• Published 23rd Apr 2019
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A Loving Angel - TheWingman

An expecting Celestia finds a troubled student in need of help, even if he's resistant.

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6. The Date

Can’t leave a single strand of hair out of place! Gemini thought as he brushed his hair. So many things can go wrong! Oh, holy shit! Scanning through the mirror, he thoroughly checked himself of any and all blemishes. None were there on his face, not a hair out of place, and his teeth were white as snow. Since it was the day of his date with Fleur De Lis, he didn’t want to leave anything to chance. First impressions have the most impact. Just as he was about to fret once more, a set of knocks was heard on his door.

“Hey Gemini,” Argent called out, “can I come in?”

“Uh, sure!” Gemini answered as his guardian’s boyfriend walked in. He looked at the soon to be graduating student as he stressed about his appearance like someone gone mad.

“Still going at it, aren’t ya?” Argent mused, “This date with Fleur, it’s making you nervous.”

“More than you can believe, sir. I want to be looking my best. Brushed my hair, teeth, and doing anything in between.”

“If you want my advice,” Argent placed a hand on Gemini’s shoulder, “women are attracted to confident men but also dig those who be themselves, as cheesy as that sounds.”

“Heh, you do have a point. But still, this is something new to me. What if I screw up?”

“Gemini, trust me when I say that you have nothing to fear. When I heard that conversation you’ve had over the phone with her, it seemed to me like she’s been wanting to date you for quite a while. Just play it cool and you’ll be alright.” With a quick moment of thought, Argent thought of a way to calm him down, “Just repeat after me. Count to four, inhale. Count to four, exhale.”

Doing as Argent recommended, Gemini took the deepest of breaths he could muster, counting to four before he exhaled. Bit by bit, he felt his anxiety fizzle out of his body like steam. After a few more cycles, Gemini felt relieved yet a shred of his anxiety remained. All he could really do was to bite his lip and give the date his all.

“Better?” Argent asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Gemini replied. Just as he was about to walk out, Argent took his hands in his, depositing a set of keys. “Really? You’re letting me drive your ride?”

“Why yes.” Argent nodded, “When Celestia and I go out later, we’ll be taking her van. I know you know how to drive but-”

“I promise I won’t scratch it or nothing. Pissing someone off is the last thing I wanna do.”

Sharing a chuckle, Argent bid Gemini farewell as the latter got in his car. Though he’d been in it before, driving it was like a new experience for him. Automatic shifting, functional AC, and a map system, it was like a space shuttle to him. Still, he'd handle the loan vehicle with the utmost care. After typing in Fleur’s address, all that was left was picking up his date.

Pulling up to the driveway, Gemini gave the horn a few honks before he got out, opening the passenger door. It didn’t take long for the pink haired transfer student to walk out, drop dead gorgeous was she. A long skirt that danced gracefully, long-sleeved shirt with a vest and beret, Gemini felt his jaw go nearly slack.

“Hmmm, nice to see you, Monsieur Blaze.” Fleur softly spoke, “Holding the door open for me? My my, quite the gentleman.”

“H-Hello, Fleur,” Gemini said with butterflies in his stomach, “you look beautiful today.” She got in the passenger seat, closing the door behind her. When he got in, his nose was beset by a pleasing aroma. Roses, lilacs, french vanilla, it briefly made his mind wander a fair bit before snapping back to focus. “That’s a nice perfume you used.”

“Why thank you.” Fleur giggled, “I thought it would be nice for our date.”

“That it is. So, the showtime is at two-thirty, so we have some time for some lunch.”

“Wonderful. Lead the way, Gemini.”

Pulling out of the driveway, Gemini drove into town with Fleur in tow. The restaurant, Lorenzo’s, is a small but reputable place to catch a quick bite. Walking in, the two were quickly seated as they scanned through their menus until they found what they hungered for. Once their menus were taken from them and the orders were made, nothing obstructed their respective gazes. Gemini was captivated by her beauty.

“How nice of you to take me to this place.” Said Fleur.

“Well, it’s not that far from the theater so we’ll be making good time.” Gemini replied, “Plus, I didn’t really want to shortchange our first lunch together.”

“You didn’t need to worry about that. Just spending time with you is enough.”

“Yeah.” Gemini sighed as he remembered what he said over the phone earlier in the week, “So, I think you deserve an explanation about why I’ve been oblivious to your advances.”

“Gemini, you don’t have to if it makes you uneasy. I unders-”

“No, I want to be honest with you on our first date.” Gemini placed a hand on Fleur’s, “You deserve an answer.”

“If you want, my friend.” Sighing deeply, Gemini prepared to speak his peace.

“For years, my parents struggled with a drug habit. As time passed, it eventually got worse to where I had to work multiple jobs on the weekends.”

“So, that’s why you looked tired back then.”

“I used a car to go to and from jobs, often crashing at Flash’s place afterward. Yet, they didn’t snap out of their vices. They just kept indulging themselves.”

“What happened to your car? I remember that one day you came in and it wasn’t in the lot.”

“My parents sold it for drug money. After I found out, I got into a fight with them to where they kicked me out. I didn’t have anywhere to go until Principal Celestia brought me in to live with her. I’ve been at her place since then.”

“Mon Dieu…” Fleur’s voice shuddered. “It all makes sense. Mon Amie, I’m so sorry you had to go through all that.”

Like her friend Rarity, Fleur was one to recognize the generosity in people, even in herself. For Celestia, she helped make sure the transfer for her fellow CPA expats went smoothly and without any issues for their grades. She even personally signed the paperwork, working whole hours to get it all done. To hear Celestia give her crush a place to live didn’t come as a big surprise to her. Yet, Gemini’s attitude about his abandonment was unusually calm.

“It’s okay.” Gemini reassured, “After living with her for weeks now, I can breathe more easily now that I’m away from all that. I truly have Celestia to thank for pulling me out of the fire.”

“She’s a compassionate lady for sure.” Mused Fleur, “She helped me transfer to CHS after the friendship games incident, along with many of my friends. If she brought you in, she must have a level of care for you.”

“I know. I can certainly see why she’s earned the respect of many. Even though she’s expecting her own, she already treats me like her son. Heh, can’t believe that I consider her, the principal of all people, to be the mother I never had.”

Both parties shared a laugh just as their orders came out, briefly interrupted from their conversation. They thanked the waiter and they began eating their lunch. All throughout their time eating and conversing, Gemini learned new things about his date. As he suspected, she and her family hailed from France, all born in the town of Lyon. After a new job offer, her father moved them to Canterlot where they stayed ever since. They both shared their dreams of one day being an astronomer and a fashion designer respectively. Both had plans for the future.

Once the bill was paid and they were off and away, Gemini kept his eyes glued to the road, keeping his eyes from her distracting beauty. That wasn’t to say that they never talked the entire ride to the theater. Apart from some small talk, they both shot the breeze about their musical tastes. To Gemini’s surprise, Fleur had an affinity for heavy metal. Surprising for sure, but it was an interesting aspect of hers.

Upholding his promise, Gemini paid for the tickets, popcorn, and snacks once they got to the theater. For the movie, it was one of those giant monster movies made solely for entertainment. It was an hour and a half of gargantuan beasts having a deathmatch for dominance or for any reason known only to them. Nonetheless, Gemini saw that Fleur was having a good time and was actually cheering for one of the monsters.

Yet, all throughout the movie, the thought of Fleur dwelled on his mind ever so persistently. It was not just her naturally radiant beauty that drew him to her or the charm she uses. From within her radiated an aura of kindness with a soul that was loving by nature. It was there that Gemini thought that perhaps that his love for Celestia was a different kind, one based on his desire for a family that cared. Fleur was his true heart's desire and his predicament blinded him to it.

“Are you sure this is the right place?” Fleur asked as they drove through a wooded area.

“I assure you that we’re on the right path.” Gemini replied, “I used to come up here when things got bad so I can have some solace.” Making another turn from the path, they found themselves at the head of a hill overlooking the woodland park. The view of the trees going for miles and the rivers was breathtaking, magnified only by the setting sun on the horizon. Fleur was at a loss for words for how beautiful it all looked. “So, what do you think?”

“M-Magnifique!” She gasped as they both exited the car, “The view is absolutely wonderful!”

“It’s a view of nature unfettered by the lights of the city. Nothing but the sounds of nature and the stretches of greenery to bask in.” Gemini pulled out his phone, pressing a few buttons on the screen, “Since I wasn’t able to go to prom with you this year, how about I make up for it.”

Pressing another button, a tune came from his phone, filling the ambient air with a pleasant melody. Piano, drums, and guitar, all are in perfect harmony. To his amusement, Fleur became enamored with the song, tapping her feet and humming. She knew what Gemini intended with his words and the song sealed the deal.

Taking her hands in his and gently wrapping one around her back, Gemini danced with Fleur to the rhythm of the music. It was a slow dance but it allowed them to enjoy the serenity of the scene around them. For Gemini, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Her beauty was like the stuff of legends that only a few were gifted. As the music died down, the two took a seat on a nearby bench, taking in the view of a setting sun.

“Incredible,” Fleur said, staring out at the horizon, “I fondly remember the sunsets when I lived in Lyon. Beautiful and full of life, it naturally lit up the city. Every time I see one here, it reminds me of home.”

“Yeah, It’s always a comforting sight.” Gemini replied as he scooched closer to his date, “There were times that I had dinner out here just to see this. It relieved my stress for a time. But now, I think there’s something that makes this pale in comparison.”

“What would that be?” Gemini slowly turns to face Fleur.

“I’m looking at her.”

“Oh, you flatterer. But, I love that you think I’m pretty.” As Fleur got closer, she noticed Gemini growing increasingly uneasy, “Is there something wrong?”

“Well uhhhh… no. It’s nothing.”

“Come now. I can see that look on your face. If you have something say, then say it.” With a sigh, Gemini knew it was the time to say those three impactful words.

“Fleur, though this was our first date, we’ve known each other throughout our senior year. During art class, I always enjoyed working with you on projects and I enjoyed your friendship. Yet, there was that one part of me that yearned for more. I-I guess I’m trying to say that I… *whew* I l~ oohhh I can do this. I’m trying to say that I lo-”

Before Gemini could speak his mind, his thoughts were cast away when a set of soft lips touched his. His mind went blank for a few short moments as he processed what happened. Fleur was kissing him right on the lips, pulling him in for an embrace as well. He never expected her to make the first move but the feeling… it was beyond exhilarating.

“Woah.” Gemini gasped as the kiss was broken, “Never expected that.”

“I know you didn’t.” Fleur giggled, “I knew what you were going to say but I thought I already made it clear over the phone this week when I called you ‘mon amour’. But I want to hear you say it.” Biting his lip and with a mighty gulp, Gemini was ready.

“Fleur… I love you.” Gemini said with a hug which Fleur returned, “But I have to ask, can we do that again?” Fleur then wrapped her arms around his neck with her eyes half-lidded.


Slowly diving in, lips locked together once again, they both enjoyed each other’s caress. Lips against lips, tongues wrestling each other, their passion climbed ever so higher than the first quick kiss. Gemini’s heart raced at a rate he never thought possible yet was steady. As much as he wanted to press further into her, he couldn’t, not on the first date. He just wanted to enjoy the moment. After a minute of making out, they broke the kiss, leaving a thin trail of saliva to connect them.

“Mon amour, huh?” Gemini breathed, “I’m going to get used to that.”

“And that you will, Gemini.” Fleur breathed back, “As much as I enjoy our moment, my parents would be irate if I don’t get back home soon.”

Nodding, they got back in the car and returned to town. Though they enjoyed their moment, Gemini and Fleur recognized family above all else. Yet, it was a day they both thoroughly enjoyed. As for Gemini, it felt like life could only get better for him from that point on.

Pulling up to the driveway, Gemini couldn’t hold back the goofiest of all lovestruck smiles. Even as he walked through the door, greeted by Celestia and Argent, he still wore it. It was like his facial muscles were frozen.

“So, how did the date go?” Celestia asked as Gemini sat on the couch.

“S-Swimmingly.” he sighed.

“I can only imagine how well it went.” Argent mused with a sense of pride, “So… did she kiss you?”


“How was it?”

“I-I~ just can’t describe h-how good it felt. Like heaven.”

“Well, there’s no need.” Sang Celestia, “I can tell by that smile that both you and her had a good time. I did save you a plate of chicken parmesan in the fridge. Feel free to eat when you get out of that lover’s trance.” Before she and Argent disappeared into the hallway, the latter placed a hand on Gemini’s shoulder and nodded.”

“You did good, kid. Don’t ever let her go, no matter what.”

Still in his trance, Gemini rested in the couch with his eyes glued to the ceiling. All he could think about was the date and how well it went. Most of the holes in his heart have been healed and genuine joy filled his heart. Feeling mostly complete for the first time in his life, he could finally rest easy. There was much of life ahead of him and he couldn’t wait to embrace it.

Yep. Life is definitely good.