• Published 23rd Apr 2019
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A Loving Angel - TheWingman

An expecting Celestia finds a troubled student in need of help, even if he's resistant.

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10. The Question

“Okay, let’s try this again.” mused Gemini as he sharpened his pencil, “Fleur, you’ve been my starsh- damn it!” His train of thought had been derailed by a bad idea. Every time he tried to get his heart into written form was met with objection from his mind. With frustration, he erased the words and started again upon his notepad, “Fleur, I’ve known you as far back as senior year in high school. You’ve been my gr- GODDAMNIT!” Hitting another block, he balled up the piece of paper and threw it into a nearby trash can, along with the other failures of his expression.

“I’m no good at heartfelt speeches.” Gemini grumbled as he got another piece of paper. Instead of reading his heart out loud, he just focused on writing while trying to keep his heart and mind in sync. For the most part, he was writing along with only a few erasures needed. Before he could finish his speech, he heard a few short raps on his door. He scrambled to flip the notepad, hiding the contents of the message, “Come in!”

The door opened and through it came his younger brother, Sunspot Aurora, six years old and excited to see him. “Bwother!” He cheered as he rushed over to give him a hug which Gemini returned. He always enjoyed the company of his little brother, regardless of the lack of blood ties. Not too long after, Celestia and Luna entered, both smiling over such a heartwarming sight. Notably, Luna was five months pregnant, rubbing her belly to calm her child to be.

“Awww, so cute!” Luna cooed as she brought out her phone to take a picture, “He really does love seeing you.”

“Indeed, Luna.” Celestia smiled, resting a hand on her sister’s shoulder, “Oh, he was so upset when Gemini moved.”

“I told him to not worry so much as I would visit often.” Gemini snickered, “It wasn’t like I was going to leave town.”

Gemini remembered the few days after he reached twenty and announced his intention to rent a place with Fleur. It wasn’t easy for Gemini to break the news to Sunspot but the week after he moved had put his younger brother at ease when he came to visit. Though not biologically related, it mattered little as the bond they developed was just as strong. Sunspot broke from the hug and went back to his mother.

“I know, Gemini.” Celestia smiled, “He just loves being with his older brother.” Gemini got up and gave both her and Luna a big hug, “It’s so good to see you, my son.”

“You too, mom.” Gemini said before turning his attention to Luna. With a nod of approval, he gave his aunt’s belly a rub, excited to see his niece or nephew. Luna smiled at her nephew’s caring display, “Can’t wait to see my niece or nephew. How are thing’s between you and Time Turner going, auntie?”

“They’re going fine, Gemini.” Luna answered warmly, “He’s taking me to my yoga session next week where he’ll be helping me. I’m so happy that he and I are together.”

For Luna, it didn’t take Time Turner more than a year after Celestia’s wedding to propose to her near a lake. News of the proposal quickly spread among the family and the wedding was no less grand than her sister’s. When they found out they were to be parents, to say that they were both over the moon would be underselling it. Both couldn’t wait for the arrival of the new life and neither could their families.

“He’s a cool guy, auntie.” Gemini said as he walked to the kitchen to pour a mug of coffee for himself and a glass of juice for Sunspot, “Both me, mom, and dad were taking bets on when he’ll pop the question. I still can’t believe I lost twenty bucks from that.” Celestia shared a laugh at Gemini’s expense but it was still in good nature. Gemini soon joined in, “Yeah, I hope that lunch was worth it. I really do.”

“It was, Gemini.” Celestia answered as Gemini handed Sunspot his drink, “So, do you remember what we’re doing later this afternoon?”

“Yeah, I do.” Gemini shyly answered.

Getting to know his extended family for a while, Gemini found out that one of Argent’s family’s traditions was an annual get-together. It was one of those dinners where the whole clan would get together and connect; catch up on old times and whatnot. At every one of those events, it’s traditional to give a speech about what family means and what one is thankful for. Gemini, throughout the many times he attended, respected it as a sign of unity.

“Family is an important thing on dad’s side.” Gemini took a sip of his morning brew. He took a minute to let the caffeine course through his veins. Like always, he always drank it black and often was called a purist for it. But, it’s his own way of getting his fuel for the morning, apart from cardio training, “So, what’s been going on at the school lately?”

“Well, we’ve been prepping for the midterms.” Luna sighed as she felt the little one inside her kick, “Oh, it’s getting rowdy. Anyways, I’m glad that after next month, school will be out for the summer. I can at least go on maternity leave without having to worry about the staff.”

“The important thing is for you to take it easy, sister.” Celestia added. Luna responded with a playful scowl at her older sister’s remark. She nervously chuckled in response “I know that I probably should’ve taken mine when I hit seven months. Being a principal is busy work and I had to be there to finish off the school year.” Luna face palmed with a wide smirk on her face. She clearly wasn’t amused.

“You know, Tia, you can be quite a workaholic at times.” Luna scoffed.

“Well, I never leave things half-done, dear sister.”

The sister-to-sister good-natured ribbing went on for a few minutes to the amusement of Gemini and Sunspot. In between sips of his juice, Sunspot let out a tiny giggle. Though at times, such a thing reminded Gemini of the painful memories of his old life but he grew to enjoy it a fair bit. Humor was something that put those thoughts of his to rest along with the few dashes of love he gets day by day.

Finishing his juice, the ever-active brain of Sunspot got him looking around, eventually fixing his mind on his brother’s desk. On it, he saw what looked to be a pen next to a pad of paper. His eyes lit up as his big brother had made him drawings of characters from books that his mother read to him. Wondering if he was making a new doodle, Sunspot dashed over to the desk to see what was on the notepad.

Seeing him grabbing the notepad at the corner of his eye, Gemini’s heart skipped a few beats and he blushed a bright red. “Lil’ bro!” Gemini nervously stammered as he snatched the notepad from his brother’s hands, “That’s uhhh… something private. Yep, not for anyone’s eyes and certainly not yours.” He put the notepad into one of the drawers while darting his eyes back and forth. Both Celestia and Luna were puzzled as to what was on it.

“Gemini,” Celestia said, “what was on that?” Gemini started to look nervous as he tried to look for a cover story to explain, “What was it?”

“It’s uhhh… nothing of importance.” Gemini stuttered, trying to make his fabrication sound convincing, “I was writing a little poem for Fleur’s birthday next week. Yep. Just giving poetry my first shot, you know?” He nervously laughed, hoping that his family had bought his half-truth.

“A poem, eh?” Luna asked, “Quite the romantic there, nephew.” She chuckled, followed by a playful jab to his arm, “You know, something has been on my mind for a while about you and Fleur.”

“What would that be?”

“You both are very much in love. That is something I can respect as the two of you are living under the same roof nowadays. Yet, with all the dates you all have been on, why haven’t you two got married yet?” Luna asked, “I mean, I thought you would’ve popped the question to her a while back. Why haven’t you done that yet?”

Gemini was stopped before he could even let a thought develop in his head. They were right about him having yet to marry Fleur. With that, he got the feeling that they were on to him as he knew today was the day he’d ask for her hand in marriage. He’d be using his thankful speech to propose to her. Every moment he counted between then and the impending moment only heightened. He couldn’t wait after so long.

“Auntie, I know you and mom have been eager for that.”Gemini sighed as he took a sip of his coffee. He rubbed the back of his head, thinking that he managed to deflect their suspicions, “But, it’s not something I’m ready to jump into just yet. It’ll happen soon but just not yet. I’ll get to that when the time is right, I promise.” Judging by the looks on their faces, Gemini felt that he managed to dodge their inquiry… and keep his plans hidden.

“Well, okay then.” Celestia said in a sing-songy voice, one that Gemini always was fond of, “Just remember that the party is at two. Didn’t Fleur say that her shift at the hospital ends at one?”

“Yeah, mom.” Gemini answered. He was surprised, at first, that Fleur did away with her dream of fashion design to work in the medical field. Yet, he supported her decision without any exception. Her caring nature contributed to her desire to help those who were in need and she excelled in her medical studies. There were times that Gemini jokingly wondered if he and Fleur would make a family of scientists. But, in humor, there is truth. “I’m just glad that she was able to get a day off but she still had to go in for something like training.”

“Well, it could be for a promotion but I’m betting she’s keeping it a surprise.” Luna added, “Women like her love to surprise their loved ones and god knows I remember how I surprised Time Turner with my pregnancy.”

“Yep.” Gemini shot back, “The ceramic plate that said “Best Dad” on it, I have to say that was pretty clever of you.”

“Well, a woman can get inventive.” Both Luna, Celestia, and Gemini shared a brief round of laughs before they refocused their minds, “So, Gemini, What time are you planning on picking her up?”

“At around 2.” Gemini casually replied, “It’ll be about an hour before we’re due at the estate.” He then felt a presence on his leg. Looking down, he saw Sunspot giving him a hug, despite his short height. It was a cute sight that was enough to make even the hardest of hearts grin. “Hehe, what’s up, lil’ bro?”

“Will Ms. Fweur be there, bwother?” Sunspot asked as Gemini knelt down and put a hand on his shoulder, wearing a warm smile. He always viewed Fleur as a big sister in a way after seeing his brother with her so often. Whenever they would come over to visit, Fleur would always play with him, even bringing a small stuffed toy animal in some cases. Through all that, Sunspot grew to like Fleur.

“She will, little brother.” Gemini gave him a hug, “She’ll be happy to see you.” Celestia and Luna nodded with smiles on their faces. As much as they wanted to stick around and enjoy one another’s company, their attention was needed elsewhere. Celestia took her son in her arms as she started toward the door. “Where are you all headed now?”

“We have to head over to the estate to help with setting tables and whatnot.” Luna said as she led Celestia out the door, “We’ll see you two at around three-ish?”

“Yeah.” Gemini said as Luna began closing the door, “We’ll catch up to you later. See ya!” Once the door closed, he breathed another sigh of relief. He narrowly managed to avoid having his surprise leak before the moment of truth. Now, all that mattered to him was finishing his proposal speech and memorizing it. He returned to his desk and pulled out the notepad from the drawer, keeping track of the time.

“Okay, I have about a few more hours before I have to pick her up.” Gemini muttered as he used a new piece of paper to out his thoughts on. He hummed and nodded as his heart and mind began to finally sync, working as one. Within a half an hour of careful writing and thinking, he was finished and folded the paper into his pocket. It seemed that things would be going smoothly for Gemini. All he had left was to play the waiting game.

Driving toward the downtown area, clad in his denim jacket, Gemini navigated the roads toward St. Solaris Mercy Hospital. Being a Saturday, traffic was much more lax than Friday’s snail’s pace which annoyed him coming home from the observatory. It was a somewhat relaxing drive as he rarely had to stop for any reason. It was a straightforward path.

Seeing the big blue building with brick constructs, Gemini pulled up near the hospital’s entrance and parked. He pulled out his phone and sent a brief text to Fleur about his arrival before kicking back with his favorite tunes. It was a good chance for him to relax and contemplate his life so far. It had been good so far that he found love, success, and he was soon to seal the deal on the former. Anxiety ate away at him with every passing minute.

After nearly a half an hour of waiting, Gemini was greeted by the sight of Fleur, dressed in her saturday casual wear. Jeans, sneakers, and a shirt with a hoodie, even then she managed to look stunning with them. Climbing into the car, Fleur flashed a smile that got Gemini’s heart racing like a cheetah at full speed. Fidgeting around in his pocket, he made sure the surprise he saved for was concealed, “How was training, babe?” Gemini asked with a kiss.

“It went well, mon amour.” Fleur answered, “It was about my promotion to doctor and training me on my new duties. Plus, I had to fill out a survey at the end but all in all, it went well.”

“Kind of like what happened when I got mine last year at the observatory.” Gemini muttered, “It’s all really just verifying that your skills and knowledge are up to par.” Fleur smirked as Gemini started to pull out of the parking lot, “But still, it’s fantastic that you’re being promoted. I’m so happy for you.” He gave Fleur another kiss on the cheek.

“I’m happy to have such a supportive lover.” As they were driving down the road, Fleur noticed something was off about Gemini. From a slight nervous twitch, the tone of his voice, and his higher than usual amorous nature, she had a feeling he was up to something but didn’t know what or why. “Okay, mister.” Fleur purred as she drew a cute but mischievous smile on her face. Though he was focusing on the road, Gemini could read her tone, “What do you have planned?”

Stopping at a red light, Gemini was hit with the same emotions and thoughts from his family’s earlier visit. Her playful tone carried an air of curiosity, something that was a regular fixture in their relationship. But, there was intent in that as well. He tried his best to keep his plans under wraps and the thought of the surprise being spoiled early made him panic.

“Nothing, Fleur.” Gemini said, keeping his tone as even as he could, “I’m just excited for this gathering, that’s all.”

“Really now?” Fleur purred, “I’ve seen you acting strangely for the past three weeks. You’re not adept at hiding things and something is definitely up. What is it?” Fleur definitely has him in a corner. Just as the light turned green and and he got the car moving, Gemini thought of a way to throw off Fleur’s suspicions for the most part. Yet, he couldn’t completely dispel them. With a deep breath, he let out a slight chuckle.

“Okay, you’re right.” Gemini answered with a calm tone, “You got me. I do have something on my mind but it’s a surprise.”

“What is it?” Fleur gasped with excitement, “Tell me! Please!”

“If I did, it would defeat the purpose of the surprise.” Gemini nodded to which Fleur answered with a pout, “Don’t worry, babe. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.” Resigning to defeat, Fleur sighed as she nodded back, “Don’t worry about it, babe. I promise you that it’ll be the surprise to end all surprises.”

“Now you’re just teasing me.” Fleur giggled, “Okay, you win.”


Driving a bit out of the city, Gemini and Fleur made it to his grandfather-in-law’s house after a thirty minute drive. It was a nice villa near a grassy field with ample room in the fenced off area and a small gazebo for an added touch. It was amazing what one could buy with an immense retirement fund and live comfortably. With Nebula, he knew how to handle all that with guidance from his late father.

“It’s alright, Gemini.” He thought to himself as he and Fleur got out of the car, “You can do this. It’s what you’ve planned for.” They walked over to the back of the villa where the party’s guests had all gathered. Among them was not only Nebula but also Celestia, Luna, Argent, and Sunspot. The latter of whom darted into the embrace of Fleur, excited to see her, “Woah, little brother. Quite energetic today, aren’t ya?”

“Nah, he’s just excited to see your girlfriend.” Argent remarked as Fleur picked up Sunspot, “He really likes her, Gemini. I wonder why you’ve yet to marry her.” Gemini blushed at the latter part of his father’s words.

“You know, dad,” Gemini sighed with a smile, “I’ll get around to it on my own time. I already had mom and Luna breathing down my neck over that.”

“I know. They told me that earlier.” Argent replied, But, wouldn’t you think that Sunspot would like the thought of having her as a sister-in-law? Not to mention, your mom and I love the thought of having grandkids.”

“DAD!” Gemini snapped back to which Fleur giggled, putting Sunspot down, “Not in front of her, please!” Fleur gave him a peck on his cheek and heavy blushing soon followed.

“Hey, it’s not a bad thought, love.” she added, patting the cheek she kissed. He knew at some point during the party he was going to do just that. Gemini had to wait for the opening to make it magical. For now, he just had to enjoy the party and celebrate with his extended family like he did for years. Just a few more hours until zero hour.

For the most part, it was a bit of a standard barbecue with only a few sides or courses like mushroom ravioli served like a banquet. Having eaten only a plate of scrambled eggs so far, Gemini was ready to enjoy himself with a degree of restraint. He had to hand it to his uncle, Horizon, for his craftwork in making the pasta from scratch. He could definitely taste the care that went into making every individual piece. Even the garlic cream sauce did wonders to compliment the flavor.

All throughout the early dinner, Gemini spent the time making pleasant conversation with his family. The entire time, he anxiously counted down the minutes inside his head, eager to take the next step with Fleur. Keeping as straight a face as he possibly could, he continued to act as he normally would, despite having raised a bit of suspicion.

After hours of putting on a face that his family loved to see, the speeches of gratitude finally came around. One by one, all in attendance poured their hearts into their respective deliveries. Even Sunspot got a chance to step up to the gazebo and say his thoughts. It was a heartwarming moment for Gemini and his parents to see his younger brother give thanks. After Celestia had her chance, it was Argent’s turn to step up to the plate. Grabbing the microphone, he cleared his throat before speaking.

“Thank you, my lovely family.” Argent spoke up, “As with the tradition that was started a century ago, there is much I would like to express my gratitude for over the past few years. In the company of one of the nicest women I’ve had the pleasure to know, I’ve found love. In what was a simple run-in at a coffee shop, well… the rest was history. With that, I’m eternally grateful for her love and two sons I’m truly proud of. But above all, I’m thankful for this family and the support you all had given me over the years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

A thunderous round of applause was had as Argent went back to his table. Gemini couldn’t help but shed a few tears at his father’s heartfelt speech, beautiful and sweet. Knowing he was next, he took a mental breather to prepare himself. As he got up, Argent put a hand on his shoulder with a wink to accompany it. “I think he knows.” He thought as he walked up to the gazebo, “Thank you for not telling anyone.” Grabbing the microphone, he took another deep breath, doing little to ease his hiking tension.

“Hello?” He nervously spoke up, “Not my first time but I still get nervous speaking in front of a large crowd. Heh. But, there’s a lot of things on my mind that I’m thankful for.” Looking on at the crowd, Gemini gulped, “I’ve gone through much, years ago, and I thought there was no end to it. Yet, it was the kindness and care of three people that helped me through the waters. When I was left without a family to turn to, they gave me one. Due to their efforts, I was able to achieve much prosperity. Above all, they gave me unconditional love. For that, I say to my mother, father, and aunt, thank you so much.”

Another roar of applause was had. Unlike before, he didn’t feel the same effect as the last several times. There he was, the opportunity he’d been waiting for. Taking a few moments of mental prep, he was ready to go take the next step. “There is one special someone I would like to join me here. Would a Ms. Fleur De Lis come up here please?” Reaching into his pocket for his written declaration of love, he remembered an earlier conversation and balled it up.

Pulling up to the driveway, Gemini had arrived at the residence of Fleur’s parents, Leo Comet and Meringue. He knew them ever since their first date when he returned her home after. Though nervous at first when he met them, they came off as down to earth and welcoming. Both hailing from France, speaking french had become a regular fixture in their house but having been taught to be fluent by Fleur, he was able to speak with them on common ground.

Ringing the doorbell, he was greeted by the sight of Meringue, skin as white as snow with magenta hair in a long ponytail. He couldn’t even open his mouth before she lunged at him for a hug. But, Gemini didn’t mind at all as her affections were always welcome. Leo, sporting a fiery orange crew cut and a dark blue complexion, reached out for a handshake which Gemini returned.

“Good to see you, Monsieur Blaze.” Meringue greeted before letting go, “Though unexpected, you’re always welcome here.”

“Indeed, dear.” Leo added, “Come on in, Gemini.” With a smile, Gemini followed Fleur’s parents into their house. Hailing from the city Lyon, the interior had a blend of french and american influences. To the observant and curious eye, it would be a lot to take in but appealing nonetheless. Taking a seat across from Leo, Gemini sighed, “So, what have you and my daughter been up to lately?”

“Well, we’re going to go to my grandfather’s get together outside of town.” Meringue came in with a tray of tea, handing a cup each to Leo and Gemini, “Thank you. Also, Fleur is being promoted at work so she’ll only be going in for a short while for training, which is good. I would hate to be late, you know?”

“Well, even when she was little, she always found ways to keep busy.” Meringue reminisced as she took a sip, “Seeing her grow over the years puts a few tears in my eyes. She’s got a good career, out on her own, and not to mention, she found a very lucky man.” The last part made Gemini blush profusely to their amusement.

“Yeah. You’ve raised someone incredibly brilliant and kind. That’s why I love her so much. Her compassion and dedication to helping others is matched only by, dare I say it… her beauty.” They both shared a hearty chuckle over the latter part. Both knew all that Gemini said to be true but the delivery was what got them laughing. Humor was a way for Gemini to cope with certain situations.

“True. True.” Leo agreed but soon noticed Gemini’s tension. Through that, he knew there was a reason for him coming over, “Are you okay?” Knowing the jig was up, living little room to ease in his intentions with sweet talk, Gemini smirked as he pulled out a small black box from his coat pocket. Off the bat, they knew what it was from memory and were left speechless, “Mon dieu, Is that…”

“It is, Leo.” Gemini sighed, putting the box back in his coat, “I came here today to ask for your blessings in taking your daughter’s hand in marriage.” His eyes began watering up from the ever rising emotions, “She and I had been together for years and I… I just love her so much. I want to take the next step with her and seal the deal. So, do I have your blessings?”

Where Gemini expected some words, he got nothing of that sort. Instead, he found himself caught in both of their embraces. Though unusual, it all clearly spelled out their opinions on the matter, “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then.” He spoke up as they disengaged from the hug, never breaking their smiles, “Thank you, both of you. You have no idea how much she means to me.”

“We understand, Gemini.” Meringue said, “We’ve been wondering when this was going to happen.”

“Really?” Gemini asked.

“Oui.” Leo answered with a sincere tone, “You two have always been close. If I may say something, I had worries when you first started dating our daughter. But, you’ve treated her well all these years and that proved much to us. If there’s anyone who I’d like for a son in law, it’d be you. I couldn’t be more proud of that.”

Well, uh… thank you, Leo.” Gemini sighed, “But, I guess I should get used to calling you all my in laws then. Heh.”

“To be fair, we thought of you in that light a year ago, dear.” Reaching into his pocket, Gemini pulled out a piece of paper. Meringue was quick to notice, “Say, is that your proposal speech?” Looking down at the paper in his hand, Gemini nodded.

“Yes.” He replied, “I’ve spent the whole morning writing it all down and I-” Before he was able to explain further, Leo reached forward and put a hand on Gemini’s shoulder. The smirk he gave him was hard to read but a slight huff dispelled any hint of malice. Still, Gemini was confused as to what he meant by the gesture, “Leo, what’s this all about?”

“Gemini,” Leo nodded, “I know you want your proposal to be as perfect as possible. Trust me when I say that it doesn’t. There really isn’t such a thing as perfection and to continuously chase it would be foolish.”

“What do you mean?” Gemini stammered, “What am I to do?”

“I’m going to let you know something.” Leo sighed, “When I asked Meringue to marry me in front of Fontaine Bartholdi in Lyon, I accidentally forgot my speech. I just had to wing it, speak from the heart, and hope for the best. After I took the knee, she said it was the most beautiful thing I’ve said. After that, the rest was history.” Holding hands with his wife, Leo smiled but Gemini was still confused.

“Well, what should I say?” Gemini asked.

“As I’ve said, speak from the heart.” Leo answered, “The best of those speeches are unscripted and more memorable. Trust me, toss the script away and you’ll know what to say when the time comes.”

Giving it some thought, Gemini, while considering the words of his soon to be father-in-law, still had his doubts. On one hand, his gut felt that he was right but his mind felt a bit uneasy. He wanted everything about his plan to be good but only at the moment of truth would he render judgment. Taking a mental breath of relief, Gemini decided he had enough time to think it over before the party.

Getting up, he shook both of their hands before taking off to pick up Fleur. Throughout the drive to the hospital, Gemini still felt pensive about not just the decision on the speech, but the proposal as a whole. His emotions peaked the more he thought about it but as much as he wanted, he couldn’t distract himself from that thought.

Fleur walked up to the patio where Gemini was standing, still as a log yet very nervous to reasons unknown to her. She noticed that he’d been like that for the past few weeks leading up to the party and had gotten increasingly affectionate. It wasn’t the normal degree of affection she was used to but something else. When he took her hand in his, Fleur noticed his nervousness melt away and replaced by a calm and determined expression.

“Fleur,” Gemini sighed, remembering what Leo had told him earlier, “I would’ve memorized a script but someone told me that it’s not needed for something like this.” Fleur blushed as she slowly starts to piece together what Gemini intends, “We’ve been friends during high school and since then, became lovers. You’ve always been there for me when I felt the bad times trying to get me, always dispelling it with your love. For that, my love for you shall remain strong. You mean the world to me and I would do anything to make you happy. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and make new memories together. With that I ask this.”

The moment Gemini took the knee, Fleur and the whole congregation made the air silent without even the faintest whisper made. Gemini’s family held their hands to their mouths as Gemini pulled out a small black box from his coat, Opening it revealed a ring that was topped by a small but beautiful diamond. Fleur couldn’t believe what was happening until she heard the next words from his mouth, “Fleur De Lis, Veux-tu m’épouser?”

Having taught him her native language since they started dating, Fleur couldn’t believe that Gemini would ask her to marry him in french. Holding her hands to her mouth, Fleur began to tear up with joy as she paced around, trying to process her emotions. But, the reality hit her like a ton of bricks. The one she loved was proposing to her. Without warning, she tackled Gemini to the ground, giving a hug that could almost crush his lungs.

“Oui!” Fleur gasped as pecked Gemini on the lips, “Oui, Gemini, je t'épouserai!” The congregation then let out a roar of applause. A wave of happiness swept through them. It was Gemini and Fleur’s moment to share the love they had for one another. Both Celestia and Luna nodded with approval as Gemini slid the ring onto Fleur’s finger.

“See, I told you it’s going to be today.” Celestia slyly snickered and Luna to her sister’s dismay, “Guess who owes me twenty bucks?”

“Fine.” Luna huffed as she pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it over, “You know, you can be a real pain in the ass when you tease me with that tone. Ugh, it’s just like when we were growing up.”

“I know but at least it was all in good fun.” Celestia replied, “For now, let’s focus on this moment.”

Getting up, Gemini and Fleur couldn’t keep their gaze from one another, even as all in attendance cheered them on. Hearing another surge of cheers, they took it as a sign for another kiss. They locked lips briefly, savoring every second, before they turned to face Celestia and Argent approaching them, sharing a group hug, “Congratulations, my son.” Argent cheered, “I knew you would.”

“Well, I just had to trust my instinct to pull through.” Gemini replied, “In the end, I’m glad it all worked out.”

“Indeed.” Celestia giggled, “Now I’m counting down the time until I see grandkids.”

“MOM!” Gemini snapped back with a blush, “Why are you going on about that so soon?” Before he could continue further, Fleur placed a hand on his cheek. For some reason, the calming effect was immediate, “I mean… I love the thought of having kids but we just got engaged.”

“I know, dear.” Fleur said with a reassuring tone, “We have plenty of time after we get married. I can’t wait to start a family with you.”

“Neither can I.” Pulling from the hug, Gemini noticed Sunspot, like a blur, darting into his fiance’s arms as she knelt down, seeing him coming. He couldn’t resist smiling at a heartwarming sight of his younger brother hugging his sister to be. Fleur returned the favor, wrapping her arms around the young Sunspot, “Heh, looks like someone else is happy. Well little brother, your wish is coming true.”

“Well, as much as we’re enjoying the moment,” Argent said, producing a camera, “I want to capture your moment.”

Seeing the camera in his hands, Gemini and Fleur looked at each other and nodded, agreeing to Argent’s request. Holding their hands, they both smiled, looking lovingly into each others eyes before a bright flash flickered for a brief second. Yet, they didn’t let go. It was a silent moment of contemplation on their love taken to a new level.

Wanting them to be by themselves for a moment, Luna, Celestia, and Argent, left with Sunspot back to their table and allowed the engaged to dance alone. Not minding the presence of others and the lack of any music, Gemini and Fleur swayed side to side, focusing on one another’s presence. Slowly leaning in, they locked lips and their tongues danced as they did. It was a truly magical moment for a magical day. For certain, it was a day they’ll never forget.

Author's Note:

Just in time for Valentine's Day. I hope you all enjoy this chapter. Two more to go.

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“You too, mom.” Gemini said before turning his attention to Luna. With a nod of approval, he gave his aunt’s belly a rub, excited to see his niece or nephew. Luna smiled at her nephew’s caring display, “Can’t wait to see my niece or nephew. How are thing’s between you and Time Turner going, auntie?”

Gemini would be the kid's cousin, not an uncle.

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