cornerstone Diner, just as Gemini remembered from the day he and Argent first met. When they walked in, a few of the patrons shot them a few looks as to why a nicely-dressed group would dine at a place like that. The staff, save for Hashbrown, paid them no mind as they took their seats. Right away, she recognized Gemini and Argent as she approached their table.

“Heya,” Hashbrown said in a sing-songy voice, “it’s been a few weeks since you two last came here.” She then turned her attention to Fleur, “I see you also brought a friend. She looks stunning in that dress.”

“That she does, Hashbrown.” Gemini remarked, turning his attention to the waitress, “We’re actually making a quick stop here before my mother’s wedding.” Hasbrown’s eyes lit up at Gemini’s answer.

“Oh, congratulations!” She shook both their hands before focusing her attention on Argent, “I’m guessing you’re the lucky husband to be.”

“That I am, ma’am.” Argent straightened up his tie as he looked at the menu, “For drinks, I guess I’ll have a water, light on the ice, please.” Hashbrown hummed to herself as she wrote down his drink order. She then focused on Gemini and Fleur, ordering a coke and a tea respectively.

“Water, coke, and tea.” Hashbrown hummed as she wrote down the orders, “Excellent choices. Okay, I’ll be back with your drinks in just a short moment. I almost forgot, congratulations on your wedding, sir. She wandered back into the kitchen, leaving the three some time to chat. Sharing a few stories from the past, they both took in the pleasantness of their conversation.

“So, when I kissed him on the lips,” Fleur chuckled, patting Gemini on the back, “you should’ve seen the look on his face. It was quite adorable how he reacted.” Knowing it was all in good fun, Gemini joined in on the laugh, giving Fleur a kiss on her cheek, “But, he was a good kisser nonetheless and a good soul.” She reached over and planted a kiss on his lips, “Ah, there’s that smile I love so much.”

“I remember seeing him come home from that date.” Argent mused, “He looked like he was recovering from a hypnotic trance. I’ve never seen someone so gobsmacked by love before.” He hummed, drumming his fingers on the table, “Gemini, you know that being one of the groomsmen means you’ll be escorting one of the bridesmaids down the aisle. If I had to guess, it might be Ms. Cheerilee.”

For the longest time, Cheerilee was the only person aside from Celestia that Gemini had looked up to. Literature class was one of the few comforts he appreciated and Cheerilee being his teacher helped with her calming demeanor. Though he later developed a bad habit of sleeping in class, Cheerilee first got the hint that something was wrong with Gemini when he started acting withdrawn and notified Celestia as a result. “Whoa, really? Her?” Gemini gasped, “Woah, that’s… I hope I don’t make Fleur here jealous.” Fleur playfully jabs Gemini in his arm in response.

“Mon amour, it’s not something to worry about.” She giggled, “If anything, it’ll be an opportunity to show how much of a gentleman you can be.” Being kissed on the cheek once again, Gemini nervously laughed, nodding while rubbing the back of his head. “Awww, still as cute as I remember you from our first date. I’m absolutely excited for our dance later on tonight.” Before Gemini could respond, Hashbrown came back with their drinks.

“Okay, here are your drinks.” She said as she handed them out, “Have you all decided on anything to eat?” One by one, the three ordered their meals. Argent ordered a turkey club sandwich, Gemini ordered a burger, and Fleur, a caesar salad. “Excellent choices! I’ll be back soon with your orders.” Taking their menus, Hashbrown walked off and into the kitchen, leaving the three to continue their conversation.

“You really like to tease me, don’t you?” Gemini said, holding Fleur’s hand, “Apart from you being so sweet, your playful nature is another reason why I like you.”

“Like?” Fleur playfully pouted, “So, it’s just ‘like’ now?” Seeing Gemini shoot a nervous smile, her frown turned to a smile with a giggle to match, “As you’ve said, you like it when I’m playful like this.”

“What can I say,” Argent mused, taking a sip of his water, “I can recognize a strong bond when I see one. You both remind me of my first romantic relationship when I was in high school. Remember what I said about her, Gemini? She already digs you.”

“Heh, I know.” As Gemini took a sip from his coke, one question floated in his head. It was something he wanted to ask but never found the time or will to do so, “Argent, I have something to ask.”

“What’s on your mind, sport?” Argent asked back.

“I know that Celestia went out of her way to give me a proper stable life and a family. But, there are times that I feel as though there are those more deserving of her help than me. I still wonder why she chose me of all people to help. Why?” Argent couldn’t say anything as his mind was processing Gemini’s question. As a therapist, he usually was able to find an explanation to such a query. Yet, he had none, nothing.

“Well…” Argent struggled to answer, “I have no clue but… maybe if you ask her yourself,” He placed a hand on Gemini’s shoulder, “I’m sure she’ll answer that. That talk is between you and her alone.” Smiling yet nervous, Gemini slowly nodded. His father was right in that he had to ask Celestia that question himself but the ‘when’ was the question. “If you want, I can tell her that at the reception if you’re nervous.”

“I think I can manage, pops.”

Before their conversation could continue further, their orders came in, freshly made and mouth-wateringly appetizing. Taking their time to enjoy their light lunch while being mindful of the time, they chatted between eating. All that didn’t stop the flirting between Gemini and Fleur going on. The excitement of the reception’s dance only fueled their anticipation and love. Even Argent couldn’t help but crack a grin at such a display.

Once their lunch was done and the bill paid, they left the diner for the cathedral. While Fleur maintained her composure, both Argent and Gemini exhibited their own degrees of anxiety. Gemini looked upon the man who will soon be his father, the one he got to know for only half a year. Argent, after a failed relationship, would be getting another chance at love. In a way, it was a day for second chances.

Pulling up to the cathedral, the three did some last minute grooming before walking in. Ornate and architecturally impressive, the interior was as much a marvel as the exterior. All the guests in attendance were standing around, livening the air with chit-chat. Some of the guests were his former teachers from school with Ms. Cheerilee among them, wearing a light green dress and long and flowing hair. It wasn’t the first time gemini was part of a big crowd but it didn’t bother as much as he thought it would.

“Oh, Gemini!” Cherrilee said, rushing over and giving him a hug, “It’s been so long since I saw a student of mine… or two.” She turned to Fleur, breaking the hug to shake her hand, “So, I’m guessing you and Gemini are a couple, right?”

“We are.” Gemini spoke up, “We’re just eager to dance at the reception later on.”

“Oui,” Fleur added, “I’m not jealous over you being walked down the aisle by my love. I understand it.” Fleur, Gemini, and Cheerilee all shared a laugh between them, “He’s quite the gentleman.”

“I agree.” Cheerilee noticed Gemini acting slightly distant, reminding her of the times she pressed him about his issues. She crooked an eyebrow, “You know, Gemini, I remember that look on your face.Something’s on your mind. What is it?” Gemini nervously shifted his stance.

“I… just have a lot on my mind right now, that’s all.” Gemini answered, “Just got out of a rough patch and I’m just trying to enjoy life.”

“Really?” Cheerilee pressed him further, “Is there someone you need to talk to?”

“Well… yeah.” Gemini started toward the nearby stairs, “Is it alright if I have a few to talk with my mom?”

With a nod of approval, Gemini walked up the stairs to the upper area of the cathedral. Seeing a room to his left, he entered it and saw, along with Luna, was Celestia. She was dressed in an elegant bridal gown while Luna finished styling her hair in a bun, leaving a couple locks hinging on either side. Clearing his throat, Celestia turned around to see Gemini standing in front of the door. “Gemini!” Celestia rushed over to hug him, “Oh, look at you, ya handsome devil! How are you?”

“Doing great, mom.” Gemini answered, “I’m just excited to see you getting married. You?”

“Oh, just getting a little anxious but I’m happy at the same time.” Luna joined in on the hug with a smile. As she did, she readily able to pick up on Gemini’s unease. It was something she hadn’t seen in months but it was a demeanor she was familiar with, “Luna, what’s wrong?”

“It seems like Gemini is feeling a little pensive.” Luna said, tenderly stroking Gemini’s cheek, “Nephew, what’s on your mind? Are you alright?” Gemini had his hands in his pockets, nervously fidgeting around. He didn’t say anything for a few moments, still working up the will to speak, “Nephew?”

“I~ have quite a bit to talk about.” stammered Gemini, “It’s something that’s been on my mind for a while.”

“Really?” Celestia mused, “What’s gotten your mind troubled?”

“There’s much I want to say but I feel now isn’t the time to discuss it.” sighed Gemini, “Is it alright if we wait until the reception to do so?” Gemini reached out to Celestia and wrapped her into a hug to which she returned with a bright and warm smile on her face, “You said I could talk to you about anything.”

“That I did.” said Celestia with a light peck to his cheek, “I do appreciate you wanting to wait until later to talk. But, no matter what, I’ll be willing to listen.” That reassuring smile of hers that Gemini was familiar with had a calming effect on him. For the time being, his mind was put at ease, enough to keep him through the ceremony. Though they wanted the tender moment to last, they were interrupted by a door knock and the entry of Cheerilee.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt.” Cheerilee spoke up, “But Gemini, it’s time.”

“Okay, Cheerilee.” Gemini responded with a tinge of disappointment. Hooking her arm in his, he walked Cheerilee down the stairs and down the aisle while keeping a stoic demeanor. Once at the altar, they spit up with Cheerilee standing next to Luna and Gemini next to Argent’s brother, Horizon. Two bench rows, all seating the friends and family of the bride and groom, were silent as they stood, waiting for the priest, Father Perceval to finish preparing. Argent looked nervous but it was a symptom of his excitement.

Then, the pipe organs started playing the familiar sounds of the wedding march. Down the stairs, came Celestia, veil down and with a bouquet in her hands. As much as he thought her to be pretty, Gemini had to keep his composure but was nonetheless proud of her. As she got to the altar, both her and Argent turned to face one another, blushing and holding hands. Looking on, Gemini couldn’t help but shed a tear of pride.

“Everyone,” spoke Perceval, “we are gathered here today on this most holy day to witness, through love, the union of Celestia and Argent Radiance.” Gemini took a deep breath, “It is by the grace of God and the strength of their love that these two individuals had found each other. Love is one of the immutable forces in the universe, one that binds hearts in more ways than one. If there are those who object to this union, do so now or silence be taken as consent.” No one spoke up, save for a few muted coughs, “Very well. We can begin with the ceremony. Now, the bride and groom will light the candles of unity.”

Both Argent and Celestia took pre-lit candles and lit the black and white candles on the candelabra. “Well done.” nodded Perceval, “Now, at this time, the bride and groom may now read their vows.”Argent and Celestia were both handed papers with their heart’s words written down. They took a few moments to to collect themselves before they were ready.

“Celestia,” shuddered Argent as he struggled to contain his joy, “I only knew you for nearly a year yet when I first met you at that coffee shop, I knew you were something special. You’ve healed my broken heart and I comforted you when you felt sad.” He sniffled a bit as he paused for a moment, “Now, I want to make new memories with you. I want to love, honor, be by your side unto death, and to be there for our sons. That is my promise. I love you dearly, Celestia.” The second to last part resonated with Gemini, tugging further at his heartstrings.

“My dear Argent,” said Celestia, “not only have you been a loyal and loving friend of mine, but someone I’d be more than happy to spend the rest of my life with. It’s not every day when you felt your heart being broken by abandonment... only for it to be healed by the kindness of one person. You stuck by me as I was bearing my son and I have no doubt you’ll be a great father to our children. It makes me happy that you chose to make me your wife. I love you… now and forever.”

Feeling his emotional dam beginning to crack, Gemini felt a few tears rolling down his cheek. He brushed them aside but the effect was still there. Even some simple words in their vow was enough to spell out how much they love not just each other but him as well. Being called one of their sons filled his heart with untold amounts of joy. He truly felt loved and nothing would convince him otherwise.

“Beautiful.” Perceval muttered, reaching for a pillow with two rings and handing them to Celestia and Argent, “Do you, Argent Radiance, take Celestia to be your wife, under God’s light, in sickness and in health… as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” said Argent as he put his ring on Celestia’s fingers.

“And do you, Celestia, take Argent Radiance, to be your husband, under God’s light, in sickness and in health… as long as you both shall live?”

“I… do.” Celestia put her ring on Argent’s hand and held them in hers, looking lovingly into his eyes.

“So it is, so shall it be.” spoke Perceval, “By the authority invested in me by God and the city of Canterlot, I now declare these two… husband and wife!” A wave of roaring applause surged through the entire room with much joy in the air, “Let us now celebrate the union of Mr. and Mrs. Radiance.” Perceval turned to Celestia and Argent, “You may now kiss the bride.”

With another wave of a roaring applause, Argent and Celestia leaned into each other for a kiss, their first as a married couple. It was at that point that Gemini couldn’t hold back his tears any longer over such a loving display for today it was a happy day for both him and them. As the ceremony reached its end, Gemini regrouped with Fleur as they walked outside, waiting for the newly weds to come out. Their hands gripped tightly.

Soon, Celestia and Argent walked out of the cathedral with joyful smiles on their faces. As per the tradition that existed for countless years, Celestia threw the bouquet into the air as the crowd reached up to receive it. By some stroke of luck, it landed in the arms of Fleur De Lis who blushed. Turning to Gemini, they locked eyes as their faces grew closer and closer, ready for a kiss most romantic. But, they were stopped by the intrusion of Luna cradling Sunspot in her arms.

“Oh uhhh… sorry about that.” Luna said, “I didn’t realize you two were having a moment together.”

“Ah, no worries.” laughed Gemini, “We were planning to do that later on anyways.”

“Oui, Madame Luna.” Fleur added, “Where’s this place we’re going to for the reception?”

“A place called Canterlot Lakeside Hall.” answered Luna as they walked to Argent’s car, “It’s right near Lake Majestic. I was able to save up enough to allow us that place for the night.” It’ll be about a ten minute drive so can you two keep Sunspot company while I drive?”

Both Gemini and Fleur nodded as they got into the car, helping little Sunspot into his booster seat. As they pulled out of the parking lot, they couldn’t help but keep their attention on the infant. For Fleur, it had a profound effect on her. Seeing a baby being cared for by her boyfriend put thoughts in her head of starting a family with him one day. She turned her head to face Gemini, causing him to blush.

No words were exchanged but Gemini got the gist of her thoughts from just her smile alone. He too felt the same way after spending time with her. The thought of being a father first popped in his mind after holding his brother for the first time. As much as he wanted it, there would be another time to make it all happen. All he could do was warmly smile in response.

“Lovebirds.” mused Luna as she took a momentary glance through the mirror, “We all were at some point.”

Later that evening, during the thick of the reception, Gemini sat on a bench in the north patio of the venue, overlooking the lake. With the moon’s light reflecting off the water’s surface and the stars visible in the night sky, it was a captivating sight one would love to see in a picture or a painting. If perfection ever had a description or an example, the sight he saw would come pretty close to either.

Part of the reason why Gemini chose to sit alone and away from the party was the question he kept thinking about. To him, there had to have been another reason as to why Celestia took him in, apart from getting him out of danger. But as everyone was having a good time, he couldn’t bring himself to bother them. He felt as though he would never get to ask Celestia what he wanted until they got back from their honeymoon.

Yet, his unease did not escape Celestia’s notice as she did see him from the windows nearby. Remembering his question from the cathedral, she slowly approached him and took a seat next to him. He did notice it and sighed in response. “Gemini, what are you doing out here?” Said Celestia, placing a hand on his shoulder, “I thought you’d be socializing with everyone.”

“I would but… I have a lot on my mind.” sighed Gemini, “There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Yes, you mentioned you had something to ask of me.” Celestia replied, “What is it?” The moment of truth finally arrived for Gemini and he was ready. With a gulp of air, he braced himself.

“Celestia, not a day goes by where I don’t thank you for what you did for me. I’m truly honored that you’d take me as your son.” Gemini stalled for a moment before getting to the point, “I know you acted with my best interests at heart. But, I sometimes wonder if there was someone more worthy of your help. Why did you pick me in the first place? Why me?”

Celestia’s eyes shot open as soon as she heard those last words leave his mouth. Suddenly, it all made sense to her as to why he seemed slightly more pensive than usual throughout the week. She knew he would ask that question at some point and she was ready for it. Though part of her genuinely wanted to get a student out of a bind, a more personal reason held greater influence over her actions that day.

“Gemini,” sighed Celestia, “I’ve never told you this but there’s a reason why I rarely talk about my mother.” Remembering that part of her past left her with a sour taste in her mouth, “When I was growing up, my mother, Minerva, would routinely be abusive, punishing me with violence and calling me a ‘brat’ and ‘worthless’. She would also berate my father, Atlas, for defending me and Luna. Even my sister wasn’t spared from her wrath.”

Gemini, though he never heard her discuss the subject before, started to understand his mother’s motivations. For the longest time, he assumed she had the perfect relationship with her parents. “Celestia, I…” gasped Gemini, “I had no idea your mother had…”

“I know it comes as a shock to you, Gemini.” Celestia heavily sighed as she placed a hand on Gemini’s, “I too had a not so stable relationship with a parent. When Luna was ten and I was twelve, my mother divorced my father and he raised us alone. But, that didn’t last long as about two months after we graduated from high school, he became sick to the point of hospitalization… and he died two days later from what the doctors determined to be cancer.” Celestia sniffed as she held back tears “He never told us and I never understood why until later on when I realized he wanted our memories of him to be happy ones, despite what happened.”

“My god.” muttered Gemini, “ I had no Idea that you had been through your own ordeal.”

“Kindness becomes an instinct when you’ve been dealt a bad hand. As I was working on my teaching degree while living with my aunt, I swore that no student would go through what we went through.” Celestia turned Gemini to face her and placed a hand on his cheek, “That’s why I did what I did. I didn’t want to see you suffer like I did because I understand that family is the most important thing to anyone as it shows others that they shouldn’t have to be alone.”

“She’s right, my son.” said Argent as he approached the two, “When she did what she did, she saw something in you that reminded her of her past.” He placed a hand on Gemini’s shoulder, “Your mother never wanted anyone, even you, to go through what she went through. That shows the lengths she, despite her condition, was willing to go to ensure you safe. Celestia cares about you, Gemini. She truly does.” Gemini sat there frozen, pondering the words of his father.

“Mother…” sighed Gemini with his eyes glued to his dress shoes, “I don’t know what to say. I honestly don’t.”

“Well, there’s no need to say anything. I’ve already made it clear how much you mean to me.” Gemini turned his gaze to Celestia’s eyes. In that moment, all the memories starting from his abandonment to his adoption flashed before his eyes. Her smile radiated with a feeling he truly desired, “In other words, I love you...” Celestia then pulled Gemini into a firm but gentle motherly embrace, “...my son.”

In a moment like that, Gemini would be driven to tears over a sudden rush of emotions. Yet, he felt no impulse to cry and not a single tear flowed from his eyes. He could tell not a single bit of doubt was in her words and returned the hug. Part of him didn’t want to let go after hearing those three words escape her lips, spoken with the tone that a mother would say them with. Gemini just wanted to smile as he held his mother tight.

“I love you too, mom.” Gemini muttered with joy before breaking the hug, “You have no idea how happy I’m feeling right now.”

“And that’s what we wish for you.” Argent replied, “You have a bright future ahead of you that’s filled with love. Focus on that and not what came before.” Gemini got up from the bench and gave Argent a brief hug, “See? That’s what we want to see.” Argent looked at his watch, “We should be getting back inside. They’ll be starting the dance shortly and I doubt Fleur would want to wait.”

Gemini followed his parents back into the building where some of the guests were getting ready for the dance. It was a lively scene of conversations and merrymaking where new bonds were forged. Some were even dancing with their significant others like Time Turner and Luna. It was a bit fancy for a banquet hall near a lake.

It didn’t take long for Gemini to find Fleur sitting alone at their table, taking a sip from her glass of water. Stepping in front of her, he held out his hind, inviting her to take his and escort her to the dance floor. He placed his hand on her upper back and hip while she had hers around his neck. As they started dancing to the slow sounding music, they never took their eyes away from one another. It was their moment to strengthen their love.

“Too bad we weren’t able to dance like this during high school.” Gemini mused as they swayed left and right.

“Don’t beat yourself up over that, mon amour.” purred Fleur, “It doesn’t matter what we do. I love spending time with you.”

“Yeah, I suppose.” Gemini replied in a mock disappointed tone to Fleur’s giggling. As the dance went on, he noticed her eyes were half lidded, like one who had a desire, “Okay Fleur, is there something you wanted to say?”

“Well Gemini,” Fleur said, “my parents are going to be out of town for a few days for vacation. So, I was thinking...” Her face got closer to to Gemini’s, “maybe we can spend the night at my place and… get more intimate.” The last part was said with a sultry tone, not what Gemini was expecting. He knew what she wanted yet it got his undivided attention.

“I know what you’re getting at.” Gemini answered, “I have to say I like the idea. I just have to let my parents know before we go.”

“Oui. But, we still have some time.” Fleur’s face got closer and Gemini’s cheeks got redder than a rose, “For now, why don’t we sweeten the deal.”

Not moving his hands from her body, Gemini closed the gap between their faces and planted a kiss on her lips. Soon, his tongue was able to breach her mouth and wrestled hers for dominance. For the length of the kiss, it was as if a bridge had connected their hearts, allowing them to feel one another’s emotions in a new way. It was like serenity in its purest form, fueled by love and passion.

Disengaging from the kiss, they looked lovingly into each other’s eyes as they left the dance floor to find Luna and Celestia. Their excitement was barely containable as they looked forward to expressing their love away from prying eyes. Once, Gemini held a less than optimistic view of the world but it all changed after one gesture from a school principal. There was much he thanked her for and finding love was one of them.

Author's Note:

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